[Resolved] / Exceeding the delivery by the double ammount they promised

5 Germany
Contact information: and is the same company that is registrered in germany. Made 3 orders first order of 50 jars i received 5 broken jars. Second order of 100 jars i had 9 broken jars. Thought i just ignore it because it can always happen. My first 2 orders were delivered in less then a week and now with the third order of 1254 jars i have to wait now more then 2 weeks to receive them and they promise a delivery time of 1 week. They do say the bank can take up to 2 to 4 days that i find already pretty long and they take up to 1/3 days before delivering it. In my case they waited now a week maxing out their delivery time as they to them it says it in their policy so they can just let you wait. And because of that and the holidays coming up i got an estimation waiting time once they received my money of more then 2 weeks. I emailed them if there is any chance of an compensation because of the broken jars they first sent me the 2 first orders and something to keep the customer happy for making him wait extra long. But they want nothing to do with it and are now just making me wait. I am still waiting for my third order who knows how long it's going to take. I am taking my business somewhere elsewhere next time and not going to deal with such a company with poor customer service.

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    After talking with them on the phone i can say that the issue is solved. And for next time i will be ordering again here.

Dec 17, 2014

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