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Who would have thought, that a company like that would try to pull money out of customers with something I would call "hidden terms of service scam". Why do I call it this way? Because what they do makes no sense and their neither does their logic behind it. Let me explain my situation.

I am from Europe and I ordered a 8 weak trial for 1 euro. However, I noticed that I did not read it and decided to cancel it (so I would not be re-billed). I found 0 options to cancel the subscription online so I kept looking for contacts. I found a couple of emails and contacted them from my original registration email asking to cancel my subscription. Now the funny part is their reply which was:

"For security purposes, please call 1-800-JOURNAL [protected]) to cancel your account by phone."

YES! "For security purposes"! Because an evil doer would be evil enough not to steal and use my account, but to cancel the subscription. There were absolutely no "Security measures" when they took my card, but suddenly there were when I wanted to remove it.

I even offered them my Photo ID and told them that if this really was about the security, there is nothing more identity proving than my personal documents. They refused again and kept requesting a call. Then I started googling around and bumped into many posts saying that even after the calls they bill you, that their phone connection constantly freezes and that each time another person answers and you have to start explaining from square 0.

So the only logical assumption is that The Wall Street Journal creates barriers so it would be hard as hell for you to cancel your subscription. Many people give up, block their cards and move on - this is what I am forced to do.

For the end, never ever give your card details to WSJ.COM (Wall Street Journal) - NEVER EVER!

Feb 8, 2016

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