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Dear Students

My name is Jagadish and I respect all students who are bright future of Great Nation. Here I just come up with complaints and escape from been cheated by website . This is a fake website which make fool to students around the world but provide fake material assignment to students and charging huge amount of money. I was going through google page and found this website and start conversation on "LIVE CHAT" regarding material quality and University NMIMS Assignment Year 2014. This person make fool by providing wrong information and fake material as I asked sample to share so that I check quality of material. Mr. Sanjeev on live chat shared sample work which I cross checked through various website and found that material are copy paste from different sources.

As per my discussion on Live Chat he said that material are prepare by faculty expert/professor and nothing is copy paste but all discussion on live chat make me fool as he cheated to other as well. This website provide copy paste material from other website as well as mislead students by providing wrong/fake material. Mr. Sanjeev running this website and providing wrong material to students. Later when I complaint on LIVE CHAT that you make fool to others by sharing wrong information and fake material then he refuse to accept and added lines that few words we take from online. But the right thing was he immediate BANNED me on LIVE CHAT so that no further evidence I collect from him.

Here I just convey to each and every students please be cautious before taking material through web source as they ruin life of students and there motive is to earn money without any further intention. Mr. Sanjeev on Live Chat and owner of website never bother about students marks how much they score and play with students life and there hard earn money.

Here I'm going to provide complete discussion which I had with Mr.Sanjeev on "LIVE CHAT"

Start Time: 04/08/2014 15:29:50
End Time: 04/08/2014 16:17:30
Operators: Customer Support
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[15:29:50] Customer Support: Dear Jagadish, thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
[15:30:00] Jagadish: hi
[15:30:07] Customer Support: Hi
[15:30:28] Jagadish: i'm looking for assignment
[15:30:32] Customer Support: ok
[15:30:45] Jagadish: NMIMS
[15:30:51] Customer Support: pls search yours subject and buy online
[15:31:17] Jagadish: I need 5 subjects
[15:31:24] Customer Support: ok
[15:31:29] Jagadish: but charges are very high
[15:31:53] Jagadish: if you can provide discount then i'll purchase
[15:32:22] Customer Support: sorry, fixed price. We sell this assignment to very few students and provide unique copy as per nmims guidelines
[15:32:30] Customer Support: that's why this is little bit high
[15:32:58] Jagadish: but im student and cant afford that much
[15:33:14] Customer Support: sorry, this is paid service and price depends on service
[15:33:27] Jagadish: if you provide discount then i'll make payment
[15:33:42] Customer Support: really sorry, we offer always fixed price
[15:33:45] Jagadish: there are assignment where you provide less amount
[15:33:53] Jagadish: in this you charge very high
[15:33:58] Jagadish: with limited questions
[15:34:18] Customer Support: yes, we provide ignou assignment @ rs. 200/- per subject only
[15:34:30] Customer Support: but its depends on guidelines
[15:34:53] Jagadish: thats what im telling please offer me discount as i really cant afford that much
[15:35:26] Customer Support: really sorry, you can prepare yourself. Its better to score best mark
[15:35:41] Jagadish: see u provide other students and they also submit the same
[15:36:08] Jagadish: and if they find that students submit same assignment
[15:36:39] Jagadish: then marks gone because i'm taking risk with these assignment
[15:37:03] Customer Support: no risk, we provide edited copy to nimms student, that's why provide only few student
[15:37:20] Jagadish: My humble request if you can make it Rs.300 I'll make payment immediate
[15:37:31] Customer Support: really sorry, we can't reduce price as per our policy
[15:37:45] Jagadish: but if student come at your door then you provide the same to them
[15:38:07] Customer Support: this is paid service and run as per certain policy
[15:38:19] Customer Support: so really sorry
[15:38:33] Jagadish: but somewhere you should also understand
[15:38:52] Jagadish: that material are same for all students who so ever you service these material
[15:40:05] Jagadish: if you can provide in that much then its ok otherwise i'll purchase from else where.
[15:40:18] Customer Support: ok thanks
[15:40:23] Jagadish: already other website offer the same
[15:40:26] Customer Support: you can buy from others, they can give
[15:40:29] Jagadish: Rs.300
[15:40:45] Customer Support: pls buy from there
[15:41:58] Customer Support: but we have certain policy regard quality, service and cost
[15:42:13] Customer Support: pls don't waste yours time and ours
[15:42:15] Customer Support: thanks
[15:42:16] Customer Support: bye now
[15:42:19] Jagadish: Please provide sample work and page limit
[15:42:32] Jagadish: of one question
[15:42:38] Customer Support: pls wait
[15:42:51] Jagadish: I suppose material are not prepare through website material
[15:42:58] Customer Support: pls confirm subject name
[15:43:28] Jagadish: business Economics
[15:43:38] Jagadish: Corporate Social Responsibility
[15:43:51] Jagadish: Information System for Managers
[15:44:02] Jagadish: Management Theory and Practice
[15:44:12] Jagadish: Organisational Behaviour
[15:44:20] Jagadish: these are the 5 subjects
[15:44:33] Customer Support: answers length approx 300-500 word each
[15:45:04] Jagadish: but answer to be given less that 100
[15:45:07] Jagadish: 1000
[15:45:14] Jagadish: but 300-500 very less
[15:45:22] Customer Support: 1000 is maximum limit
[15:45:31] Customer Support: this is not guidelines
[15:45:42] Customer Support: you can't write anything to ful-fill 1000 word
[15:46:03] Jagadish: 300-500 for one answer is very less
[15:46:10] Jagadish: dont yu think
[15:46:23] Jagadish: its only 1 to half page only
[15:46:23] Customer Support: this is standard guidelines for any university
[15:46:28] Customer Support: yes
[15:46:51] Customer Support: few answers are 750 word
[15:46:52] Jagadish: please share one sample of business economics
[15:47:19] Customer Support: sorry, we can't share sample. Its because only two question and can't share one question answers
[15:48:17] Jagadish: no you can share sample with incomplete quest
[15:48:34] Jagadish: atleast I should also know what type of material you'll provide
[15:48:52] Jagadish: I'm paying Rs.500 which is very big amount
[15:49:10] Jagadish: for 2 questions where material length only 1 and half page
[15:49:19] Jagadish: please think on student part as well
[15:49:25] Customer Support: ok
[15:49:27] Customer Support: pls wait
[15:49:34] Jagadish: my concern is only for marks
[15:50:16] Jagadish: in this subjects
[15:50:44] Jagadish: any quest incomplete
[15:51:26] Customer Support: sent
[15:51:37] Jagadish: wait let me check
[15:52:06] Jagadish: fine
[15:52:41] Jagadish: I'll make payment of 1 subject if everything fine then proceed for other subjects
[15:52:51] Jagadish: there is pedagogical Objectives where it is ?
[15:53:07] Customer Support: in which subject
[15:53:36] Jagadish: same subject
[15:53:54] Jagadish: 1. Exp Pedagogical Objectives: • To understand the concept of elasticity of demand and discuss various types of elasticity of demand • To understand the link between price elasticity of demand, revenue and business decision.
[15:55:18] Customer Support: this is includes in this answers
[15:55:27] Jagadish: where
[15:56:13] Customer Support: There are various types of …. Example Analysis as per case From call rates ….
[15:56:41] Customer Support: There are various types of elasticity’s distinguished by the pair of variables that each one considers, but at their core they are all simply comparisons of how one thing changes in response to changes in another. Because all elasticities perform the same function, just with different variables, focusing on one type allows us to reduce clutter and confusion while exploring how elasticities work and why they are useful.
[15:57:27] Jagadish: wait
[15:57:38] Customer Support: ok
[15:58:15] Customer Support: Link between price elasticity of demand, revenue and business decision Price elasticity of demand is a important topic in economics. It refer to the key concepts of supply and demand. When something changes in a market - price
[15:58:17] Customer Support: ...
[15:58:51] Jagadish: In CSR subject you mentioned only 2 questions but there are 3 questions
[15:59:01] Jagadish: Corporate Social Responsibility
[15:59:06] Customer Support: one question is not ready right now
[15:59:29] Jagadish: But I need all 3 questions
[15:59:41] Customer Support: yes, will give all three
[15:59:44] Customer Support: by tomorrow
[16:01:25] Jagadish: ok
[16:01:27] Jagadish: wait
[16:01:30] Jagadish: checking details
[16:03:22] Jagadish: Please let me know who prepare these answer
[16:03:34] Jagadish: as Its clearly mention no copy paste from website
[16:04:07] Customer Support: our expert writer prepare solution from books
[16:04:18] Customer Support: and re-write in their own words
[16:04:21] Jagadish: hope your material not copy paste from webportal
[16:04:26] Jagadish: ok
[16:04:42] Jagadish: so these are not copy paste
[16:05:04] Jagadish: and when you'll make available 1 question which was not there
[16:05:05] Customer Support: all content has validate from software
[16:05:55] Jagadish: if assignment check through plagiarism check
[16:06:13] Jagadish: then there will be no problem
[16:06:21] Customer Support: don't worry about that
[16:06:29] Customer Support: we have checked and deliver
[16:06:35] Jagadish: ok
[16:06:45] Jagadish: please share bank detail
[16:06:52] Jagadish: drop me mail
[16:06:53] Customer Support: that's why cost little bit is high
[16:07:03] Jagadish: and one question when you'll make available
[16:07:16] Customer Support: within 24 hrs after payment
[16:07:20] Jagadish: whats the scoring marks with these material
[16:07:38] Customer Support: our student award 60% average
[16:08:00] Jagadish: and if there will be less marks then who will responsible
[16:09:02] Jagadish: or i fail in any subject
[16:09:06] Customer Support: marks is also depends on faculties so we don't take guarantee for high mark, but take gaurantee for pass. If fail, we will assist in next sem without any cost after validate score
[16:09:23] Jagadish: but 60% is very less I was i thinking that at least score 80% if I take professional services
[16:09:25] Customer Support: need screenshot of valid score
[16:09:39] Customer Support: marks is also depends on faculties
[16:09:46] Jagadish: ya sure that will provide to you.
[16:09:51] Jagadish: means
[16:10:25] Jagadish: faculty I take services professional which is prepared well and still less marks and no guarantee
[16:11:27] Customer Support: we don't misguide
[16:11:33] Customer Support: that you will get 80-90%
[16:11:35] Jagadish: may i know your good name and please provide bank details
[16:11:45] Customer Support: Sanjeev
[16:11:55] Jagadish: it means average marks will be 60% only
[16:12:03] Customer Support: it may 50% or 70%
[16:12:07] Customer Support: but overall 60%
[16:12:29] Customer Support: Name: Topper Web Current A/c No.: [protected] Bank: ICICI Bank Branch: Mohan Co-Operative Ind. Estate, New Delhi IFSC Code-ICIC0001357
[16:13:33] Jagadish: ok
[16:14:37] Jagadish: i'll make payment and provide confirmation
[16:14:43] Customer Support: ok
[16:14:46] Customer Support: thanks
[16:14:51] Jagadish: Thanks
[16:14:57] Customer Support: bye now
[16:15:03] Jagadish: Bye
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On Tuesday, 8 April 2014 3:51 PM, DistPub <[protected]> wrote:
Business Economics

Solution 1:
Price elasticity concept refers to the way prices change in relationship to the demand or way ….

There are various types of ….

Example Analysis as per case
From call rates ….

The usefulness of price elasticity

Mobile service provider use PED (Price elasticity of Demand) estimates to predict:

Price elasticity of demand and changing market prices
The price elasticity of ….

Illustrated diagram
In the left hand diagram below we have drawn a ….


On Tuesday, 8 April 2014 6:15 PM, Jagadish wrote:

Your complaint has been lodged on several website as you banned me but I have complete proof of chat and mail where you shared details with me regarding assignment. You touched with wrong person by providing wrong information. I'll definitely fight and save students life from you people. Your black face come infront of students on several website and I have contact in Office Of Inspector Journal where your website mark in black listed.

You will be punish very soon with your fake work.

Please take very seriously all my friends so that your life, money and time are not waste by these fake website.

Always in students support !!


Your Sincerely

Apr 8, 2014

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