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CORE100.COM OR mr tarun or SHANTOM or raghav or kuran what ever his name use from a company CORE100.COM that they promise you to deliver to you a social network or copy of any other network or a website or software or whatever you you want u just waist you time and loosing your money while you send your money that you work for THERE ARE BIG SCAMMERS ...INDIAN SCAMMERS that they have excellent way to consist you that they would work for you JUST FORGET IT NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN THEIR ARE SCAMMERS BIG TIME they will STOLE YOUR MONEY AND GONNE if you want to try them me here for a complain again as i did with others PLEASE DONT TRUST THEM WE LOST A LOT OF MONEY AND WE MAKE A GROUP AGAINST THEM AND the police also knows consumers right's and they investigate them so we can get our money back ...hope you trust us and not loose your money by them !!WATCH OUT BY CORE100.COM OR WHAT EVER THE NAME HE IS GOING TO USE TO YOU

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  • Sa
      Apr 17, 2012

    Tarun Kumar Raghav (a.k.a. Tarun Raghav) was hired through his webpage ("Core100 Technologies") in order to develop a website. He assured he had a team and the skills needed to develop the project with a low budget within 45 days. Tarun Raghav signed an agreement and agreed with the deadline. He asked a down payment of around 30% the budget, to be paid to his bank account (ICICI Bank, Delhi). After that, time passed but he did not answer any questions, nor provided information, nor followed the project timeline and steps. In fact, he didn't do anything at all. He only gave excuses and promised to send an update on the project or answer that was never given. When the deadline arrived, he was not able to deliver the work promised. He admitted he hadn't even begun. He won't give money back either.


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  • Je
      Sep 13, 2012

    "So far everything we have requested has been applied in an excellent and professional manner. Shiv from Core100 Technologies has kept us in constant communication through out the project and we feel that we have picked a quality organization that can fulfill our needs at this time. The project is still under construction and we hope that Core100 Technologies will become a key Loyalty-Partner for our group."
    ... Jecob

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  • Fr
      Sep 19, 2012

    Funny how this person posted to every negative posting the exact same thing. Is Core100 posting this respond. Don't buy into it. He is a scammer!!

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