I HAVE ORDERED A DIET TEA ON A TRIAL BASIS WITH UNDERSTANDING THAT THE COMPANY WILL CHARGE ME SHIPPING AND HANDLING OF $4.95 only. When the first shipment came, I called them and canncelled their services and was assured that they will not charge me again. THEY LIED, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKING MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT, amount of $29.95 each month for the past few months. At the same note, the last two month they tried WITHDRAWING FUNDS from my account twice. I called, and called, and called, and called only to get their automated service.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mesa, AZ In having no luck to stop them I cancelled my card and had it replaced. LESSON LEARNED: NEVER AGAIN AM I GOING TO ORDER ANY PRODUCT VIA PHONE, VIA NET NOR GIVE ANYONE MY CARD INFO..
Presently I am out of the country, as soon as I come back, which will be in a month, I AM CERTAINLY GOING TO SUE WU YI SOURCE COMPANY AS I SINCERELY WANT MY MONEY BACK WITH INTEREST, AND TO BE REINMUBRED FOR MY TIME, INCONVENIENCE, EFFORT, DISTRESS THESE PEOPLE HAVE CAUSED ME. THEY ARE CHEATS, and what hurts the most is the feeling of helplessness they've left me with, feeling of being used and abused by them. MY NAME IS SLAVICA SKOKIC AND I AM ANGRY!!!

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