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1 Lithuania
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This bitcoin casino is 100% a SCAM. They promise to give you a 200% "bonus" and in truth it's a "cash back" (25% each 24 hours up to 200% of your ORIGINAL deposit ( 100 mbtc or MORE only 50% bonus as well!) and they have scammed me after spending $50 worth of bitcoins (paid MUCH more for them! And they NEVER have online support, refuse to answer support emails and are in Lithuania! They promise many things NO ONE is on their/in their "bingo" rooms though they have some of the most "popular" CASINO games SHOWN... they are NOT on the website! I am VERY angry! They need to be black listed and shut down! This took place Feb.4.2017 and continues until Feb.5.2017 And I have sent over 15 emails and submitted just as many request!

They tried to say I didn't even make a deposit: AND YES: BTC GAMBLING IS LEGAL IN MY STATE!

Feb 4, 2017

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