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I would recommend WOT or WEB OF TRUST download for your computer(s). It warns you if you have clicked on a questionable or possible scam website.

Full instructions are provided on how to use this download properly and it’s FREE.
Please Google Search “web of trust” before downloading for Complaints for your own piece of mind.

When it gives you the “Black Page Warning”, you have a choice of ignoring and going to the site, reading what others have said about the site in question, or simply backing out of the site.

When you get a bunch of search results, each one has a GREEN, AMBER, or RED circle after it. Green=OK, Amber= Be Careful, Red= BAD site. If you follow the warnings and not go to the RED sites and certainly never give your credit to these RED sites, avoiding the AMBER sites, you should be OK. If a site does not have one of these colored circles after it, it hasn’t been rated yet. That could mean it is a new site or a name change.

Always be skeptical of giving your credit info to any website or allowing your computer to be scanned by ANY website, especially those you are not totally familiar with.

If you go to a RED or AMBER site after being warned, then give your credit information to them, when you get SCAMMED….. Don’t blame anybody but yourself and your own STUPIDITY.

The download is available for Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox.

I know you will love the degree of safety you experience when surfing the internet with this valuable download.

Try it, if you don’t like it, you can remove it from your computer. There is NO spy ware, Trojans, or spy bots in the download.

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  • Fi
      Nov 25, 2009

    you. are a gay boy.

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  • Ep
      Aug 06, 2010

    This NOT a reliable site or program at all!

    I like you used to trust WOT until they had one of their staff or owners (Deborah) tell me to post my site in their forum to be rated & my pretty good rating went downhill from there.

    I was attacked by their guys who I feel do nothing but sit there all day & rate sites. Even the BBB treats you more fairly.

    If they don't like the content of your site, it doesn't matter how many positive things are said about it, they will ignore the positive & pick the site to shreds. I tried to answer/address all of their questions & they still alluded to the fact that my site is a scam when NOTHING could be further from the truth.

    My pretty good rating at 75 (from REAL PEOPLE who I NEVER approached) went down to 59 because of these cowboys who from what I can see don't understand the first thing about online business.

    When Deborah tried to sell me on their WOT badge & seal, I was stupid enough to believe her & now people who don't understand their program will believe whatever WOT tells them.

    Deborah's response to me saying I want my original rating back was to try & convince the judge & jury cowboys that they are wrong & I am right.

    I've already spent enough time on this & you CAN'T convince immature ignorant people of anything. That I learned ages ago. They will believe what they want to believe until they grow up. If it was just one question or one concern, sure, fine, but that's NOT what happened & they didn't even make suggestions or try to teach me anything, they just accused me of things & put words in my mouth.

    I thought fair & impartial people were going to rate my site, instead I got people commenting on how my site shouldn't be trusted.

    I've also seen warnings of sites that I buy from & are NOT scammers. This WOT program is flawed & is convincing people that sites are scams when they aren't!

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  • Ho
      Aug 18, 2010

    I agree with ep2002 (NOT with the "recommendation" above).

    Yesterday was the first time I ever HEARD of WOT. A friend informed me, and other bloggers, that his site had been unfairly rated "very poor." We signed up to check it out, and added our own ratings countering the damage. Meanwhile, I questioned the reliability of ratings - and particularly of scary warnings displayed upon visiting sites, when such warnings were based on an obviously small number of ratings. I also raised questions about the credibility of their "Trust seal":

    2. Choose trust seal option

    Standard package
    WOT Trust Seals are for e-commerce sites, publishers and small/medium business owners with good or excellent reputations. The standard package includes a WOT Trust Certificate and reputation alerts.

    29.90€ 319.90€

    Less than 24 hours later, I went from unrated to excellent (ratings from people who actually know me and have visited my site more than once) to - within an HOUR - "very poor." Retaliatory? I think so. Now, lest they counter that MY poor rating of the WOT site was also retaliatory, I refrained from rating until I felt sure that the reliability was suspect and the group activity was, indeed, retaliatory. It was suggested to me that I go into the forums - as ep2002 has already described - and appeal the poor ratings of my friend's site yesterday. I did not - that seems, to me, too much like going to the Mean Girls and asking them to let the nerd into their clique. And I really don't want to be part of their clique.

    Ironically, the only thing I'm selling from my site are Amazon books and products, and, on another page, my own stock photos at ShutterStock. I'm an author. :)

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  • Ep
      Aug 18, 2010

    Whatever you do, DON'T go into their forums. That's how they get you & they may rank your site even lower than it is now.

    While I did learn something because of all this hell I went through, the bottom line is they have a very rigid view of what makes a site trustworthy & they don't look at the entire picture of the site, owner, industry etc., only what they think makes a site trustworthy.

    If you work from home & refuse to divulge your home address via your domain, they will dock you for that. If you work in the adult industry & refuse to post your last name, they will judge you as if you are a mainstream company & make it seem like you are hiding something when you aren't, you are just protecting yourself.

    While I agree there are certain parameters we should look for when deciding whether to trust a site or not, everyone has their own opinions about this. What they are looking for are things I don't really care about & I've been spending my money online for years & only lost money once or twice.

    Anyone can lie about their biz address or phone number, or they can have a phone number & never answer it or return your calls. I have that happen all the time & I'm even dealing with 2 companies just like that that refuse to answer their phones like a normal business. Even Sunkist a HUGE corporation tries to hide their phone number, so while having those things on the site may make the site "appear" to be trustworthy, in the end the only thing that matters is your gut, seeing if they do call you back when you call or e-mail them, & you getting a feel for what they are like by communicating.

    The only thing I will be adding to my site b/c I was just ignorant on this matter before, is a privacy policy page. Somehow in all the years of running a biz online, I never learned I had to have this although I did have a terms & conditions page which almost had all the required disclaimers. Since I wasn't out to harm anyone, it just never occurred to me people care if you put a cookie on their browser b/c 80% of all sites do that. It's a given.

    And I even went to a forum I always frequent to ask other entrepreneurs what they have on their site just to see if I was totally wrong in my assessment. Only 3 people out of the entire forum which is VERY BUSY, said they agree with everything WOT says we should all have, but one also acknowledged that I was fighting an uphill battle dealing with the WOT forum.

    Then I got beat up again by another person on that forum b/c he totally agreed with WOT. He was cold & unsympathetic making it seem like I was just an ignorant fool b/c I didn't have the privacy policy page. Him & another guy tried to scare me (how lovely). Again more control freaks who think they know it all. They seem to like to look down on you if you haven't quite learned everything you need for your site.

    In fact, my legal guy said anyone can sue anyone, it's what they can prove is another matter, so even though I didn't have that disclaimer on my site, if the cookie didn't harm them in any way, it doesn't matter. But I like to have things covered, so it will go on my site within a week or two after we've drawn it up.

    As you can see, one minute your site is up, the next minute you are down. Now that you are telling me this, I'm even more suspicious.

    I asked the rep Deborah how a perfectly good site with a 75 rating could go down to 51 or 59 in one day & she didn't respond.

    That alone tells me again that something is very wrong here with WOT.

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  • Ho
      Aug 18, 2010

    (Again, disagreeing with the recommendation at the top of this thread, not with the comments. ep2002 is right on the money here.)

    I have a Privacy Policy and have had, for many years. It's a little non-standard, but has all the customary elements and I think it's very clear.

    There were no negative comments or reasoning given, and the timing of the negative ratings was predictable and quick. You'd think people would learn a little subtlety, rather than being so obvious about it. (A better tactic would have been to give my site appropriate ratings, clarifying comments, and try to prove me wrong. The flaw here is in thinking I care about their ratings, one way or the other. Until this WOT thing hurt a friend who didn't deserve it, I had never heard of WOT. Maybe this is just a sneaky way to get more people to register, so they can claim MILLIONS of users! LOL - seriously, all I care about is the injustice of misleading innocent users into thinking these ratings reliably reflect anything more meaningful than personal bias and emotion.) I won't go into the forums and kiss anyone's fanny to get this corrected. That is simply not going to happen.

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  • Ig
      Sep 20, 2010

    By the language, it seems that a band of teenage 'raters' with nothing else to do (lucky them) is mass rating sites - just like a video game to get their points up. Oblivious to WOT's own guidance they think they have a right to their opinions and subjectively rate sites. In the end, legitimate and virus free site owners will then find themselves going to the principal's office to ask for a second review. The raters, when they have time, will be glad to do this, if you mind your manners.

    The system's intentions may have been in the right place, but the system is seriously flawed. Firefox needs to take a second look at these guys and carefully examine whether they want these raters, who manage to rate thousands of sites a day between school and World of Warcraft, playing the roles of middlemen. And I do mean playing.

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  • Ig
      Sep 20, 2010

    Theatre of the absurd:

    Ranking falling for arguing with the 'kids'.

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  • Ga
      Oct 28, 2010

    This company has not only made deragotory remarks about my charitable organization with nation wide authorized and bona fide childrens charity associations, but they also have continually removed any positive comments, banned any comment voting whatsoever, and AND, after a year of this abuse to my 10 year old online business helping kids help kids, ON TOP OF THAT, they locked me from signing up. NOW:

    I'd like to point out 3 things here.

    1. If there privacy policy states they do not store your IP address and all information gets deleted, then they are both fraudulent themselves, as this is most definately a lie.

    2. If their site is supposed to be opinion based, and they have called my business fraudulent in a factual way whereas nothing could be further from the truth, then as a simple fact, they are condoning FRAUD! IF a fact is a fact, then so be it. If a fact is false and also not an opinion, this company is now liable for defamation of public business character, and should be held responsible. The are stating false entries as facts NOT OPINIONS, what they are calling FACTS without any research AND not allowing a business to do anything to defend itself. Simply put, read # 3

    3. After locking my IP from not allowing me to register to defend my position after deleting my requests for false statements to be removed (and voided their very own 'so called' privacy policy in the process as it's been locked for weeks, hmmm deleted daily, don't think so...) They then say you can appeal the lock by contacting them with a link. The link takes you to a sign in page. um, if you are telling someone to appeal a lock from signing in but then telling them they need to sign in to appeal, you are a complete scam. OH, and lets get to a #4 while we are at it:


    TO start a legal appeal and class action against this blackmailing slimy company once and for all. I will simply
    start a website registered as or some deriviate and return here when a sign in sheet is set up.
    With over 1000 to 10000 signatures and registrations (and I also intend to use facebook people since those are legitimate confirmed
    complaints from real people, we can then provide this information to the BBB as well as sites like [redacted].com,
    and the like. This Wot was a good idea until they started making money scamming people in return.

    Keep in mind all I did that started all this was because I entered 1 positive
    comment about my business on a 'trusted site' MyWOT page... that's all it took!!
    They've locked all comment rating, and have even continually deleted 10 to 30+ per day
    legitamate comments for the past several weeks after requesting TRUTHFUL OPINIONS ABOUT
    OUR BUSINESS from our memberbase. In addition, they have blocked the positive and kept
    all negative comments posted right at the top so they show up in search listings.

    The answer is legal action:
    We have since stopped sending them thier blackmailed 'leads' and decided the following:

    CEASE AND DESIST ORDERS ARE FINAL. We have offered them this opportunity to remove the derogatory information.

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  • Ra
      Feb 21, 2011

    WOT on the whole is a good add on.Yes mistakes are made, but nothing is perfect.Even Anti Virus suites have false positives.
    Think of WOT as a map.It tells you were swamps are, fords in rivers to cross.But things can change.WOT gives me a rough direction.When I get to the place I am going I decide at the end of the day whether to enter or not.It will be based on WOT is written on the scorecard partly.But I also use link checkers to tell me if Malware is there also.
    WOT also has good trusted sources supplying it with information like PhishTank a anti Phishing site and Malware Domains.A site well up to date on Malware.
    I do use WOT and will continue to do so.You that complain.Why not join and be vocal of your concerns.You can change ideas through debate.All at WOT are volunteers.Ordinary people like you.If you have a reasonable argument join and debate it.

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  • Te
      Mar 15, 2011

    You cannot really delete WOT if you don't like it. It is spyware that leaves traces of itself behind. Even if you delete all cookies and clean out your registry. It has hidden information on your computer. Don't install this horrible program.

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  • Ra
      Mar 17, 2011

    If you want to get rid of WOT uninstall the add on.You talk rhubarb TellItNow.Clean out your cookies and use a Flash Cleaner to get rid of LSO, s.
    I am guessing you have a site rated Red TellItNow.I used to be a active user on WOT and to be fair its one of the best Site Advisors Out There.

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  • We
      Apr 20, 2011

    WOT in some cases is being used to stifle freedom of expression through its anonymous 'raters'. One case in point is, which publishes viewpoints that question the validity of the global warming theory. Check the WOT ratings for this site. Particularly the vendor reliability rating. The site does not have advertisers or sell anything yet has a vendor reliability rating 0f 24/100!! WOT is a joke!

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  • Ra
      Apr 22, 2011

    I question the Validity of Global Warming as do many others.I think its another money spinner.Buy Wind Turbines etc but that is only my opinion.
    WOT is on the whole a good add on.I would guess people who downrated it are ardent none believers.But there is nothing to stop yourself and a group of firm believers in rating it up.Not been to nor visited said site.As I stated I am a Global Warming Sceptic so no reason to visit your site.

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  • Ep
      Apr 25, 2011

    Rasputin sounds like someone who works for WOT or is one of those so called community people on WOT who has nothing better to do with his/her time & sits on his high throne & judges companies he/she knows nothing about.

    Rasputin, companies don't have time to chase after immature idiots who post lies about their company. I wasted at least 10 hours of my time trying to fight the lies that were spread about my company & nothing changed. All I got were more immature kids talking out their blanks & my ranking went down even further b/c they didn't like me defending my company. I'm sure you will go & rank me low yet again b/c you don't like what I have to say.

    Reputable companies don't go around paying people to post positive comments about them, that's unethical. Nor will I go ask my thousands of happy clients to go waste their time ranking my company as positive. 90% of them don't even know what WOT is. To explain to them what it is, get them do DL it, etc. etc. etc. is a waste of their precious time.

    The fact that you think everyone should waste their time on this just proves you have no clue how a business is run.

    I had a perfectly acceptable rating from REAL people before I was coerced by WOT to go to their site & ask people to rank my site. That's when everything went downhill from there & suddenly I had a poor ranking & someone at WOT saying they couldn't trust me & I'm a scam or something.

    So anyone reading this, I feel what Rasputin says is totally false. You can read my story above.

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  • We
      Apr 25, 2011

    Totally agree ep2002. Fighting them is a waste of time and definitely leads to yet lower rankings. These wannabe censors have nothing better to do and there is now way to overcome their 'votes'.

    They have been taken to court in Florida:

    "Ten Internet companies based in Florida have filed a lawsuit against WOT Services, the provider of safe surfing tool Web of Trust. The companies are requesting WOT to remove ratings and comments related to them and have accused WOT of defamation, violating rights, conspiracy and manipulating algorithms. WOT believes the case is baseless and has suggested dismissing the case in the court of justice in Florida. "

    However they are claiming that a 2006 law gives them Internet Service Provider (ISP) status and are therefore immune from legal action or accountability of any kind whatsoever (except for their kangaroo court-type site reviewing system).

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  • Ep
      Apr 25, 2011

    Unfortunately if you follow the links, it makes it sound like everyone who has filed suit is the problem, not WOT.

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  • We
      Apr 25, 2011

    Howdy ep2002. Best link I could find. Others were worse. Tried to look up the actual court case but to do so requires registration and a credit/debit card - so much for court records being 'public'. Not about to do that, US government has a pretty lousy track record when it comes to securing info on its computers...

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  • Ep
      Apr 26, 2011

    It's too bad we can't join suit. There was no mention of the law firm?

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  • Mk
      Apr 28, 2011

    I totally agree with ep2002 --- and I would like to join the lawsuit.

    What WOT amounts to is Slander / Defamation of Character. Anyone can rate a site and not leave a reason for it - there is no accountability whosoever on behalf of the person rating the site.

    Freedom of speech does not mean you can arbitrarily bash someone - you cannot print or make public in any way a false statement that will cause injury. A negative WOT rating is Slander at it's best (or should I say worst) - it's strictly opinion, but by showing a negative rating, it is making a public statement that your site/company is somehow 'bad' - a blanket statement that can harm a person or company. And this very clearly amounts to Slander.

    If anyone can find out how we can join the lawsuit against WOT, sign me up.

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  • We
      May 01, 2011

    WOT is totally inaccurate and if they get complaints this so called company should check out the site themself. I don't keep anyone information all my payments is processed through and by Paypal so I guess Paypal is a part of my scam even though Paypal have all my sensitive information to get in touch with me. WOT best to get it together because website owners will start complaining and attention to their intentions and actions will start to be question. I also notice anyone that gave WOT a bad review or spoke of their ethinics had red circles.

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  • We
      Jul 12, 2011

    My site has sunk lower in WOT's ratings so I posted this on it:

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  • Ep
      Aug 08, 2011

    It's Charlie Brown, the cartoon character...

    Yes we trust you Charlie Brown - NOT!

    Acting all innocent & telling people to go to a site & NOT read the reviews LMAO, how stupid do you think I am?

    Of course people are going to read reviews. Try telling humans to drive by a car accident & NOT LOOK. It just doesn't happen.

    Then you try to scare them into using your WOT tool otherwise don't come crying to you when they are scammed??? WOT is a scam!

    This isn't about choice, this is about enticing people to become negative & bash companies for no reason at all. Trying to bring companies down because you are judgmental & don't like or understand what they are doing.

    You people should be ashamed of yourself for trying to get people to join a witch hunt.

    People, I recommend you review their add-on to Fx -

    Even people who have worked there & supported the tool at the beginning have seen the writing on the wall & will no longer support it.

    And here you can rate their Wiki page -

    Tons of law suits.

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  • Ep
      Aug 08, 2011

    This guy went to a lot of trouble to organize everything & the situation is even worse than I thought...

    Kudos to him.

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  • Al
      Sep 10, 2011

    WOT is a serious ripoff and SCAM.
    They don't display their phone number, don't answer problems with their rating system and are unresponsive. They are ruining legitimate businesses and something should be done about them. They rate my website a Negative when it should be Question Mark because there are not enough ratings to determine. Yet, they argue with me for two months, don't fix anything and ban me from even logging into my account to track my ratings! All this and I paid them? I am supposed to be the customer? Maybe their location (Finland) protects them from US laws? I don't know how they get away with such a large scam. Please be warned, they are a SCAM!

    This is how the SCAM WORKS:
    What happens is someone can login to the WOT account, and rate a site as phishy or unsecure for absolutely no reason at all. When this happens, anytime a customer goes to your website, a large popup will occur stating this is an unsafe site, and you should not proceed. This is ridiculous since WOT does not have any means of checking to see if this information is infact accurate. They just go off of that single rating inputted by a random person. Now, the only way to have this popup removed is to either buy thier "Web of Trust Seal" which costs $451/year, or have tons of people sign up for an account in their system, which in turn will bring the company more revenue as well.

    No phone number, no response from company they are NOT a WEB OF TRUST but a Website UNTrustworthy!!!

    I have never hated a company as badly as I hate this company. Non-Responsive, Ludicrous Ratings, Playing with people's livelihood and They don't even respond to a problem When They Are Wrong! I truly hate this company.


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  • Al
      Sep 10, 2011

    I would like to JOIN LAWSUIT Against WOT which is a SCAM.

    WOT is a serious ripoff and SCAM. They don't display their phone number, don't answer problems with their rating system and are unresponsive. They are ruining legitimate businesses and something should be done about them. They rate my website a Negative when it should be Question Mark because there are not enough ratings to determine. Yet, they argue with me for two months, don't fix anything and ban me from even logging into my account to track my ratings! All this and I paid them? I am supposed to be the customer? Maybe their location (Finland) protects them from US laws? I don't know how they get away with such a large scam. Please be warned, they are a SCAM!

    This is how the SCAM WORKS:
    What happens is someone can login to the WOT account, and rate a site as phishy or unsecure for absolutely no reason at all. When this happens, anytime a customer goes to your website, a large popup will occur stating this is an unsafe site, and you should not proceed. This is ridiculous since WOT does not have any means of checking to see if this information is infact accurate. They just go off of that single rating inputted by a random person. Now, the only way to have this popup removed is to either buy thier "Web of Trust Seal" which costs $451/year, or have tons of people sign up for an account in their system, which in turn will bring the company more revenue as well.

    No phone number, no response from company they are NOT a WEB OF TRUST but a Website UNTrustworthy!!!

    I have never hated a company as badly as I hate this company. Non-Responsive, Ludicrous Ratings, Playing with people's livelihood and They don't even respond to a problem When They Are Wrong! I truly hate this company.


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  • Ce
      Mar 31, 2012

    This is our so called "review" on WOBT:

    No one on WOT can give ANY straight answers as to how their rating system works.

    Here are our unbiased review sites of our website:

    Now according to WOT:

    *This makes NO SENSE...

    What we have concluded from this is

    1. WOT ratings are based on how senior member or staff "feel" about the website rather than the actually reputation of the website.

    2. if you have thousands of positive ratings compared to a few negative ratings, they will use those few ratings to categorize your website as "unsafe" or "not trusted"

    3. Web of trust encourages negative ratings over positive. They feed of the public fear of malicious website.

    We have contacted many senior member as to "What can we do to get a fair rating"

    so far we have just been hearing crickets... its because they know there is no such thing on web of trust.

    All we want is a fair evaluation. This is very frustrating as we provide good service to all our customers and along comes WOT and claims our site is "Not Trustworthy" and "Not safe for children", with NO explanation as to why they are doing this.

    This is slander and defamation.

    Please any advice would be great.

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  • Ja
      Oct 19, 2012

    MYWOT has now been shown to BUY FACEBOOK likes from two suppliers online.

    MYWOT, a small company who has recently been caught buying Facebook likes from two suppliers online has had 24% of their likes removed by FACEBOOK.

    Facebook also has since removed MYWOT as a partner due to unscrupulous activities found to be " not trustworthy" by Facebook executives.
    " The decision to cancel our relationship with MYWOT is unfortunate, however, Facebook has found evidence of manipulation of companies on the MYWOT system. Facebook acknowledges that MYWOT has a open forum rated by internet peers, however the ranking system has substantial flaws. " Google executive Matt Cohler states.
    Matt Cohler continues to state that " Facebook will be more careful in the future in regards to partnering with companies such as MYWOT."

    MYWOT has been falling in popularity over the past 12 months as more and more and more users realize that their rating system is systematically flawed.

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  • Gl
      May 05, 2013

    By posting here we probably all risk them to do further attacks and make further untrue statements about our websites.

    MyWOT has a community of high level users that get to decide if they like your website or not. If they do not then then rate it low and there is nothing you can do about. They make false statements that we sell drugs, identity theft, and are deceptive. We then use the support method to have customers rate our website, but that was a waste. We just opened them up to the communities hate. They can delete the positive posts and put their posts at the top.

    We do not directly offer surgery and we in no way offer drugs. We help customers collect information about places in Thailand so they can make accurate information. We make no decisions for them, but only help provide information. During their time here, we are their guide and driver.

    No one seems interested in reading what we do. It seems like some personal grudge to just take advantage. We read in the support to have our friends and customer come in rate and now users are trying to use that against us as well. We care about our business and if we were some sort of scam we wouldn't spend the time to register here or even list here at all.

    If anyone here has ever run a small business they would know how difficult is and how much it means to the owner. It is not easy to tell people to register on a website and comment in favor of your website.

    People are making assumptions and judgement about us. We listed here to help list our company details. Not to list a scam in a website that protects against scams. How do we combat negative reviews from non-customers that are claiming we are associated with botched surgeries, credit card fraud or selling drugs?

    The ironic thing is, is that mywot is difficult to contact. There is not information about them, and after flagging libel comments nothing happens. This is not what this website is for and it seems many business have had similar problems with their high level users. I do not think mywot is a bad company, but their high level users get to dictate if you are accepted or not instead of how this website states websites are rated.

    Our positive reviews were deleted and their lies went to the top. Doing this will probably enrage the community more, and hurt our rating. However, the company can not survive if it is not true to its mission and provides bogus reporting.

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  • Rr
      Sep 03, 2013

    WOT is a completely fraudulent company - A company that allows completely, anonymous ratings to be logged with no specific description of the alleged problem or any accountability of the rater and no way to have a site review should be banned from doing business.

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  • Li
      Nov 19, 2013

    WOT is a forum who's sole mission is allegedly defamation and hooliganism basing much of the feedback on deliberate fishing out of sites, especially political and religious sites with whom they disagree with (hate, with extra emphasis on anti-Christian bigotry and bias) and are engaged in a deliberate conspiracy to defame and bear false witness based purely on the false, unreliable and unverifiable testimony of their sycophants and apparatchiks. I recommend a class action suit by those who have been defamed using the anti-racketeering RICO statutes against their extremist staff and activists who abuse their platform to damage the reputation of those who's reputation is without blemish and who are of the highest ethics. Is there anything more evil than bearing false witness against the righteous? The Pharisees are back.

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  • Ur
      Jun 26, 2014

    WOT is very anti-Christian, and rates anything that is not liberal, politically correct and the way the cultural elite wants us to think, as unsafe for children, dangerous, malicious, hate speech etc. It is very disconcerting that we are now living in a country where we are all suppose to think one way; the way libs, hollywood, the biased media and social activists think. This is the only "truth" in our culture. Big brother is watching and listening 7/24. How sad and frightening is that?

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  • Wi
      Jan 18, 2015

    I hate to break the news to the people here that ep2002 would do worse to you than WOT if you fall into her trap. Below is what someone wrote to her and she blames it on me. I don't even know where that post or message is online.
    I am not sure if you people know that ep2002 is also business complaints and Michelle Korn the owner of exoticpublishing. Some places i understand she goes by Laura as well. I encourage you to do yourself a favor and google this person for your own sake, i wish I did before I rented to her in Windsor Ontario.
    If you check my posts by looking up windsorite, you will see so many links I posted to warn people about her.

    Michelle Says:
    February 4th, 2014 at 8:32 pm
    Abi continues to harass me online. Read what she or one of her kids or husband wrote to me.

    “Hello ep2002,

    “michelleusuck” has sent you a message on

    Hey Michelle…. you nasty looking lady LOL. Do you ever clean your ugly teeths? It’s fiscaleta from fiverr, the one who trashed you. I’m not surprised that you got banned there. I betcha people reported your ###ed behavior. Not surprised at all you prostitute :)
    I don’t like working with prostitutes. I bet you and your family all came from there.

    Now that I have your profile as well as address, I will keep tracking your online activity. Next time you speak with someone, speak to him with respect you little prostitute. By the way, I do understand english but I’m the one who asks the questions not prostitutes :) You would do yourself a favor if you went back to your night shift blow jobs, that would do you good. Im sure your husband is one proud man LOL.”

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  • Wi
      Jan 18, 2015

    Abiola Afolabi Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 18th, 2015 at 7:22 pm
    [redacted] on Michelle, check her out yourself.

    2, Report #1158965

    Jul 01 2014
    11:55 PM
    exoticpublishings Michelle Korn Exotic Publishings / Michelle Korn Stole my $2000 New York Internet,
    Author: buffalo, New York
    Internet Fraud: exoticpublishings

    3, Report #630877

    Aug 12 2010
    08:52 AM
    Michelle Korn – False reviews and Lies about Freelancers Ontario, Nationwide
    Author:, Tennessee
    Internet: Michelle Korn –

    4, Report #613333

    Jun 12 2010
    10:21 PM

    Exotic Publishing – Michelle Michelle Korn Tried to obtain enough information steal identity then diviulged personal info on internet, failed to provide refund, Internet
    Author: London, Other
    Advertising / Deceptive: Exotic Publishing – Michelle

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  • Tr
      Sep 29, 2015

    REGARDING MYWOT website and add on - below is my review of their site and SURPRISE I actually got a repky from their support team ! :
    I do NOT trust this site.They are not a web of TRUST- They are not experts on scams / cons- they are ordinary people Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    by Trusha on September 27, 2015 · permalink · translate

    I once gave this site 5 stars - I actually thought the people who were rating sites had "some" sort of expertise - or were customers - or had been scammed / conned and were warning others - I thought they were helping stop me getting conned or scammed --- But no ---- IMHO, the most voting is done by Platinum moderators who have a vote that far exceeds any normal members vote. These are not experts but actually are people who seem to spend a lot of time on Twitter. - They have given reds and beware possibly illegal - dangerous to children - to a site that has no child photos - no "adult" photos and no adult content at all- NOTHING ADULT about the site - Yet it warns people to keep their kids away from the site - and NOTHING AT ALL DIRECTED AT CHILDREN - nothing for sale for children – Zero adult content and Zero to do with children --- And yet this was done by about 3 people – these few people, who were not customers and had not "used" the site- they were " Platinum Moderators " - WHY is this allowed that some members have a platinum status? How can it then be a community based opinions when some members have one vote and others have 10 votes or 50 votes or 200 votes ? How could it not be abused and these moderators not feel as if they can retaliate and “flex their muscle” when they feel like it – especially when they only have to respond “It’s my opinion “

    This is not a web of trust - IMHO - it is a social group of bullies –
    When contacted the support team said " NOTHING "
    They didn't reply at all - they REFUSED to respond to numerous emails- nothing. So don't bother trying to contact them as they wont reply !

    They are no different than twitter or facebook opinion based .

    WOT should be called - WEBSITE OPINIONS –

    It isn't described this way in their title, IMO the title gives you and did me, the impression I was getting some sort of experts advice from people who had been scammed by these types –

    But no- These are opinions - only - and as stated by WOT admin - a member ( a platinum member ) can feel they don't trust a site and they can give a red and not have to change it- because it is their opinion !

    Yet, I understood it to mean these people were warning us about sites that they 100% KNEW were scams and cons - but no- they don't have to be customers- in fact - they only have to "visit" the site and their platinum vote can easily out vote REAL CUSTOMERS.

    Unless you have enough customers - who are willing to download this add-on -
    then willing to join the site and
    then willing to vote on your web site –
    even if you have good customers willing to do this –

    Unless you have enough customers like this to out weigh the few single platinum votes-
    Your sites deemed to stay red.

    And this has been done by a few people who have platinum status and they aren't experts - they are not even customers of the site !


    Just google abuse WOT / Moderators./ abuse / web of trust / moderators or web of trust / moderators forum / abuse or web of trust / abuse
    It is these platinum moderators who are abusing the power IMO - They hide behind " it's my opinion " and don’t have to give any real basis for giving a site a red.

    Check google - see for yourself. This is my opinion on this product. Do NOT download it.
    Read all negative feedback here first – then the negative feedback on Internet Explorer and then Chrome and then google it - read - I'm not talking about one or two things, that happened ten years ago – because, I was very suspicious about anyone giving a 1 star - as I thought WOT was 5 stars - I gave them 5 stars and I also told people to download the add-on – I’m talking about a lot - but I now understand how it works and how they have these platinum members / moderators - and how these people have excessively large amount of voting power - too much - IMHO –
    Their vote should either equal or at the maximum - double any normal vote - at the very most.

    I've read where it's thousands of votes but I have also read where it's 200 votes –
    The fact is it isn't equal – and if they claim the WOT community are the ones making these decisions then the community should be equal.

    How can it be equal when one person has one vote and another has 10 votes or 50 votes or 200 votes ?

    I went and looked at some of the platinum moderators voting – who and how they voted and how many times. - and was shocked -- Look at their feedback ( votes ) on websites - I was shocked.

    I was once a person who gave them 5 stars - Not anymore. They can excuse anything because it is an opinion of the member- who just happens to be a platinum moderator and therefore their opinion outweighs a normal members vote by ? 200 to one ??? - who knows exactly. But it is a massive difference and one that doesn't equal a fair opinion - IMHO. This actually allows a few to control and this is wrong - again- in my humble opinion.
    The reply said to contact support- They didn't respond when contacted !
    enter into GOOGLE these words
    abuse / web of trust / moderators
    web of trust / moderators forum / abuse
    web of trust / abuse

    REPLY TO WOT Services comments:
    I cannot see where I can reply to your comments- so have edited my review :
    You stated:
    We have a very intricate algorithm that balances ratings, and protects against such biases and manipulations you are referring to
    Your intricate algorithm that balances ratings – it seems far fetched to describe this as not manipulating the ratings.
    Why "balance" the ratings at all ? Why not allow ALL votes to be equal ?
    Why give some people ( Platinum members ) a more power vote ? When they are average - non professional- not employed WOT staff members and therefore, paid no wages to rate sites - just ordinary everyday Facebook and Twitter type of people -
    so why don’t they not have the exact same voting power as any other ordinary person using the WOT rating system? Why give them this extra voting powers ?
    WOT gives the impression it is an equal system- but you have just stated you "balance" these votes. (intricate algorithm that balances ratings)
    The ratings shouldn’t need balancing. They should be all equal votes. Members, Platinum – Gold- whatever- should not have a more powerful vote than ordinary members. IMHO this leads to those who are unemployable, sitting on a computer for hours on end doing nothing but “rate” sites.
    Rating sites that someone has never used, never actually had any real contact with and just brandishing a site unsafe – without any real valid reason.
    A site can be called “ I don’t trust” ( a red rating ) because they don’t have an SSL (HTTPS ) – Even though they don’t accept credit cards – so therefore don’t need an SSL. – they have Paypal instead and Paypal has the security ( SSL )
    A site can be called untrustworthy because it has ads ! Google doesn’t give their adsense to just anyone but having Google ads gives them the excuse to bully and call a site “unsafe” because the Google ads have tracking – Google is doing the tracking – not the actual site the ads are on – but this is enough to claim “unsafe” .
    Also- having a registration form (which anyone can write – name : John Citizen – address “ Earth” Phone : [protected] ) where someone need not put their real information – ( it’s a legal reason for some businesses, there must be a registration form of some kind ) - according to these people, this means the site is untrustworthy .
    Three things – and when questioned about it instead of fixing it they them deemed the site unsafe for children.
    These are not valid reasons to claim a site is not safe for children - ESPECIALLY when the site has:
    NO ADULT CONTENT – AT ALL- NO FOUL LANGUAGE- NO CHILDRENS PHOTOS- NO CHILDRENS ANYTHING – Yet having nothing whatsoever to do with children – the WOT moderators deemed the site unsafe for children. With absolutely 100% NOTHING on the site to do with children and NOTHING of any type of adult content and nothing like gambling or anything even similar to suggest this is not safe for kids is slanderous – what’s worse, WOT support did nothing about this- didn’t even reply to the many emails.
    You also stated :
    WOT highlights the fact that reputation ratings are based on the community and the user's experience and their opinions.
    How can it be based on users experience - when they don't have to be customers ?
    In fact, actual customers vote have a lower ranking / lower rating power - if they are just a normal WOT member, than a Platinum member - who has never even used the site- let alone been a customer of the site?
    USER'S EXPERIENCE should mean just that- they have USED the site !
    I was silly enough to believe this meant the person had actually USED the site or USED the product or was a CUSTOMER – But no. Their vote outweighs actual real customers.
    They should be either actual customers or have been on the site for more than a few minutes. Especially when they are claiming a site is unsafe for children. – Instead of clicking on the home page and then doing a rating based on what ? !
    How can the support refuse to reply to at least 5 emails asking for help ( it was more like 8 – but to be on the safe side I will claim 5 emails )
    How can they claim a site that has ZERO to do with children- be unsafe for children ?
    How can WOT admin allow this and ignore constant requests for help?
    You also stated:
    From our experience a positive approach is more effective
    How can going to the forums asking for help- begging and crying to them to please help me fix this and ignore all my pleas - then add more Reds- with some Moderators stating " same as others " and leaving a “ I don't trust " with a reply (similar to ) this will teach you to respect our forums ( How dare I question their ratings in the forums and ask nicely to help me fix it- ? )
    How can that not be called a “positive” approach ( on my behalf ) begging the community for help- pleading with them- CRYING even to them with please help me ! I offered proof the site was a good honest decent site – but was ignored.
    I got the same response in the community forums as I got from the support team- NOTHING.
    It seems the only time you have bothered to reply to me is via this feedback.

    Edit review
    Delete review

    Community reputation ratings

    by WOT Services (Developer) on September 28, 2015 · permalink · translate

    Hi Trusha.
    It is very natural that site owners as yourself will be upset with reputations ratings their domains receive. It is the main reason WOT receives slanderous reviews and negative posts such as the ones you referred to.

    It's important to note that WOT highlights the fact that reputation ratings are based on the community and the user's experience and their opinions. Millions of users rate and review on a daily basis. The high volume of users tend to balance the overall reputation ratings.

    Your claim that ratings are only based on a specific group of users is misleading and inaccurate. We have a very intricate algorithm that balances ratings, and protects against such biases and manipulations you are referring to.

    You can always approach the community if you believe that your site was wrongly rated with your reasons. From our experience a positive approach is more effective.

    This link will get you started:

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  • Lu
      Apr 11, 2018

    This is really exact that most of ranking websites and services are fake and real scam to just push webmasters and site owners to buy a full fake features... Report our content to be a harmfull for online users?
    Let see something like Lucky Patcher app when trying to visit any website linking to review or download the app getting blocked with a Red notification stopping us from visiting

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