Wrecking / LIAR, CHEAT

1 2205 larkin Cir, Sparks, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 775-972-0404

A deal was made to buy a product from him. He procrastinated on selling the vehicle for which he acted very nervous for the vehicle could have been a stolen vehicle, he never could provide the vin # or the title. So we talked about buying a part of the vehicle. He said ok and decided to agree and a price. When we called back leaving numerous messages. We never got a call back at all. When we did talk to Kenny Golden who is the owner of this Wrecking yard. He told us he sold the vehicle and was very nervous and hung up on us. He said it sold and that's that. something like that. He LIED TO US. I think he should be check out for harboring stolen vehicle. Also he allowed a person to live on his property months on end who has a child molestation conviction on his record. This person as of date is in jail.

Do not associate or deal with this person. His other business listed is.
Reno Diesel Service, Topaz Lake, NV

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