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The website is an electronics e-store which seems to sell cheap electronics on the WEB. For purchasing two cell phones, i transferred some amount in their bank account in CHINA. But suddenly they stopped replying. After some days they replied and said that due to Chinese holidays they were closed and gave me a DHL tracking number for the shipped phones by them. I tried to track the shipment via DHL website but could not get any results. On compaining again to them, they sent me an email next day saying Chinese customs have detained the shipment and are requesting import/export taxes of a certain amount.

This is when I felt that I have been scammed since I have been part of a company importing many goods internationally - including CHINA. I researched on the Internet and found their name in scammers list in many blogs along with a list of similar companies.

The amount was transferred to the following bank account in CHINA :

Beneficiary name: Mi Tian
Address : 12 E-World Trade Building, No. 7 Haidian District, Beijing, China

Account No. : [protected]-0
Bank name:Bank of China Guangdong Branch
Address : 197 Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou, 510130 Guangdong, CHINA


Can anything be done against them? How are these kind of people allowed to work on the net?

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  • Ab
      10th of May, 2009
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    It happend to me also, i requested to buy 4 items for more then 380 us dollers and they told me we are on holiday and after some time they sent to me DHL tracking number i contucted DHL and they told me nothing in this number arrived from china, 3 days later they asked me to pay customs tax wich they did not tell about us before, and i think it is not a company, if it is a big company as what it is shown in the website they wont do like this and here is the attachment for the mail wich they sent to me today after i asked them to return back my money:

    Dear ...

    I think you know our company refund policy.
    1.Our company return policy:
    You need ship the product in the same condition as we ship out (this includes all accessories, cables, manual, boxes); if anything missing, certain amount (plus fines) will be deducted from your refund.

    2.The problem is: if you don't pay customs tax, customs will NOT release your package so financial department have no way to refund your payment for this package.
    And if you can't pay tax in 7 working days, customs will confiscate the package.

    lease think about it very well.

    i dont know how did they give a permit to this company if it is to have a website while they are not a company

    thanks and regards

  • An
      12th of May, 2009
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    i guess many people are being scam. Once you have paid the customs tax, here are the new notes.

    We have packed up your package already and were ready to send to you.
    But we have a new policy now by our company to tell you that our finance just reports that, we can not sell the product for just small order. Becuase as a wholesaler, we sell the product at such lower price & we do sales promotion for celebrating Christmas. Our finance said, we have no any profits So we just change our policy for our minimum order is 3 same/different items or 999 USD.I'm very sorry fot the inconverience, and i hope you can understand .
    So for now, you'd better to add 2 items to your order, so we can arrange the shipment, if you don't want to order more at this time. i am sorry we can not do business.We apologize for taking some troubles for you. as a compensation, we will give you some discounts on your new order or free shipping cost. But please give us your kind understanding for our new policy, we really are pleasure to do business with you.
    Thank your very much.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Does anyone know how to get their refunds? please submit a note.

  • Ym
      13th of May, 2009
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    I have already complained to the Chinese Embassy yesterday. Though I have not got any reply from them till now, I am positive.
    I will post any updates on the issue.

    Also, it is the right thing to complain to the Local Chinese embassies which all of us who are cheated by them should act upon. If similar instances of Fraud complaints go to them, I think they will be pressurized to take fast action.

    Kind regards

  • Su
      16th of May, 2009
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    I had also ordered for 4 items which were almost $513 AUD. When I had paid for it, later I was told to pay customs duty on those items which they hadn't told me about before! Then they told me that if I bought another item which would make the total items worth $799 AUD I wouldn't have to pay for any customs duty. Below is their email..

    Dear ..,
    Thanks for your E-mail, i can understanding your feeling.

    I know you are a great customer of our company, and you are the potential VIP member, so i requested financial department and finanlly the manager agreed if you can do another order more than 799A$ our company could pay customs tax for you till you pick up your package. It is fair for you.

    You know if so our company will have no profit from our deal, but i am sure after our this perfect business you will do more business with our company and We must appreciate you completely if you can introduce our shopping website to your friend.

    We are looking forward further business with you.
    When you found the products you want to add please E-mail me then i can inform material department and financial department let them arrange your order.

    Please give us your kindness understanding, sorry for this inconvenient.

    God bless you and all your family.

    Your friend,

    So I told them to cancel one of the 4 items that I had ordered to pay for the extra expenses. Now they have stopped replying!! This is ridiculous. How can we get a refund??

    Pls advise as many ppl so that they are aware of this fraud company.

  • Sh
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i cant believe that it happened to all of us, i order a product with total amount of 218$ after she give me DHL tracking number, i returned to DHL, they told me this number is wrong!!!
    i sent this jane another mail to check with her, she told me that i have to pay custom by 167$, any other explanation, no one reply
    that's her answer
    Thank you for your letter, but we can understand your vexed temper and feeling.

    And the shipping process must like this:The transport company ship your package into the China Customs for checking and the Customs would ask for the Customs taxes for exporting and importing.So this morning we received the notice from the Customs service centeral that your package have been detained by them, that you need to pay 167.5 USD for this Customs taxes.

    But your item outed from our company and marked our company information so that they only contacted with us, we just noticed this news to you, so you pay this taxes to us and after we have confirmed this payment hand over to Customs in order to get your package out and reship to you, hope you could understand this process!
    Thank you very much, looking forward your response soon!

    Transport Department,


    Best regards,
    Globseason Work Team
    Globseason International Trade Co., Ltd.

    can any body helping me, no we should act together to catch this theif
    i tried to call her, her mobile not a working number

  • Im
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I bought an iphone from for £245 + £24 bank charges as the payment was made via international bank transfer. I was informed by their customer service advisor JANE that this is all I have to pay and as part of their terms & conditions they were no extra hidden charges.

    The company received my payment into their bank account and once cleared I received an email that the iphone has been posted and was given a tracking number for DHL selivery services.

    I checked the tracking number and it was not showing anything, anyway 2 days later eventually when the company got back to me they said that the delay was due to the customs holding the phone in China as custom duty needs to be paid which is £132.

    Nowhere on their website was stated that the buyer has to pay custom charges as I was told that the amount I paid was all I owed the company. The company then apologised and said if I buy another iphone they will pay for the customs and send 2 phones. I told them that I am not paying anything extra and that I now required a full refund which on their website the have clearly stated that they will refund the whole amount including postage charges if customer not happy with product. Well in my case I havent even received it and already not happy with the service. SInce I have asked for a refund its been 2 weeks that I have not received any correspondance from the company. It appears that they are now ignoring me.

    The company detials are as follows

    Beijing GLOBSEASON International Trade Co., LTD.

    Address: 12 E-World Trade Building, No. 7 Haidian District, Beijing, China

    Post code: 100089



    Phone: 861087789506

    Their bank details are as follows

    Bank nameļ¼šBank of China Guangdong Branch
    Address:12 E-World Trade Building, No. 7 Haidian District
    Country: China
    Beneficiary name: Mi Tian
    (First name:Mi Last name:Tian )
    Beneficiary A/C NO. 4761001-0188-103396-0
    SWIFT number:BKCH CN BJ 400

    I dont know what to do how to recover my money as I am not getting anywhere with this company.

    I am sure if we all get together we can do something about this company. They will be alot more people that have been robbed of their money. Lets sort this company out

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