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WSR/CSR Corporation / The Long Term Sophistaced & Widespread Online Scam - How Do We Catch These Crooks?

1 WorldWide, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:

Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson, also known as WSR Corporation, are now trading online as CSR Corporation - They simply changed the 'W' to a 'C'.

CSR Corporation or CSR Europe Limited (Company Registration No: [protected]) was incorporated with the United Kingdom Companies House on 11th August 2005 and subsequently Dissolved on 22nd May 2007. The registered address for CSR Europe Limited is the infamous (more on this address later):

Suite 35
95 Wilton Road

This address is the same address used to register their old domain name on 27th Nov 2005 and the same address listed on their current website (registered on November 11th 2008 – presumably in time for Xmas), as well as various other ‘scam’ related websites. It is a Mailbox Hub that houses no offices belonging to any company apart from the company who rent out Mail/PO Boxes to Companies such as Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson, WSR Corporation, CSR Corporation and CSR Europe Limited. Who are basically only using them for the sole purpose of misleading people for financial gain through fraudulent and deceptive means?

This system of deception has been round for many years.

If you click you will automatically be redirected to, where they are promising and I quote "All orders placed before 19 December 2008 will be processed before Christmas holidays. Guaranteed!"

Unfortunately, I found this advertisement (through a Google search) whilst trying to set up a new UK company before Jan 1st 2009 and because of the time frame, I neglected to do my usual thorough vetting of this company and instead chose to reply on the four guidelines that have helped me to spot fraudulent or fake websites in the past. This time however, my hasty decision cost me nearly €700.

So I implore you to do a thorough background check before handing over any money to online companies.

CSR Corporation (formerly known as WSR Corporation) are listed on Google via a ‘Sponsored Links’ advertisement which would yield some good leads on these criminals if Google would or could be persuaded or forced to disclose who set the account up and where the payment came from.

These people, as there are at least two females involved, I believe have been pulling this fraud for a long time, possibly since 1998/99 ( In their customer support panel at the CSR Corporation website, one page displays the date as being 1999), so they have obviously become very sophisticated at it. They seem to like keeping similar company names (for what purpose I have not found out yet) and quite possibly the same or similar website designs/functions/structures, which makes perfect sense due to the time and costs incurred with consistently changing them.

Having said that, there is a definite link to a German online software website called ‘Adam Internet & Software’ which is purportedly registered to a one Mike Adam. His name, as we will see later is connected with more than one of these fraudulent WSR/CSR websites.

All the telephone numbers (18 in Total) listed on the current CSR Corporation (formerly known as WSR Corporation) website all divert back to one line, reportedly in the UK, although I have severe reservations about this. I can tell you that the IP address I traced for the current CSR Corporation website is: and an IP address I traced through a ‘No-Reply’ email they sent me confirming my payment is: – Both these IP’s are located in Berlin, Germany as is Mike Adam’s ‘Adam internet & Software’ website - To all you computer experts, any help confirming these IP's would be appreciated.

A search of the name Mike Adam, throws up some interesting information as does Greg Bennett, the other ‘male’ name listed in connection with nearly all of these bogus WSR/CSR websites, but it wont help to speculate on these results at this time. What is worth noting though is that I personally spoke twice to a woman when I called one of their websites telephone numbers, who told me her name was Kim Becker. She was supposedly a ‘consultant’ and she did sound (to me) like she had possibly either a German or Belgian accent (I spent some time in both countries last year), so the Berlin IP location may probably be a solid lead.

There was also another woman who answered the phone the first time I phoned, passing herself off as a receptionist, but I could not make out her accent. In my email correspondence with CSR Corporation (formerly known as WSR Corporation) there were three female names listed in various replies; Kim Becker (consultant); April Johnson (Accounting) and Susan Herbst (Compliance Manager) and emails from Kim Becker in particular had return addresses for both CSR and WSR Corporations. So this proves they are vulnerable to careless mistakes and everyone should be on the lookout for these or similar names in any emails.

95 Wilton Road, Suite 3, London, SW1V 1BZ. Is the address used in the registration of at least four WSR/CSR related websites; WSR-Corporation, CSR-Corporation, and Two more addresses are linked into this fraudulent organisation and they are: 140 Ashley Crescent, London, SW11 5QZ - which is listed as a known address for fraudulent and bogus activities on the government run ‘bogus agencies’ website located at - and an American address: 1461 A First Avenue, Suite 360, New York – which I am still gathering information on.

The name Greg Bennett is linked to all the above websites and all the addresses listed with them (except one), as well as another WSR/CSR fraudulent website called WSR.BIZ, whose addresses are listed as both 1461 A First Avenue, Suite 360, New York (Registrant) and 140 Ashley Crescent, London, SW11 5QZ (Billing).

The name Mike Adam is linked to both; and (both as Technical contact) as well as ‘‘Adam internet & Software’ - whose website is located at: – but to only one address: ‘Habichtstrasse 20, Hattingen, 45527, Germany’.

I have evidence to support everything I have written here about Whitherspoon Seymour & Robinson, WSR Corporation, CSR Corporation,,, WSR.BIZ, CSR Europe Limited, Greg Bennett, Mike Adam, Kim Becker, April Johnson, Susan Herbst and of course the addresses mentioned.

To conclude, I just want to inform the readers that I have lodged official complaints to the FBI, the London Metropolitan Police and Interpol. I will be lodging more complaints as well as doing my best to warn people (like I am doing now) on various forums, consumer related complaints websites, official online fraud prevention/reporting websites as well as setting up my own websites such that will be dedicated to warning others and helping the authorities capture and imprison the people behind these scams.

I had no prior knowledge or dealings with any of the above prior to Dec 9th 2008, when I became another victim of their ongoing fraud. But I will reiterate that that this ‘victim’ intends to fight back and so should you.

Taking the time to register and post replies and comments to legitimate complaints, will help websites such as this one obtain a higher search engine position, which will in turn help offset the criminal intentions of these fraudulent websites by supplying potential victims with information of their illegal activities. Simply put, we can gain some revenge by helping others to avoid becoming victims and forcing these desperate conmen in to making mistakes that will ultimately lead to their capture.

Thank you for reading.

Please Note:
The CSR-Corporation website was registered on November 11th 2008, so this is likely their most recent ‘flagship’ for the purpose of fraud. was registered on November 7th 2001 and expires on November 6th 2012, which shows the depth of this organisation. was registered on November 24th 2007 and expires on November 6th 2012. was registered on November 24th 2007 and expires on November 6th 2012.

*** A website called was created on August 27th 2008, but I have no information to ascertain if this is part of the WSR/CSR fraudulent website and company’s organisation at this time. However, this website does display the words ‘WSR BIZWIZ’ tm in very larger font as well as in an extremely prominent position; which I personally, find very alarming.

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  • Ja
      25th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am amazed these scammers are still in operation. I found your site by accident and now that I've read your complaints I had to dig out my own old info that I acquired at the time I had trouble with these ###.

    Long story short: I was in touch with them back in 2002, had several phone conversations with my contact person (a guy calling himself Florian Bach), everything seemed ok, I ordered a shelf company (already registered company but non active), paid for it and then NOTHING happened. The papers showing me as the owner was supposed to show up within a couple of days - but instead of the papers a several month long period of phone calls and emails commenced. After the payment everything turned bad, no one ever returned my calls, my emails we're unanswered etc etc. In 4 months time I got hold of this Florian Bach maybe 3-4 times and every time he promised me the company papers were on their way - which was not true. Twice I talked to another guy at the same "company", this guy called himself Marco Drewitz and was supposed to be the "boss". There never were any female "employees" apart from the girls answering the phone - which I believe were receptionists working for the virtual office company these scammers hired. Florian Bach had a German accent but I don't remember if Marco Drewitz had one too.

    I sensed a scam and so tried to gather as much info about these guys as possible before I got in touch with a lawyer. The info I had about the at that time (back in 2002) but probably still valid is below.

    I found this company when there were still called WSR (Witherspoon, Seymore & Robinson). Their website was

    The banking details I used when I made a payment to them are:
    Account holder: Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson Inc.
    Account number: 560 530 9847
    Bank: PNC Bank, 500 First Avenue,
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA
    SWIFT-Code: PNCC US 33xxx
    ABA Routing Number: 031 100 089


    The two guys' names that I was in touch with (probably false names but anyway): Florian Bach, Marco Drewitz

    Whitherspoon, Seymour & Robinson Inc.
    1461 A First Avenue, 360
    New York, NY 10021-2209

    tel: +1 646 205 8170
    fax: +1 646 365 3400


    According to the domain registration for the I found an address in England going to another guy:
    Contact: Greg Bennet

    140 Ashley Crescent
    SW11 5QZ London


    I also found out that this "Florian Bach" was contact person for another company called "USA Office Solutions Inc".

    USA Office Solutions Inc
    Contact: Florian Bach
    Domain name:

    USA Office Solutions Inc
    545 Eight Avenue
    New York City
    NY 10018 USA

    tel/fax: +1 212 658 9831

  • Sm
      4th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can confirm the information of the former poster and I know that those guys are German (I'm too, I spoke to them in German). I was in contact with one of these guys in 2002 but luckily stopped talking to them before I sent any money because I found out that all of their emails had beend sent from within Germany.

    The mail drop address in London is operated by a franchise company called "Mail Boxes ETC". At least hundreds of offshore companies have been using this address over the past years. Please see here:

  • Dr
      11th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Thanks everyone for this great info... I *almost* contacted them regarding a company I need form in the BVI. Thank goodness for Google! I found this site instead.

    I can clearly see the connection between the two companies - but what is the actual crime either of them did? Seems Jack paid them for documents he never got. Is that the on-going scam - they take your money and you get nothing in return? Kind of primitive. Most fraudsters at least make the effort and send you counterfeit documents which were never registered with any authority.

    Who are the GOOD companies to register through, then? Anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm aware of Fidelity (, but these guys take a week or more to answer each e-mail, and require that they be a signatory on your company's bank account. My lawyers in Panama tell me there is NO reason for this, and they never do it with the companies they form.

  • Ws
      17th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well I am so happy we prevented at least one person from falling into their scam.

    Their MO is basically a combination of the two: 1- Nothing at all for your money and 2- Bogus documents sent out.

    My guess is they mix it up to try and keep the long term scam mulling along over a longer period of time. You can disregard any posts from so called layers defending their good name because I have already checked them out with the various law societies; they do not exist and are also bogus (more tripe in a desperate effort to keep the scam alive).

    They also like to send emails out if you have paid them but not submitted all your personal details, so they can then use them to intimidate you. They have asked me several times for my personal information (passport and address etc) and I told them to contact my lawyer; which of course they are afraid to do.

    I have also made a point of forwarding and Cc any emails with them through both my lawyer and the law society who is now interested in them for using bogus law companies in their desperate defence.

    What I can say is that the net is closing in on them and soon they will be getting a knock on the door.

    Keep posting guys.

  • De
      26th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Nice work! You certainly saved me some money. Many thanks

    It seems so ridiculous that a company that could be registered (or not) anywhere in the world can put up a website, advertise on google, tell you to hand over your money and... you do it.

    The only thing I'd like to add to this discussion is that I became suspicious of this company when their website was flagged by a plugin in my browser: (I think it only works in Firefox but everyone should be using Firefox anyway). The plugin is called WOT (web of trust) and will alert you to dodgy / scam websites.


  • Ja
      2nd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got in touch with them a week ago, they have a new service for forex brokers. Every thing seens to be too good to be true. Forex license in 2 weeks?

    So I called, and asked about what country would be register the comany? They said some in South Anerica.

    So I started to look and found this site here.

    Thank you all

  • Nt
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Be carefull ! NEVER WORK with CSR corporation ! THEY ARE SCREWING PEOPLE !!! They make Fake companies !

  • Ja
      5th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Sirs.
    I warn you to stay away from this scammer company.
    I was new in the offshore universe and i ordered a panama corp and a panama bank account.
    They asked for documents to be sent.
    I did it.
    They sent me "documents".
    They never be able to open me an account, first they asked 5000 dollars to open a seychelles account (i asked panama!) then a free cyprus account (not offshore not privacy guaanteed!).
    then they refused to return me the money i paid for bank account opening..
    after this bad experience i moved another way.
    after their name change i received a letter for the company renewal.
    i said i do not want to renew.
    they asked me more than 400 euros for "company dissolution".
    laughing i never payd, they never wrote again.
    Now i am reopening a panama corp with LAW FIRM, i told them what happened, we discovered the following..

    they asked me for 3 names for the company to check if available.
    for example i told them RED, BLUE, WHITE.
    they told me RED and WHITE company name is unavailable, BLUE it is available..
    after payment, they registered RED and used it i do not know how...and RED is registered with the panamian company numbers they provided..
    so RED corporation is a real company.
    They sent me false documents with WHITE corp., tasa unica payment false and so on the only true numbers where those redirecting to RED company..i discover that NOW whit the lawyers help.
    So they take your money, register for themselves a company with another name, give a false document with the option name taken and give you zero vaule paper that no bank in panama will consider to open an account with!!!
    I really do not know what they do with the REAL company payed with YOUR REAL money...
    Absolutely stay away from them.
    They are german?
    What does the german government do?
    They are serious people why they do not investigate?

  • Ze
      17th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks a lot for this great info, I just was about to do an online incorporation when I remebered to google "csr-corporation scam" and I found this info!! Thanks a lot again for your great info. I sure saved some Euros...!!!

  • Dy
      16th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Have to say I agree with all of this completely. This company cost me 1400€ and I ended up with squat at the end of it. I have been dealing with some dyslexic mute called April Johnson at CSR who uses the to send out demanding renewal notices containing lots of "speeling mitarks" telling me that they did a wonderful job for me.

    I ended up with a company and no bank account due to the advice they gave being completely and utterly incorrect. Not only that I spent weeks of my time trying to resolve the situation and all I ended up was more and more out of pocket.

    This is a well crafted and strangely incompetent organization and I advise all people to stay away from them. Oh yes and if anyone should speak to Ms Johnson please pass on the dyslexic mute comment she will then know it was me who sent you.

    They never answer their telephone calls and are rude and unhelpful by email, if they do bother to reply.


  • Se
      17th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    At present my company faces serious difficulties with them.

    Just a minute ago they terminated the service for registered office and other office services from one second to the next with immediate effect.

    I have incorporated my company using them in 2007.

    They have charged us bombs for minor services.

    An Example:

    In October 2007 I have been in London to open a Business Bank Account for the company. This service offered by CSR / former WSR was quoted with an amount of 290 EUR, but they provided just application forms you can simply get by downloading them from the Bank's web site.

    However, I decided, to go ahead alone. BUT: in 2007 was still a secretary required to sign the bank's mandate form.

    CSR charged 90.00 EUR for a signature. I called them from the middle of London and asked to come across to collect the signature. They said it is not possible as they are holding very sensitive client information in their properties and a visit is impossible.

    In reason by this I was forced to go back to Germany and sent the document by mail and pay by credit card. this caused a delay of 5 weeks to have the bank account up and running for the company.

    In August 2008 I was supposed to go to Saudi Arabia for business purposes. For this I have changed my address to my mum's address in Berlin using their web support area.

    At this time were 2 websites from them available and It was confusing because they did not notify their clients in advance, that the company now runs under a new name.

    however, I can confirm because of being in web development since early 1996, that their web portal is insecure, and full of bugs.

    the address was not properly recognized by the system. they even confirmed this change by email but did not recognize, that their system ###ed up with the street name.

    The disaster was born. I was overseas and no mails where forwarded. My company got invoices sent but we could not notify on them. In the meantime I sent several emails to them highlighting the missing street name and that this is indeed the reason why the mail points back to them.

    no response.

    In beginning of November 2008 I have changed again the address. and then mail dated out of beginning September 2008 I received End of February 2009!

    Whenever you complain they say: the fault is not on our side, and they blackmail you, to terminate the service with immediate effect.


    I complaint to them about a penalty charge for handling mail, and now, by today, they have terminated all services without prior note in advance though I have paid in advance.

    I can confirm the following:

    Hosting of CSR Web Sites:
    inetnum: -
    descr: 1&1 Internet AG
    country: DE
    org: ORG-SA12-RIPE
    admin-c: IPAD-RIPE
    tech-c: IPOP-RIPE
    remarks: INFRA-AW
    remarks: in case of abuse or spam, please mailto:

    Mail Traffic comes from:
    inetnum: -
    descr: 1&1 Internet AG
    descr: NCC#1999110113
    country: DE
    admin-c: IPAD-RIPE
    tech-c: IPOP-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: AS8560-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

    They host with 1&1 in Germany.

    I am German, and I will try to talk to German prosecution to seizure the servers as they are used to conduct fraud and theft for years.

    If anyone has an interest in reading the original mail from CSR and to learn more about my case, please do not hesitate to contact me. use the contact details from


  • Of
      30th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    THEY ARE NOT A LAW FIRM!!! These guys are nothing but resellers sitting in some bedroom in Spain and/or Germany. I am in the business and know one of their former "suppliers" which is a license Not one of the supposed "lawyers" on the site is real. Just try Googling all of them and see if anything law related comes up. Even worse, they are acting like lawyers and giving advice that is going to land some people in jail. They do use a Belize IBC called "Pembrook Law Corp" for their "nominee services provided by a 'lawyer'", but it is certainly not a "law firm" like advertised. Additionally, this garbage they are posting about just using a nominee director and you are magically compliant with the G20 Regulations is garbage. You better contact a real offshore firm that knows about this stuff and that has resources to look at the tax laws in your specific country. This is much more complicated than just having a "nominee director" and then you go operating your company from your home and then not report your income.

    Find offshore firms with REAL lawyers that have a REAL address you can visit, call, etc. All of their numbers are just virtual numbers that forward to a computer with Skype or something like this.

    I am in the offshore business and we have had many clients transfer to us after being screwed by these guys. The "licenses" are complete BS. They usually use a Costa Rica company that they pay about $400 for and then get a "Data Processing License" if they get anything at all. This covers all sorts of "online" activities such as all of the businesses that they claim to get "licensed". That license and a pile of crap will get you about $1.95 at any bank where you will try to open an account.

    "Licenses" are only good in the country in which you operate anyway. "Licensed" does not mean "regulated" and banks know this very well. The "license" they are issuing is not even a license which is specific to the business anyway. They may have a paragraph in the company Memorandum about the activities, but then the license is just a generic license for "Data Processing".

    One of our clients was supposed to get a "gaming license" along with a bank and merchant account. They spent over $15, 000 only to receive a Costa Rica company, no license, no bank account and no merchant account. When they complained, they were told to contact the company's law firm in Chicago. They were told they could not get them a bank account...after they took their money for it. Their idea of a "bank introduction" is to send you the application forms. If your chosen firm does not assist with the completion of the application and provide all documents to the bank for you, this is a sign to stay away as well.

    Our client filed a complaint but the cost to prosecute would have been even more and they changed their name to "CSR" after a few weeks anyway. I am sure they wound up the other company and reopened under this one or else it was just another scam to battle all of the negative media piling up on "WSR".

    It is ironic that they say to watch out for firms selling a "New Zealand Offshore Finance Company" because this is somehow "fake" because the government of New Zealand does not recognize this, but then turn around and flog their $400 Costa Rica company and "license" for EUR15, 000. In fact, the New Zealand OFC is WAY more legit than their companies. In fact, New Zealand does recognize "Finance Companies" and what makes it "offshore" is that it is set up as corporate trustee of a New Zealand Trust with a non-New Zealand beneficiary. The company is not taxable in New Zealand like this and you can contact any New Zealand firm to verify. New Zealand also has no "Banking Act" any more as this was repealed many years ago. This means that the New Zealand OFC can carry out banking activities as long as it does not use "Bank" in the name. This is even allowed in New Zealand, however this would obviously bring up tax issues if it is resident there.

    Anyway, just wanted to point out yet another reason why these guys are frauds and incompetent bafoons. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

  • 6g
      16th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi, well, they just took me for over 33, 000.00 USD. Online gaming license scam out of Costa Rica. You may want to file for Internet Fraud with your Federal and States Attorney Generals, write a letter to your Senators and check out Nevada Secretary of State. I found a CSR Associates of Nevada, LLC. Court Recorders based in Las Vegas. They may not have anything to do with this but I am hiring a private detective to find out. Also, my money was sent to Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco, California. Their records can be subpoenaed. I wish I would of found this site before I spent our hard earned money. Good luck to all of you.
    Thank You,
    S. Thompson

  • Gt
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Can can somebody recommend other law firm, so the people can use instead of CSR

    Thank You

  • D7
      5th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can't believe this is still going on. I just stumbled upon the infamous "95 Wilton Road" and I can't believe how much fraud surrounds this address. Does anyone care? Is there so much corruption going on in the U.K. that they'll keep 95 Wilton Road in businesses, providing mailboxes for companies that wish to perpetuate fraud? Unbelievable!!!

  • Ja
      17th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    They are really wise. Very fraudulent! I know there are many other websites like this. I do not want to be a victim again.
    With this, is there any body who can give an advice regarding Companies who also process licenses with proven identity and with satisfied clients?
    How about Melendez and Bonilla Law Firm in Costa Rica? Do you know anything about this firm? They also process licenses and incorporation. Is there anyone here who already engaged business with this firm? What can you say about them?
    Are they fake ore very credible firm?
    And, I hope it is not like CSR... Please inform me regarding this. :)

    Say goodbye to fraud...!

  • Bi
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes


    They now seem to be using www. It has the same info as
    Also refer to themselves as Cardwell.
    They were using these details:

    Susan Herbst
    Head of Compliance

    95 Wilton Road, Suite 3
    London, SW1V 1BZ
    United Kingdom

  • Bi
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    WSR/CSR is now this is the same as this
    Scam alert Beware

  • Bi
      26th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

  • Ov
      13th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thanks a lot for the info. I was very close to be a victim. I wanted to open a Seychelles company and I talked to somebody from who signed their emails like this:


    Kim Becker

    Senior Consultant

    95 Wilton Road, Suite 3
    London, SW1V 1BZ
    United Kingdom"

    The first email was very informative and then we exchanged a couple of emails until they stopped responding. I guess I was asking too many questions. Anyway they tried to make me pay 2120Euros for company setup plus 2500USD Barclays bank minimum deposit.

    After they didn't reply I thought that there is an email glitch and also I had to postpone the company creation for almost 2 months (for other reasons). Now I got back to it and I was thinking seriously to transfer some funds to my card so I could play them the next days Before theat I starting to google "codlwell scam" and I got to this page where "Coldwell Diplomatic Consultants" was blacklisted for "second citizenship fraud". This made me search even more and then I got to this site which confirms my suspicions.

    So thanks a LOT for the information. It really helped. The problem is that their site appears in google searches above many others and it's not that easy to get here.

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