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www.careerexperts.org / Not paying salary

New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

Sister Mary Joseph, CEO www.careerexperts.org
Hired me for the post of email assistant.
i was hired for $20/per hour
and was stated to pay every second friday, that yet din't came

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  5th of Nov, 2008
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Yes ..total scam.. "sister mary joseph" sent me a response from a job posting I responded to on Craigslist. She promised to assist me in my job search and directed me to a link "careerexperts.org" which wants to sell me resumes starting at $100. It's discouraging when you are looking for a job and there are these "career convicts" out there trying to mislead you .. Craiglist is full of these scammers and sometimes they are hard to spot.. I am sorry for the people who have been taken advantage of so far..
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Phew! I also received an e-mail from a Sister Mary Joseph, and was directed to careerexperts.org, where I saw the $100 charge to "update" my resume. I said that since my resume got her attention, I didn't understand why it needed to be updated at such an exorbitant fee. "She" said that my resume was getting a negative review from some employers. Smelling a rat, I did a search on careerexperts.org, and got pages upon pages of bad reviews on this site. It seems it is run by a con artist named Harris Black. He is so notorious as to have garnered a "watch" site, www.harrisblackwatch.com/, that tracks his movements.

Yet another example of the old adage: "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is." Sorry to anyone who has fallen for this, and beware anyone who gets e-mail from him.
  14th of Dec, 2008
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Here is what I got from them today after I sent in an application through craigslist.

Ms. Fontenot:

Hello, how are you? Your resume was sent to us by one of our clients and we would like an opportunity to follow-up with you. Are you ready for a career change? Are you free for live or phone interviews this week? My name is Sister Mary Joseph and I am the CEO of Career Experts (helping people find top level careers in the "hidden job market" since 1995). I am very impressed with your previous experience. I can also tell from your experiences that you are very good at working with the public, a "people person, " which is exactly what we are looking for.

Since we will be working together on your job search, I would like you to know who Career Experts is and how we operate. Career Experts is a 15 year-old recruiting company that has been hired by many large firms. These firms are only interested in hiring the best candidates at top industry salaries (usually $50, 000 or more). We are paid a commission when staff positions are filled. Our commissions DO NOT come from your salary. There is no charge to you for Career Experts to find you a job. As I am your agent please feel free to ask me any questions that will help you to feel more confident and comfortable prior to your interviews.

I have already spoken to several companies about your background and their feedback has been very positive. They would like to meet with you this week.. Are you available for an interview with any of these companies? What is your current availability? Would you prefer mornings, afternoons, or evenings/weekends? Can any phone interviews be arranged for you and would any as early as tomorrow be possible?

Career Experts will setup the interviews for you and prepare you with full job descriptions and company information but it is your responsibility to show up for the interviews and get the job. We have an 85% successful placement rate within the first week. I have companies that will want to meet or speak with you this week if you are available. I will confirm the interview times once I have your schedule. Please look at the following list of jobs and let me know which offers interest you by number:

The full time permanent positions with benefits I have for you in your area-
1) Sheraton Hotel & Ritz Carlton Hotels: Administrative Assistant $55, 000 or more.
2) Pediatrician Office Manager at Children’s Hospital $55, 000.
3) Airport: Administrative Assistant responsible for customer service $52, 000 or more.
4) Law office: Administrative Assistant $55, 000.
5) Administrator at a Plastic Surgery Clinic $52, 500.
6) Psychology Office Manager. Excellent benefits $52, 000+.
7) Chiropractor Office Manager. $54, 000 + benefits.
8) University Admissions Office Administrator. $55, 000.
9) Bank – Customer Service (2). $47, 000.
10) Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon – Office Manager. $52, 000.
11) Administrative Assistant – Elevator Company. $55, 500.
12) Hospital Admissions Department – Administrative Assistant. $57, 000.
13) Law Office: 2 Administrative Assistants $22 per hour (negotiable).
14) Optometrist Office: Office Manager – $52, 500.
15) Full-Time Administrative Assistant / Office Music Producer. Salary $52, 500 annually + benefits.
16) Administrative Assistant. Exxon Mobil. $55, 000 + health benefits.
17) Public Relations/Customer Service. Google. $57, 000 + health benefits.
18) Accounting Clerk. Pediatrician. $57, 800 (Interviews this week!)
19) Administrative Assistant for Asian Export Company. $58, 000 + benefits. (Interviews this week!).
20) Maternity Ward Administrative Assistant. General Hospital. $55, 000. Training Provided.
21) Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Ice Cream Company. $57, 500. Interviews this week with 2 weeks paid training.
22) Mail Room Manager at Law Firm. $47, 000-$57, 000.

I have asked your prospective employers to wait an additional day or so. This will allow me to get back to them with your availability for the first round of interviews whether they be live or by telephone. I will then send them a revised copy of your resume which is best suited for the jobs you are applying for. Please have a look at the resume samples on our website (www.careerexperts.org) and then let me know which style you wish us to make for you.

It is safe to say we are on the same page in wanting you to get the interview and get hired this week. I look forward to helping you manage your career and job search. I have many clients hired on a daily basis. I am recommending we work together so that you are not rejected in favor of someone else and each application has a positive effect. Thank you and congratulations on your new career. God Bless You.


Sister Mary Joseph
  5th of Feb, 2009
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got that same email today...
  2nd of Mar, 2009
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I GOT THE SAME EMAIL, Yes, it is realy demeaning
when you a truly looking for a job and these "people" ?
are looking to scam you. This is my second scam thru
craigslist in as short a time.
  14th of Mar, 2009
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Hey there every one, I received the exact same message as Marly and than another similar message stating that my resume was getting bad reviews and was advised to purchase their services for professional resume writing as well. I am glad that complaints have been list and I didn't buy into the scam. Thanks!!!
  25th of Mar, 2009
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I just got the same one today, the same exact email...how depressing is that when all you are trying to do is find a legit job?

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