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This company is a joke.
Its an adult turnkey website telling you that you can 'EASILY' make $1k to $10k a month in hosting an adult website. Nothing you do expect market it.

Problem is that doesn'thappen. All they do is take your monthly fee, give you a lame so called 'unique' website. however after research you'll notice EVERYONE has this joke of a site and it doesn't complete with the real adult websites.

dont do your $70 a month for something more important. The $$$ does not roll in.

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  • Lu
      Nov 12, 2009

    I agree .this company has three websites all under different names Roger Vadocz has a shady past and has registered bankofadultwhich is one of one of the other websites in his wifes name Hes giving the business a bad name. on the other hand is strictly legitimate and well respected in the adult industry

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  • We
      Oct 22, 2012

    Luvbird and socalchef above are both liars. Getrichinporn is a great system and I do very well with it and make good money. the system has a one click template function so anyone could change the look of there websites very easy. a monkey can do it its so easy. yes they all start out with the same set up for beginners but anyone with half a brain can change the look easy. the system is not a scam but its not for all people either you must have some basic internet skills and knowledge.

    I dont know much about Roger except I did my research and he hasn screwed anyone over and has always paid everyone from what I have read on message boards about him

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  • We
      Oct 22, 2012

    Funny how GRIP and PleasureBuilder have been around for many years and many people making money with them and this is the only complaint. just goes to show going into business for yourself is not for everyone.

    by the way allxclub sucks I tried them and they dont even come close to GetRichInPorn

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