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1 United States Review updated: is a site where they falsely identify themselves as being a good place for writers. However, they're administration is horrible. They are very well known for censoring anything that they don't like, deleting accounts simply because they can, and even deleting accounts if you questions them; something I found out the hard way. The site has an unspoken rule about how your biography should be. Mine did not fit this rule and so their moderator removed it... I posted it up altered it a bit; upon telling the moderator he had no right to erase my entire biography (which I spent about 30 minutes writing and preparing, ) removed my account without any reason, logic, or explanation as to why. Upon sending them an email asking why, this is what I got back: "Failure to understand or care about our policies, along with your unacceptable attitude towards our moderators means you are no longer welcome on Writing.Com." I had apparently failed to understand a non-existent rule. Furthermore, I was apparently disrespectful to one of their moderators. How was I disrespectful? I treated him as he treated me... which was slightly above crap upon talking to him/her. I do not suggest this site to anybody who really wants to be a writer. I know of good sites that work EXACTLY like but without the censorship, and the tyranny of its administration staff.

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  • Ri
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes -, the most paranoid, censored website ever
    United States, the most paranoid, censored website ever. - purports to be a site for would-be writers to develop their skills in a friendly accomodating community. It is so far from that ideal that it's almost criminal. The place is run by paranoid control freaks who will ban, suspend and delete you for the slightest infraction. A slight infraction could be anything from posting that you are unhappy about something to posting that you were treated unfairly in one of the biased contests. And let's get this straight, the contests on the site are all fixed. Don't expect to be judged fairly if you enter one of the contest that seems so proud of. The contest are run by semi-literate wannabe authors who don't know the difference between a pronoun and a verb. It's shocking. This site is strictly for wannabe and failed writers. If you're serious about writing, don't bother with this place. And if you do give it a run just for the hell of it, steer clear of a judge named Arakun on the site. She fixes every contest she runs and will ban you for even the slightest criticism about her appalling grammar. Be warned.

  • Ma
      24th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I know exactly how you feel man. They violated their terms of service yesterday and banned my account. I have a complaint on this site about it if you're interested in checking it out.

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Where are these other sites please? I am looking for other ones in addition to Thanks for you review.

    Literature of Fiction & Poems of Poetical Poetry (I hope)
    How Am I? (an Elegy For Tomorrow in Verse)
    Parts of (matt’s) Corpus /I.e., Portfolio Excerpts
    Park Slope, NY

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