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I contacted this company the first week of April 2015. I was looking for hockey jerseys and they had a good selection and the prices were fair in comparison to other sites. I placed approximately nine jerseys in my cart and asked them to check the stock by stock number and the size that I wanted. Their associate (Ann) told me that all the jersey on my list were in stock and available.
April 15th, asked Ann for a total as I was paying by Western Union transfer.
April 15th, Ann says total will be $252.60 CDN funds.
April 15th, I went to Western Union and made the transfer of $252.60 Cdn
April 17th, note from Ann, "your order will be shipped out shortly"
April 23rd, Note from Ann saying that three of these jerseys are old and bad quality and that they can not ship them out. She asks that I choose substitutes for three jerseys. These were my #1, #2 and #3 picks.
April 24th, sent Ann a note with subs. I requested the same jerseys with different names and numbers. I also clearly stated that if these were not available that I wanted a complete refund of my $252.60 CDN.
April 25th, note from Ann saying" all of these jerseys are bad quality, can you please choose other jerseys.
April 25th, note to Ann saying that I was extremely disappointed. %The three jerseys in question were my top three. Again I requested the complete refund as I was not going to pick other subs that I really did not want. I added a brief history of what had happened so far with this transaction. I even suggested that they use Western Union to send the money back to me.
April 26th, note to Ann asking if the return process had been started. I had $252.60 CDn tied up.
May 1st, logged into their website,, and again requested the refund through their "contact us" link. I again added a brief history to date.
No reply from note to website.
May 4th, note from Ann asking " can we send what we have and refund what out of stock, please".
May 4th, my note to Ann again requesting the full refund. Reminded her that the three not available were my first three choices.
May 6th, note to Ann inquiring about refund progress.
May 6th, note from Ann " we are trying to do it, we never send money to Canada, Thanks"
May 9th, note to Ann inquiring about progress. Again I asked her to use Western Union so that I could have my funds returned.
May 10th, I emailed Western Union with all the facts asking if they had any suggestions re this problem.
May 11th, response from Western Union telling me to contact the local police if I believe this is Fraud and to contact their 1-800 # to speak to someone there.
May 12th, note to Ann again requesting the refund. I also told her about my correspondence with Western Union.
May 15th, I logged into their website, I looked through their product to find that all of the jerseys in question were still being shown with no mention of out of stocks or quality issues. How many more customers are going to get ripped off by this company. In the "contact us" section I again requested my refund. I also asked them why this product was still being shown. I doubt I will receive a reply.
May 15th, As I am writing this complaint I have had no response or action from anyone at this company since May 6th.

I have no intention of giving up with this company. There is no reason why the funds have not been refunded or the process even started.

www. Cheap - Jerseys. Cheap
www. Cheap - Jerseys. Cheap
www. Cheap - Jerseys. Cheap

May 15, 2015
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  • Ro
      19th of May, 2015

    Too continue. On May 16th I received a note from Ann saying " please replace order, we can not refund". Can you imagine. These people can not understand English or are really that stupid that they do not know how to process the refund. How has this company survived is a total surprise to me. My reply to Ann was that I am not reordering and that they should take the equivalent of $252.60 in CDN funds to the nearest Western Union office and return my money. I haven't heard back from them yet. I'll keep this post updated.

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