SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / : It's been a rollercoaster ride!

1 United States offered me $140.00 for my Iphone 4. They sent me an e-mail after receiving my Iphone4 saying, “You will get your payment after the inspection of your phone, along with a new price offer.” I was under the impression that they will bring the price slightly down. After some more days, I received a check of just $90 instead of the quoted amount of $140. I was stunned! I called their customer support and then got transferred to the purchasing department. I talked to their executive and requested him to send my iphone back. He told me that he can’t do that as my phone had already been processed for recycling. At that moment he offered me $20 more and I accepted offer because that amount was justifying the cost for my used phone. I did not like how I had to call in for them to increase the price.

May 22, 2015

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