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Beware of the following sites/companies/teams. Texas Generation ; Big Jim's Baseball Academy; and

Background: is owned by Jim Germany. He is the registrar of the website, He has a link on his GSN site to the academy site. Mr. Germany is listed as a board member for the Carrollton Farmers Branch Girl's Softball League, and is the registrar for their website, . There is an ad for GSN on that site as well. Jim Germany was listed as the Vice-President of Texas Generation, a select organization.

Jim Chamblee is the Grantor of the assumed name “Big Jim's Baseball Academy", according to Denton County public records. Mr. Chamblee has an advertising link for a company called USANA on GSN which directs to .

Jim and Leslie Chamblee are two of the Managing Members of BJBSA LLC according to the TX State Comptroller.

Texas Generation, at as of today's date, still has a base camp ad that links to the Big Jim Academy website.

The Issue:

Ads were placed on the VTD seeking players for a new organization – Texas Generation. There were 10 original players for the 18U team who wrote checks to BJBSA totalling not quite $250.00 each to purchase uniforms and equipment. This equipment was ordered through GSN (listed as a TX Generation Sponsor). This equipment was supposed to be Worth equipment, another listed sponsor of the organization.

Organizational issues developed with Big Jim's Baseball Academy, Jim Germany, and the 18U coaches. The 18U coaches felt they had to remove themselves from the organization. The original Mission Statement was not being lived up to. Jim Chamblee sent an email to all parents to the effect that players and parents had signed a one year contract with Texas Generation, and if they left, would not be entitled to a refund. However, I have an email sent to me from Jim Chamblee a couple of days later telling me there wasn't going to be an 18U team at all, and my daughter would need to make other arrangements is she wanted to play the remainder of the fall season. He did not mention a refund for the equipment purchased, which was never even received by anyone on the 18U team, much less used. The original contract says nothing about ownership of the equipment, but regardless, the team played a total of two tournaments under the Texas Generation name (for which the parents paid for in full). There was a third tournament scheduled. Some parents had already paid BJBSA LLC and had to pay again so the team could play. This money has not been refunded either. This whole course of events, from original payment to “no team" was two months.

Emails have gone unanswered. Certified letters sent in preparation for a small claims suit have not been picked up by BJBSA LLC's registered agent. All attempts to handle this matter privately have been ignored. Publicity was my last choice.

Texas Generation has posted ads for on the VTD. Texas Generation has advertised hitting clinics in conjunction with Big Jim's Academy on those same bulletin boards as well.

Now the VTD has taken down my posts warning others of this organization.

Parents, coaches and players – please use extreme caution before giving money to any of these “organizations". They already have over $2, 500.00 that does not belong to them – don't be another victim.

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  •   Dec 01, 2008

    Jim Germany has also done the same to me. He is not trustworthy and is very manipulative. He will tell you what you want to hear. If you can, stay away from him and any business he is involved with.

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  •   Dec 01, 2008

    I doubt the origional plan was to take the money. I am sure that problems occured to make the select organization become very disorganized, along with the academy it was involved with. Jim Germany has made many mistakes though and has caused alot of problems for the people who have been in business or worked for him though, so I would definately adivse caution when dealing with a business or organization ran by him.

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  • Jl
      Dec 02, 2008

    On 11/26 Jim Germany sent an email that he would get parents money back "before next week". After being provided a list of amounts owed, he sent another email on 11/26 that he would get payment out "within two weeks".

    I'm not holding my breath here.

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  •   Dec 02, 2008

    Typical. That sums up his personality and way of business. This is why I would avoid getting involved with any organization he is associated with. He also owes me money. Have you received the money yet?

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  • Jl
      Dec 03, 2008

    No money yet.

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  •   Dec 03, 2008

    In case you didn't know, Jim Germany is planning to open a softball facility in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch area and is having a meeting for Texas Generation on Dec. 8th at 7pm. It might be a good idea to go and confront him on this issue as well as warn other people of getting involved with him. Check out for more info on this meeting and hopefully for directions to the facility.

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