Wu Yi SourceCredit Card Fraud/Scam

This company is tied to several companies that are scamming consumers by placing unauthorized charges on credit cards. They do it with Free Trials, or offering products that never ship. I placed an order with one company -, and the next day Wu Yi was charging my credit card for shipping charges on a "Free Trial". When questioned, they said perhaps someone in my family had ordered it for me - playing on emotions. Soon after New Vitality was also charging my credit card. I didn't order a thing from either of these companies, and never received a product from cellarbrokers (you can look them up on the complaint board - many similar experiences). I've come to realize this is a credit card scam. They hold onto any money they get from your credit card - and make interest off of it - until the charge is disputed. My credit card company said this is now common, and also told me the only way to stop them from charging more was to cancel my credit card. If they have your number, I suggest you do the same. I've also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Forget the fact that the product doesn't work - this is a credit card scam.


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