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Wowplv powerleveling / Payed them to level a character of mine and they stole everything

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A few days ago I enlisted them to level an character for me on my account, two days later they inform me that I changed the password wich I did not. I found out the password was indeed changed but was able to change it back. When I logged into my account all my characters where looted clean all my money was gone and they even emptied the guild bank. I started a procedure against them via Paypal and I advice anyone who has problems with them to do the same. These sort of need to be removed from the internet before they make any more victims.

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  • To
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    I have used the to lvl 2 toons, one to 55 & one to 70. I think the service is gret, very quick indeed. I am about to use them to get my Priest to 80. They level non stop for you day & night.

    I have also used g4p to level but they are a little slower. They do however level your skills ie first aid for you though.

  • T2
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    They Are Scammers They Got MY Account Banned I h8 That Site And They Will Not Refund ME !!!

  • Bo
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    I have buy brand new keys for a game, i pay them a lvling, my acc has been banned+ in 11 they was lvl 45! now they dont wanna talk with me! the cancel chat's, cancel msn ! everything! please guyz how i get money back? any help here? THEY ARE SCAMMER"S!!! They use BOT"S!!

    user Maciek powiedział:

    user plv powiedział:

    user Maciek mówi:
    remember me?
    i am one of ur coustmer's

    user plv mówi:
    Could you plz tell me your order number?

    user Maciek mówi:
    but You blocked my ip on ur web site and i can talk with You!, now please dont runaway and talk with me ok?

    user plv mówi:

    user Maciek mówi:
    i have pay for a 1-80 lvl + 15K gold etc the cheapest pack

    user plv mówi:
    Could you plz tell me your order number?

    user Maciek mówi:
    acc is banned cause blizzard told me that on acc was used BOT"S
    in 11 days You did only 45 lvl
    i got my acc banned + not finished order
    what You wanna do now?

    user Maciek powiedział (09:33):

    After i told them my order number they leave!

    i got MANY ss chat wth them, !! if You wanna more proff's just writ eme

  • Li
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    How about the "bait and switch" tactics that they use? You can receive an email from one of their people advertising gold at a great price.. and when you go to the site to inquire about it, they act stupid and pretend like it was just "junk email".. Why the hell would a spammer send "junk email" advertising gold for THEIR SITE? Just today i received an email from "melody" advertising "50000G+2500G" for $60.80 with discount code cata2010.. I went to the website and got in livechat with "ruby" who played stupid the whole time.. Said that she didn't have the discount code, and that the price on the website for that amount was the lowest price (btw, that price is $188 USD -- more than TRIPLE the price on the email) -- I also had a bad experience with their leveling service.. They say it's all done by hand, but had my account blocked twice by their people for using BOT's

    You cannot trust anything these people say.. After all, they are only out to make a buck at any cost.. mainly YOURS!! They don't care about whether your account is blocked or banned, and they will take your money and run..

    One more point on that note is that if you try and place a gold order from them.. Yeah sure their site says "millions of gold in stock" and when you talk to them, they never have anything in stock.. What they do is wait for someone to place and order for gold, tell you that they have had tons of orders and are in the process of collecting more gold to fill your order, and may even go so far as to say that there's quite a few orders ahead of yours, but what is really happening is that they wait for you to place your order and pay for the gold.. then they take a little portion of that money and pay a gold farmer to start collecting that gold for you.. So it could takes days or weeks for you to finally get your order filled.. You can check back several times a day and they will keep finding more excuses why your order isn't filled.. Honestly, that's why your order isn't filled because they are liars about what is actually happening! Don't trust any gold companies.. They are nothing but unethical lying foreign businesses run out of someone's home. Nothing professional about any of them!

  • Bo
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is true! People please becareful with them! They make my acc banned, and they using BOT's!! I got many Evidence! P.S !! BLIZZARD WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU GET UR ACC BANNED AFTER THEY USE HACK!! i was lucky!! Blizz unsusspend my acc

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