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I buy man truck 33-320 on line from IMPRE. MOVITER SRL truck from Italy abut 2 year ago I see the truck in web sit address ( www.europ– Even this company are denying that this truck has been sold throw there on web site and have publish that on Google but I attached the truck photo where it has the stamp of this company ) and Contact the dealer is Italian company called moviter snc-srl and we agree on the price, I do transfer of 15000 euro at 3 payments etch 5000 x3 for the above company witch is the truck price and the shipping coast to Nigeria (as the attached invoice and the company contacts, the account I do the bank transfer to, copy for the shipping booking etc….. ) and Mr. Capuano the company owner has promises me shipping the truck as soon as he receive the payment but tell date the truck has not shipped from Italy yet, in time I had may deferent kind of promises and story abut this truck issue it look like fraud story, for fact I am calling the company translator his name MR. Claudio every day( mobile number [protected]) but he give me deferent story and promises .


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