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Woke up this morning to see a charge of $49.99 and 2 overdraft fees of $35.00 each. Confused I researched and found a fake check for $49.99 had cleared in my account. I called the number on the check and the lady stated that this was because I signed up for a payday loan. I immediately told them that I never received a loan and never signed up for anything. I was told that I needed to go online and fill out a refund request. I was then told it would take 72 hours to process. I then went to my bank and asked their advice and to find out if there was a way to get the fees waived since it was 4 days till Christmas and I am a single mom on unemployment and whose childs birthday is 3 days after christmas. I needed this sped up. The bank filled out fraud paperwork and closed that account and opened me a new one. So I am not only having to figure out how to finish my christmas shopping and get birthday presents for my daughter I have to go through and change direct deposit on my child support and unemployment checks and if I cant get this changed before the 28th there will be a delay in getting my check. All this because I applied for 1 loan and some one decided that i needed to spend money on coupons. Wow no money and doing the whole last resort of a payday loan and I need to spend money on coupons that I can download for free at So I am out $49.99 plus $70.00 and do not even have the loan. I think that someone needs to shut this company down. I'm writing my congress man, the BBB and the federal trade commission and anyone else who can help to shut them down.

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