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1 Gadsden, AL, United States

General Stephen Waters has a website that offers work at home opportunities with an offer of no upfront money. I joined back in Nov. He sent me several emails and had me doing different readings etc. but I never received anything that would make me money. He sent me an email about a special project that I could do for 100.00 that would generate me 200.00-300.00 per day processing emails. He could not process my debit card(stupid me) because of a glitch he said was not my fault so I needed to go to and purchase a 100.00 Visa gift card and send it to Mark Hanson at 1121 Harrison Ave. 150 Centralia, WA 98531. I have since found out that is a PostNet company. He probably has a box there. When I emailed him several times about not receiving my product he sent me back a couple of nasty emails saying I had low character and was stabbing him in the back. Then he emailed again and said he had sent me the material 4 times. I said it was a funny thing thatI could receive his nsaty emails but I couldnt get the material he promised. He then emailed back and said I never received it because I never paid for it. When I sent him proof in the receipt from he replied that he never got it. I have spoken to the giftcard company and it was sent to the address where he told me to send it to which is a business district and Post Net is there where it looks like a strip mall. The giftcard has been used at Target, Redbox and several other places. Just wanted everyopne to be aware of [protected] or, Stephen Waters who calls himself General, or Mark Hanson. I have Put a fraud alert oon the credit bureaus, notified Better Business Bureau of that area, FBI and the cyberinternet fraud site. I am not finished yet.

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