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1 Sudan Review updated:

this guy is president Albashir oncle. he is using this relation to spread hatred & racism in his news paper called:
Do you support and guarantee this?
please do something.

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  • Su
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    he is a good guy

  • Os
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    firstly, his rlationship to the president shouldn't be broyght into where his credibility and integrity are discussed unless of course you suggest that his being the president's uncle he shoul lock himself up in a room and abstain from expressing his beliefs!!If you are suggesting any form of nepotism then take a look at Americas most recent history; how many Kennedys rose to the most prominent offices in there just because they had blue blood ? And the Bushes;How did the last Bush in the white house got there if it weren't for his brother's efforts -governor of Florida where the race was questionably settled in his favour-
    As for the other alligation of racism the man has -for his staff -good men from western and southern regions, not even from the vicinity of where he comes from.But everybody knows why such rubbish is waged against the one is allowed to speak ill of any of the spoilt pupits of America.And two, whenever a devoted Moslim speaks his mind up then he is either enticing terrorism or he is the enemy.
    Let me tell this to the naiive Westerners who seem to believe what is crammed into their unused and unconsulted brains; millions of Moslims in this country believe unequivocally that the Southern part of the Sudan shoul be left to its own devices since :
    1- what we have in common is too meagre to hold our two peoples together.
    2-our religious and cultural beliefs are worlds apart.
    3- the accumulation of atrocities committed-by both parties- throughout fity years of war have left hard-to-erase agonies, not in the foreseen future anyway.
    4-they believe, by becoming a seperate nation, they wil be adopted by the west and become another Kenya or South Africa.That is if the West will once honour the promises made to a poor resoursesless African country ( unless, of coarse, they know what lies in the depths of the Southern grounds )
    5- and finally, we in the North believe it is about time that we started looking after our own region IF we are not faced with new borders' conflict to keep the bleeding of our resources dragging on and on.
    Tayeb Mostafa just voices what has been going on inthe mind of millions of Moslim Northerners eversince the independance from the Brits who created this awkward unification of the two contradicted nations
    I- and the whole of the true Moslims in the North- do commend the man's efforts regardless of what he is to the president.Niether he or the president hold a gun to our heads forcing us to adhere to our Moslem identity.Light will always be light. The truth will always be true.The enemy can always fight our flesh, bones and blood but you can never fight our belief.Our religion is never for sale, never was and definitely never will be!!!
    Osama Shamboul

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