Worrynomore/unitersWorrynomore funiture protection plan

I bought an entire apartment of furniture from Macy's and Worrynomore plan for all pieces including structural coverage. Here are my experiences.

1) Mattress
My baby's diaper leaked on the mattress. I filed a claim. They sent a technician who didn't touch it but took photos and left. Then, I received a claim rejected letter. I filed dispute. Never heard back. I called and was told they had come to a conclusion that it was rejected, because there were more than three stains which was considered "accumulative", and "accumulative stains" are not covered. (So, we should have stopped using the mattress after filed the claim until the technician came.) I asked if they could only clean one stain. The answer was no, because "accumulative stains" are not covered. I asked what about future stains. The answer was no, unless I hire a certified cleaner to do an overall cleaning of the mattress; otherwise, any future stain would be "accumulative stains" which are not covered. I couldn't believe it. The customer service lady on the phone said "I understand you're upset, because the technician didn't lie for you."

2) dining chairs
My kid stained it with a marker. I called to file a claim. No, marker stain is not covered.

3) dining table
The legs were wobbling. I called to file a claim. No, legs are not covered.

4) sectional sofa
One side of the seat was sinking. I called to file a claim. No, it's considered "normal wear" which is not covered.

Jan 24, 2017

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