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Women all over the world are being affected by the mirena iud. Many of us thought the deadly thing was off the market in the 80's. The company will not take responsibility for the damages the device can cause. They say they can not be blamed for the doctors mistakes. All of the possible side effects creep up on you and all of a sudden you feel 110 years old. Theres cramps, weight gain, hair loss, weak bones, stiff joints, irrational thoughts, mood swings, anxiety, memory loss, loss sex drive, tube babies, spontaneous abortions, loss mirena, perforated uterus, floating mirena, swollen belly, acne, discharge, spotting for months,constant depression, no sleep, bladder weakness, IBS, digestion problems, aadd, nightmares, surgery to remove it, countless bills trying to find out whats wrong with you. the depression is so deep most of the women at need antidepressants to function, infertility, OCD. The same thing that happened with the dalkon shield is happening to us. A doctor will happily give it to you but will refuse to take it out and tell you its all in your head. From the usa to australia its a bad decision to make.

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  • Ni
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    Hi my name is nikki someone really needs to do something about this mirena it needs to be taken off the market real quick it is poison the last 4months of my life have been a living hell and still battling PLEASE GET THIS THING TAKEN OF THE MARKET IT WILL KILL SOMEBODY

  • Da
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    Hi my name is Danielle, I have lost the last 5 weeks of my life due to the mirena, I have been so nauseated sometimes I have to have my aunt come over to watch my kids who are 9 months and 6, I have been out of work for 4 weeks and my husband has had the bills burden on him, I have had anxiety so bad that I was in the ER 4 times, the last time I was admitted, I have tried antidepressants and they make it worse, my anxiety is so bad that it puts me into bouts of depression, I have to be on kolonopin every day to control my anxiety, the makers of the mirena IUD(Bayer) need to take this off the market before it kills someone, after all is said and done I will have spend hundreds of dollars in DR bills and lost out on hundreds of dollars from being out of work. This has been hell for the last 5 weeks and I only had the darn thing in for 4 weeks! I hope we all get better soon, the side effects are unbelievable, and the OBGYN's don't tell you the effects it can cause. They tell you it is such a great choice for bc, a fool proof 5 year plan, no harmful side effects, maybe some cramping and back pain, and thats it, I am appauled with this product and we all should be compensated for our pain and loss of life, money!!!!!

  • Gi
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I'm in the UK and the same thing is happening over here, I had my first coil in for 5 yrs and then had it replaced after advice from my doctor who said it was the best thing since slice bread.

    6 months later I had it removed after suffering daily headaches, hair loss, tiredness, confusion. This was on top of the weight gain and depression I had experience with my first mirena without realising it was this thing causing these syptoms.

    I was lucky that I had it removed by doctor on the NHS without any questions being asked, she said I was the only person to ever have asked for a removal before the allotted time ( not sure if I belive that)

    In the last 51/2 yrs I have been to my doctors (sometimes in tears) about my weight gain I was eating very healthy, doing spinning classes 4 times a week without any weight lose at all. My doctor treated me like a hypocondriac even though I had medical reasons as well why I needed to lose weight ( my dad died at a very young age of heart disease he was a fireman so was reasonable fit and not over weight I was worried this may be hieradatory ). My doctor did not take this serious and I was made to feel like I was wasteing her time never once did she say the mirena could be to blame even though this is a side effect

    I am sure that if this contraption is not taken off the market soon it will kill some one either directly or the syptoms will be come to much for someone and they will commit suicide especially if their doctor is as understanding as the one I go to ( and by the posts on the Mirena forum this seems to be standard amongst doctors)

    I also have friend who had the mirena inserted, and had such bad problems she was off work for nearly a year with back ache and server stomach problems to name just a few syptoms and even now she has had it removed she is still suffering

    Something must be done NOW before its too late and some poor woman pays the ultimate price for having this coil placed in her body

  • Na
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    My name is Natalie, 08/22/1973, 2 children, pregnancy test was given 11/28/06 and Mirena inserted by Dr Sandra Rivard ,301 E Wendover Ave Ste 400 Piedmont Healthcare For Women, Greensboro North Carolina ,(336)-286-6565.
    I've had abnormal paps snce the mirena,the first time resulting in stage II(the next step is cancer) and having to have colonoscopy and biopsy. For a year ,since I had mirena inserted I have Abdominal pain, Upper respiratory infection,Headache, Nervousness,Nausea,severe dizziness,digestive problems, numbness,Back pain, Weight increase,Decreased libido,Depression, Abnormal Pap smear,yeast infections, metallic vaginal smell, Vaginal discharge,irritation and a burning feeling in the vaginal canal ,Vaginitis, Hair loss on my head and hair growth on my face and neck.

    I was breastfeeding at the moment Mirena was inserted and another 4 month after it. I'he told by the doctor that there are no side effects, except little cramps, bleeding or no bleeding at all. Research has shown that babies whose moms have mirena have a higher incidence of respiratory problems and eye infections. Now, knowing what we know about how bad the side effects of mirena can be for adults, i am very concerned at what might be going on in a fragile baby's body when the baby is feeding exclusively from mother's milk containing the mirena chemical. No doubt a lot more research needs to be done on it. My son was crying most of the time during those 4 month, was very nervous and unhappy. We took him to university neirologist, they did all testes and find that he is ok .If I only knew that there are side effects, and a lot of it! My baby is 20 month old and he only can say 2 words. Me and hi's father have no mental ilnesses or other, we both have healthy,13 years old son's from previous marriages. I removed Mirena 11/28/07. I've had it for a year, and it will take a years to cure the side effects of it, like Vestibulitis, Vaginitis, Dyspareunia which I have now.
    Mentally, I'm exhausted! This year has proven to be the MOST challenging year in my LIFE! Some days I'm so depressed and fed up I just want to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out.
    There is NO WAY I will ever recomend Mirena to anyone.
    I want to know why doctors telling to us that there are NO SIDE EFFECTS???????????? Does somebody pays for telling a lies or side effects really is not aviliable info even for the doctors????????

  • Mo
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    I had the mirena deivce inserted around 3 months after i had my last child and i couldnt be bappier with it. I think that every one is different and you cant demand things being taken off the market because of your bad experience. Ihave had it in now for 8 months. I researched it for several months prior to making my decision and i was well aware of the possible side effects, and i decided that the benefits outway the risks. Which is what i think every one should do with every thing that they put into or onto their bodies. I am also Breastfeeding my daughter and she is wonderful, developmentally, emotionally, psychologically,physically and other wise. I find it very hard to swallow that people are having all of these problems Directly related to the product. I can tell you a million horror stories about every birth control method, and i think that this type of forum is being used as an outlet which is ok, but on the reverse it is allowing people to feed into their own beliefs and add other symptoms to their list becuase of hearing of that possibility with another person, which they can psychosematically believe is happening to them. You didnt lose that extra baby weight... couldnt be that pizza could it!! Maybe we should be a little more concerned about ourselves. If you dont like it .. get it out. Dont say "oh ive lost months of my life" . BS! And if i was going to an ob/gyn that wouldnt remove this type of device upon request. I WOULD GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR IMMEDIATLY. That is the more disheartening then your actual complaints about the product.
    I think the blame and problems lye elsewhere.

  • Ti
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    I had the Mirena inserted in Jan 2005 (After giving birth Oct 2004) and removed Jan 2006. It was perfect. I couldn't lose weight and finally after it was removed I dropped 35lbs. I had it removed because I believe my tummy tuck I had Aug 2005 displaced it and I was having periods every month. MD told me if I could ever predict my periods to come in. Well they became predictable. Went for an u/s to see what was going on and the Mirena was sideways in my uterus. Had it taken out.

    Got my first abnormal pap June 2007. My pap before that in June 2006 was normal. Had to have a biopsy which came back normal. Had a repeat pap just recenlty and it came back abnormal again. I don't know what the report said but the first abnormal report said "high grade squamous cells." I'm nervous again, I just opened my mail and read my test results. My HPV was negative.

    I recently had a miscarriage in Nov and a chemical pregnancy this past month. I wonder if the Mirena damaged my uterine lining? :( I'm relieved to see that others have had abnormal paps. I will call the doctor on monday to find out what the pathology report said. I hope and pray it's not as bad as I think.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Am
      23rd of Jan, 2008
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    I got the Mirena IUD in March 06; I was finewith little pain till about three months of having it. I have been the most hateful person you can meet, I hate everything that made me happy, I have became so numb over the almost two years of having my IUD. I gained about 40 pounds, swiming in Depression, I have a really hard time leave my house because I have so much anxiety. I have never felt this way, now I fell traped and have no control over my life.

    My doctor told me there were no side effects, they tell me that my Nervousness, my weight gain, my depression has nothing to do with the IUD.... I really hope they get this off the market and think about something more then the money, like the peoples lifes that they are destroying.

    I hope that getting this thing removed will slowly help me become myself again.

  • Te
      7th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Mirena SHOULD be taken off the market and the company should be sued for what its worth. They're responsible for marketing the product,they're the ones who are supposed to inform the physicians and make sure the patients know the good and the BAD about the product. In the little book thats being given out the company only tells the pros and very little cons like abnormal bleeding for a few months and cramping. They never told me that I would hurt so bad that I wouldn't be able to have sex with my husband.They never told me that I would almost drop my baby when trying to pick him up because I would get unbearable pains in my lower back and pelvic area.They never told me that I would want to commit suicide.And they didn't tell me that no matter what I did I wouldn't be able to lose weight,only gain it.

    I was told by my physician that Mirena is supposed to release hormones into the uterus and only into that area but sometimes it does get into the bloodstream and can cause other problems. I wasn't told that until after my doctor removed the device. I'm so blessed that my husband has stood by me these past few months,and I'm even more grateful that my doctor understood me.

    No woman should blame herself for the effects of Mirena, only the company should be blamed for having something so dangerous on the market. If you keep Mirena on the market you might as well keep all those other drugs on the market that are killing people.

  • Sa
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I have had HORRIBLE side effects from this. I will get intense cramps, then I will go numb and bleed for about an hour. I am getting it taken out ASAP.

  • Ca
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    I have had my merina for 2 and a half years now...It has destroyed my life. It is finally coming out next Tuesday. I tried for 2 years to convince myself that it wasn't the IUD causing this but it is...When I found the curezone board it was like story after story of my life exactly. I am so depressed and angry all the time and feel like there is no end in sight. Other people can say what they want about it but all that means to me is that their body handles this poison better then some of us. I was not made aware of all of these side effects. I was told there were very few side effects. And none of the ones I have were included in them. I have a very healthy diet and I am very active but yet I only gain weight and can't seem to lose any no matter what I have done. I have been to a number of weight loss clinics and I work out almost everyday... I am not myself anymore I don't recognize this person I am now , and even worse my family doesn't recognize this person. Cramps, bloating, weight gain, severe back pain, depression, fatigue, loss of sex drive completely,anxiety all things this horrible thing has inflicted on my life... I wish someone could help and force this drug company to at the very least list all the possible side effects this can cause, before some one losses their life for good to it...

  • Ca
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    I clicked the wrong button I strongly agree with the complaint...

  • Kc
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    WOW!!! I have always believe that this "thing" was the cause of my problems. I share all these stories. The anxieties, fears of dying, constant worrying, insomina and rollercoaster mood swings. This is scary. I am getting mine removed immediately. I've been with my OB since I was 17; I would think that he would have been honest with me about this "death wish." I am so hoping that after this is removed I will become my self again.

    Thanks ladies for sharing your stories. You all have helped my in my decision!!!

    Be Blessed!

  • Kc
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I believe I clicked the wrong button before...

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    I want to know why there isn't a class action against this company. I was never given any information about the side effects or anything negative by any of the Dr.'s that i talked to about this.(three in total) They all said the same thing. It had a huge success rate. made periods lighter and had never heard any complaints about it.

    I would never have opted to get the mirena iud had i known what the real complications were.

    It eroded through my uterus and is now floating around in my pelvic region.

  • Ld
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    I have had the Mirena since 05/2006. I was initially excited by the idea that I wouldn't have to deal with my periods. However, within the first six months I had to deal with lower back pain and explosive pains in my abdomen. I am fairly certain I experienced more than one cyst. I have an extremely healthy way of eating and I run 1-3 miles a day. However, the scale just continues to increase. The weight gain is driving me crazy. Today, I had my IUD removed I am assured that within even the next couple of weeks I will be seeing an extreme difference in my ability to loose the weight I have been slowly gaining. I'll be grateful that I am a women and will deal with my monthly cycle. What I will not deal with is someone or something else being in control of my body, emotions, and abilities to evercome.

    Hang in there ladies, take control, you know yourself better than anyone else!!!

  • Ci
      8th of Apr, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Somebody please please please help me. I have had the mirena in for two years and my story is worse than all of yours. If your not sitting down you probably should. For a while when I was on the Mirena, things were fine. After a while I started to feel different. I didn't really think anything but the feeling would come back. One day when I looked in the mirror it looked like I was developing facial hair. The way the lighting was in the room made me blow it off and I didn't take a second look. Then my husband actually pointed it out to me saying "Honey, are you getting a mustache?" When I looked closely, sure enough I was developing facial hair. I would look in the mirror in disbelief. 28 years old and a model and now I'm getting facial hair. When I got the tender breasts I didn't think much of it. Then when I got a lump in between my breasts I immediatly thought it was cancerous. The doctor said it was non-cancerous but it started to grow. The facial hair got worse and so did the lump between my breasts. Now, I am a 300 pound hairy bigfoot with 3 BOOBIES. I also have a penis growing out of my rectum and I can't sit down!GOTCHA!! Relax would you? I've had the Mirena in for 2 years and life really isn't that bad. Do I have some of the side effects? Yes. Do I love having sex with my husbadn? YES! Have I spotted alot? Yes. Pro's and Con's yadayada. If you are looking for a reason you're life doesn't go well, the Mirena's a good scapegoat. Let's call Scully and Molder in and have them do some probing. 2 years and going and I'm pretty good. If things get bad I'll take it out. In the meantime all you negative posters were already prone to anxiety and depression. You should be more worried about the propylene Glycol in your shampoo and toothpaste. Ever read the warning label on your toothpaste? How much of that crap do you think you swallow over a 15 year period. For now, I'm gonna to convince my husband to get the Mirena, so we can be bigfoots together and he can grow a third boobie like me. Lighten up!
    Trying getting on a good antidepressant

  • Ke
      5th of Jul, 2008
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    Hello, i wish to say that since i had the Mirena, my life has been hell. Where do we start with the list of side effects, i have had; hair loss, extremely greasy hair, facial hair growth, water retention, headaches, acne, vaginal discharge, constant spotting, pelvic pain, and ovarian cysts. I had it inserted in Dec 07 while i underwent surgery to treat severe endometriosis. The surgeons pushed me to have the mirena as they said it is remarkable how it slows the growth of endometriosis. Not a single word was said to me about any side effects. NONE. How could i make an informed decision about this when i was not told what could go wrong with my body. Not only the above list of symptoms, but also the fact that my endo is worse now than it was back when i had the op done. Some days i can hardly stand up straight from pain, and now i cant even look in the mirror without crying about what this has done to me inside and out. Somebody needs to take responsibility for this horrendous device and for gods sake stop recommending it to unsuspecting women.

  • An
      10th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I Hate Mirena and what it done to me, I had to have my thyroid removed just over a year ago now i am on meds for the rest of my life, I blame mirena for that so if you have thyroid problems be careful as i never had problems with mine before mirena and no family history of thyroid problems, i have gained a lot of weight have facial hair, bloated stomach, depression, tingling in my hands, cysts on my left ovary, sinus and that is only some of my side effects.
    I had the thing removed about 2 months ago havnt lost much weight yet, I wouldnt advise anyone to use mirena it is EVIL..
    It has ruined my life.I dont know if i will ever be my old self again.
    Mirena should be BANNED.

  • Le
      18th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just because a few people do not have side effects, doesn't mean it should not be taken off the market, good for those of you who understand the side effects and can live with them, but for everyone else who wasn't aware of them, especially the hidden ones or the ones not discussed on the packaging, I think it should be taken off the market or at least make everyone read the side effects that everyone lists on here and other forums about the dangers of the Mirena IUD. Maybe the IUD didn't cause all my side effects, but it's funny how I never had these problems before and if I could do it again, I would never have gotten the damn thing in to begin with. Especially because of how freakin bad it hurt to take it out because my strings "dissapeared" and I had to have the little ### dug out of my uterus.

  • Gr
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    hi i had the mirena taken out in may and now have really bad facial hair because of it, please could somebody tell me if this will decrease as it works out my body? ive now got really bad depression because of this please could somebody give me some advise, thanks

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