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1 NY, United States Review updated:

My websites are down because they are doing the creepiest migration.

Superviser Ryan is such a bully.

Very bad tech support.

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  • Jt
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    EasyCGI is the WORST company on the face of this earth. They took my site down because of a migration they are performing and the site has been down for 3 weeks. They are trying to bill me for hosted sites that I dont even own and their support SUCKS !!!

    Anyone reading this .. NEVER USE EACYCGI .. they SUCK

  • Ga
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    easycgi is failing. they have already cost me several clietns and I am moving sites off their servers as quickly as possible. When something goes this wrong it typically means that the owners/founders have sold the company. The new guys cannot make a simple fix or complete a migration. do not host at I never thought I would say that after years of great service but it is not the same company it once was.

  • My
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    I have used Easy CGI for 4 years with no issues. When they did their "migration" without any notice chaos errupted. I have 2 businesses that use this email/domain and I could not receive any email. I spent a total of 6 hours with their online tech support which was an absolute joke. Two of their IT people hung up on me. They sent the ticket to the "engineers" and of course they could not resolve the issue because it was applicable to all users and not isolated to me as they stated. I had to hire an IT person at the rate of $150 an hour for easy CGI to advise us to change to their exchange server. Then today all chaos breaks loose again. I can't get any emails and people are receving permanant error alerts...Then I called IT at easy cgi today to speak with a robot sounding man on the phone. He said "all server down, you wait 4 hour". I came to find out the company has moved to the Phillipeans!!! It only costs $35.00 to get out of your contract. THERE IS NOTHING EASY ABOUT THIS COMPANY. They are horrible!!! Please find an American Based company!!! IF anyone has any suggestions let me know. I have lost time, business, money, and my sanity trying to resolve this issue.

  • J7
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    I was a customer with easycgi for many years (as well as a reseller), when i started receiving notices that some domains were due for renewal i did the logical thing and tried to navigate to the renewals page, but wait... it didn't exist? they had somehow deleted that page so i notified them via email & support ticket only to have them tell me it was a fault at my end, like every single computer & browser i checked all had the same fault.

    eventually they told me they would fix it and i should check back in a week (when my domains were about to expire). a week went by, i checked back, the page was up "hooray" i thought, but no. the renew button refused to function. it was there, almost like an image left to taunt me that i was about to lose my domains to the abyss. i also noticed i wasn't able to change any DNS or other details (admin, tech contacts, etc).

    i opened more support tickets & sent more emails, eventually i got my domain renewed, but boy was it a headache. i started transferring all my domains away from easycgi apart from one which had been registered less than 30 days before, i also cancelled my hosting account. keeping in mind that as soon as possible i had to transfer that last domain away - of course it slipped my mind.

    little did i know, during the cancellation of my hosting/reseller account easycgi's team had taken it upon themselves to... change all my admin/tech/contact information to something i knew nothing about. so when the domain came up for renewal again this year, guess what, i wasn't notified and i lost my site & email for days, then was told it was my fault the info was wrong and i had to pay easycgi $170USD to get my domain back or i would lose it to the highest bidder. after THEY changed my information without my permission.

    there has got to be some law against this sort of extortion, if it's illegal for the mafia, then it should be illegal for easycgi!

    if anyone wants to launch a class-action suit against easycgi, count me in. worst host in the history of the internet. NEVER use easycgi.

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