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Majority of the women on there participate in cyber bullying. Nothing is done about it. The moderators do not care. The owners do not care. It's almost like most of these "women" are stuck in high school times, they don't realize the seriousness of bullying, which scares me as most of them are mothers, so I assume their kids are going to think it's OK to bully!!!
If I owned a site like that I would have plenty of moderators and I would not put up with any nonsense! I wish someone could get on there under cover and observe these women and I hope that the site either gets shut down or new owners and moderators that actually care!
Until then, I'll be going to baby!

I couldn't screen shot on my iPad mini so here's the link to the post I made about bullies and it has a moderator in there stating she doesn't care!

Jul 27, 2014

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