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www.creditexpert / idid not subscribe

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i did not subscribe thet are debiting from my debit card woth £6.99every month for six month.please return my money.

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  • Ph
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    I also took them up on their free trial, now have taken £6.99 from my bank account but i did not sign up for membership, when i emailed them to compain and ask them to return my money they told me that i would have to ring an 0800 number and cancel a membership i did not ask for.
    They are just another example of the rip off culture allowed to exist in this country.
    While ### like these are allowed to get away with their robbery they will continue to steal money at every opportunity.

  • Bo
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I did the same as you but I was told to watch the I would be charged the £6.99 so I sent an email and canceld, but I got an email telling me to call the 0800 number, I did that and I also sent a letter cancerling as well and the XXXXXXXX still tuck the £6.99 of my debit card. the bank told me this compney ask for your debit catd number as the bank as no way of stopping payments from being stoped. but I dont like being riped off so I will be taking this lot to the small claims court.
    David Booth Lincoln

  • Pl
      23rd of Dec, 2009
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    I also thought i had purchased a one off service for 6.99. they have been charging me every month since. I told them it is very very misleading and that I had never been conned like this before. the stubborn little Pr1ck argued the fact it was very clear and I had ticked the box and agreed to this that the other just like the tens of thousands of people all complaining on sites like this. I am sick to death of the financial services in this country - RIP OFF BRITAIN raping its people at every chance by misleading them. it makes me sick. I used to be proud to be English, the great nation of invention and industry where people used to do real work for a real living but now it seems we are all just greedy con artists. John. Soon to be elsewhere.

  • Cr
      4th of Feb, 2010
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  • Va
      12th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The expression 'caveat emptor' comes to mind.

    I, too, got ripped off for £5.95 for my "free" subscription since I believed Experian to be a reputable organization.

    Anyone know to whom a formal complaint should be addressed before they help themselves again?


  • Te
      10th of Jul, 2010
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    Ever heard of 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS'?!! No wonder you people can't control your finances. If you can't take a minute to read the clear terms of the service. Its a 30 day TRIAL.

    Its there in black and white . And where does it mention that the SCORE is free?? It clearly tells you that by ordereing the score you will be charged £5.95. At the end of the trial application you tick a box which you agree that unless you call to cancel within your trial you WILL be charged the monthly membership charge!! Its not rocket science is it people?

    I'm guessing that some of you can read?

    Or am I wrong?

  • Ca
      25th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Ok reference the above anonymous post, yes the fact is that credit expert have this all tied up legally but what about morally? And what about the people that are misled more easily than you, do they deserve to be taken advantage of? The answer from you is yes I expect and that makes you every bit as greedy and selfish as those that run
    It seems fine these days for advantaged people to take advantge of disadvantaged people. The individuals who may look use credit expert are likely to already be in trouble with their finances having been taken adavantage of already, is it right for them to have a further £6.99 taken every month just because they missed the conditions on a small tick box? These contracted web pages are designed not to give the consumer the best service but instead very cleverly suck money out of those who can't spare it.
    It makes me sick, no wonder they can afford peak time tv advertising.
    Cameron Brown

  • 54
      26th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    [censor] credit expert scam artisits my dick diw0[efihiqui

  • Ba
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    CREDIT EXPERT ARE RIP OFF MERCHANTS - I cancelled my subscription via email only to be told to ring them, when I did they said that something had been flagged on my account and to go back and check and that I still had time to cancel, nothing had shown up so I tried to cancel again to be told that I wouldn't be charged, however they have now taken payment and tried to say that the payment was taken because I didn't cancel in time - which I did!!!

  • 2x
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    What a useless dicking service. Who needs to know their credit rating on a monthly weekly daily basis? May be once in a blue moon any more and you have mental problems. There we have it. This outfit thinks you are all nutcases so it is ok to mislead steal gouge and tear. A length of two by four up the one and only is all they should be getting. [censor].

  • Si
      5th of Feb, 2011
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    I have a beauty about creditexpert. I gladly subscribed as I am coming round from having my business stolen 6 years ago by an investor. However I made the mistake of clicking on their new Lower My Bills section. Apparently I then agreed for my details to be used for marketing purposes, this I was told was as soon as I clicked the match me to a loan link. I then received a call in the middle of the day from a company trying to sell me 'a little known Government scheme to help write off 90% of debt', an IVA. I told him that I have no debts and that I didn’t appreciate being called in the middle of the day, his reply was 'you know it all tosser' and he put the phone down. I called creditexpert on the 9th of December 2010 to complain and was told that I would be removed from all marketing initiatives. However the people that have been sold my information by creditexpert have, against the law re-sold my information and I have just been contacted by Yes Loans, the biggest set of scammers around. I rang yesterday and asked to be escalated to a Manager and was kept on hold for 11 minutes, still not getting to speak to a Manager. Today I finally got through to one and have been assured my details have been withdrawn. She made no comment when I quoted data protection in relation to my details being re-sold and did not apologise for the hassle they have caused. Good job I had her on speakerphone, my Wife works for Which? She went quiet when I told her that.

  • Da
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    I knew about the trial so I called them (a few times, also for confirmation) and cancelled the membership after 20days, but I was still being charged, so had to call the bank and got a refund. They sent me an email "sorry for leaving us" in which they mention that if you login, they'll renew the membership automatically, which I didn't. Next month, guess what...I'm charged again. This time I called the bank to cancel my card.

  • Gu
      3rd of May, 2011
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    I have just phoned to cancel and had the email confirming that they have cancelled but it seems from emails above that this won't make much difference. I have been getting charged £6.99 on my credit card since October 2008 which only came to light a week ago. My credit card statement is not fully itemised and only gives total outgoings, interest and minimum payment each month which is fine because I generally have a good idea what I have spent. I only use it for a few things. My cc company have been good but they can only refund back a certain way. It's such a small amount that it just sneaks through without being noticed.
    I feel a bit embarrassed as I work in financial services but this is definitely a case of mis-selling and everyone has grounds to complain. It will eventually become a big problem, hit press etc and probably close down and disappear to be replaced by a similar one but not before the scammers (which is what they are) have secured their mansions and ferraris. Makes me sick. They need to be strung up.

  • Ki
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've just been charged £7.99 for what i thought was a free credit score, Now im reading here that its common practice for them, And as i did the check over 3 months ago i'm now wondering how many payments i havnt picked up on [which is MY fault] but now i'm so angry with them i want to find that chinese fella off the ad and strangle the ### with that soap on a rope he likes so much. Give experian a wide birth

  • Di
      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    I've just experience a similar fate as many others. CREDITSCOREMATTERS have withdrawn money from my account. I did apply for the FREE credit report as stated in the web site. I received email with login code. Did not work. I made contact by phone 0845 number (you pay) was held
    on a waiting list for over 10 minutes, given a different log in code. That got me into the site, followed instructions was then told I would recieve a pin within 2-3 days by email. In other words still no report. They have had my money, I have had nothing in return. Still hoping. Where is my Credit
    Report and where is "instantantly available". Scammers ? be very wary ! I await my requests with hope!

  • Sl
      16th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have just noticed that credit expert (experian) have been taking £7.99 from my account for the past 9 months. I specifically recall phoning them and cancelling my account yet plain as day they have been helping themselves each and every month without fail. I originally phoned and cancelled using their 0800 number which now no longer exists, you now get pointed to an 0844 number instead. On phoning them today I was told they have no record of me having telephoned them and cancelling, hence why the money has been taken out every month. It was recommended that I send an email of complaint about this as well as provide evidence in the form of an itemized phone bill to prove I telephoned them (as if this would prove when I phoned that I cancelled the account). Since then I have changed telephone provider anyway so doubtful I can get at the online itemized bill, even if I can get this information I doubt it will show up an 0800 call as this type of number does not incur a charge ! Tomorrow morning I am off to the bank to make a Visa dispute against them, time to add to their negative credit rating ! It appears to me they are a very shrewd company who have no problem breaking basic moral ethics, I will be going the distance with this as I am massively annoyed at not only my inability to check my own bank statements more thoroughly but also their inability to cancel something when I asked them to.

  • Al
      23rd of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I joined them over a year ago but it took them 2 months to send out my pin. I was told that I would receive a refund for my first months payment in lue of the free charge guess what I'm still waiting for it!!!

    I rang to cancel my membership as it suddenly was 14.99 a month instead of 7.99 a month when I orginally signed up btw I wasn't told of this change or opt into anything. At this point I mentioned the refund I have never received, I was told that that would happen and after being given a list of reasons to stay with them I finally got off the phone.

    I still haven't received a refund and was told it takes up to 10 days because of the banks (haven't all major banks just introduced faster payments??) I asked to speak to the major at which point I was told our manager isn't available and we can get her to call you back in 24 hours which would mean 2pm on sat (they close at 1pm) bet I don't get a call back or my refund!!

  • No
      22nd of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree I believe CreditExpert is a huge scam. I signed up for the trial and yes I didn't read the terms and conditions. But its a rip off. If I wanted to sign up for future membership I should be prompted to accept this service, not just assume at the end of the 30 day trial I want to pay $14.99 per month. I sent a request to cancel my membeship and apparently you have to do this via a number, or email. Itrs funny how they quickly get you to be a member and pay each month but when you want to cancel its not easy...I think this is fraud quite frankly and they are not being totally honest lets face it as how many people really read the terms and conditions?

  • Ta
      16th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    i accidently signed up to a 6.99 a month membership. I didn't realise i had done this and now i have a bill asking for 320.42 one month of none payment apparently due 31/10/2011. i cannot afford to pay this so am going to be charged interest. any suggestions on what to do?

  • To
      25th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    i applied for the free credit check trial period only to find after 2 weeks of having this service they took 19.95 out of my account and also another part of the company called rewards now also took 14.95 which was not agreed to so now the people that are supposed to help you get better credit scores has actually screwed my bank account and left me with charges from creditors whos money they heve took so now taking this further to papers and the police as experian are the biggest con artest around but they call this legal what a fxxxing joke

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