Wtosky.comMoney scam


Just lost more than 800€ on this site, from what I've seen and the research I've done (after losing my money T_T), here is a list of things to recognize scammers or things that may happen if you take contact with them:

-they speak English like ****. (even worse than me)
-you feel like you're the only client they have.
-they are never annoyed even if you ask for proof of they're honesty for 3 hours.
-they send you outdated papers
-they send you papers that looks too clean
-they ask for a special tax at the last minute (you already lost some money at this point no matter what you do)
-they give you other clients personal information as proof of they're honesty (a tracking number IS a personal information)
-EXIFs of the prints they send you have "photoshop" mentioned somewhere
-when you look at they're papers with some retouch software there is strange marks everywhere that clearly looks like something have been modified.
-they are trying to make you pay with western union and are reticent when you want to use paypal, or something else.
-the site is ugly, the whois is strange or clearly fake, the navigation is slow.
-prices are so low it feels unreal.
-the site looks like or nearly like (I've seen that this template is massively used by scammers)
-they don't have a ebay account (they find a meaningless reason for that if you ask them)
-they use a girl name and avatar on msn.


Don't even take the risk, even if the "seller" is sweet, even if you feel like you can trust him/her if you have a single doubt or find anything negative on google, don't buy, I'm so angry, losing money so easily, you feel like you wasted an awesome quantity of time to earn that money and I decided that I will never buy anything in china that cost more than 10€, even if I pay 1300€ in my store or any trusted online shops, I'm sure to receive something, it's still better than losing money for nothing.

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