SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Returned defective item and did not get my money back

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I have purchased the item # [protected] on 1/9/2014 and paid $86 dollars for it which I have all the serial numbers amiable and when I received the product : 7" HD GPS Navigation + Bluetooth +wireless camera +Sun shad in late Feb 23 2015 and Contacted the seller that this item is defective he provide me a site and said go there and find the manual and if it dose not work Return it and will refund your money which he did not.
I filed the complaint with the site that I have purchased it from and they stated you must contact the seller: AKA saybanet AKA account number [protected] AKA [protected]@gmail and ask the seller to refund you the money, than when I have keep asking for the refund he said to me how much will it cost to send them back and I had provided to him the cost with tracing number will be $68.00 dollars and He instructed me to only use USPS postal with no tracking # and I had gone to the post office got an estimate of $26.00 Plus 1.70 for the certificate of mail to China
Than he keep telling me that I have to wait and wait until the period of time passed by and now he is not even responding to my emails and phone calls which I had paid over 21 dollars just making the phone calls to his place.

Jul 2, 2015

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