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I moved to London and was searching for a place to stay. In the future I was planning to rent a flat and live alone, but when I moved I did not had so much money, so I decided to find a guest house type rent. Found this website AB-FlatMate and moved into one of their houses. It was terrible! The place was a mess and looked nothing like it was described, furniture was very old, there was dirt everywhere. People who live in the house never cleaned anything, they often invited some of their friends and they had parties. I was the only one who tried to clean and wash everything. I complaint to AB-FlatMate and asked them to send some cleaners to the house because I wasn't able to manage with everything on my own and they said they'll think of something. Never sent anyone! Finally I moved out about a week ago. The whole thing was a nightmare!

Aug 31, 2016

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