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Worldwide Travel Center / Fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract

1 160 SW 12 AVE 102Deerfield Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-571-7990

On August 8, 2007, I received a postcard stating that I had been selected to receive "Two Roundtrip Airfares to Anywhere in the U.S." and "3 days, 2 nights at a hotel", and that I should call [protected] for details.

The postcard did not identify on whose behalf the promotion was being conducted, but had a large "Delta" name and Delta logo, and said "IN CELEBRATION OF OUR ANNIVERSARY ... You will receive at your request Two Roundtrip Airfares to Anywhere in the U.S.! ... Bonus 3 DAY / 2 NIGHT HOTEL STAY".

On August 9, 2007, I called that number and spoke with a man who identified himself as Patrick McKinna. He stated that I would receive a complimentary gift of 2 round trip airfares from the nearest international airport to my home to any major city with an international airport in the US, Mexico, or Canada, plus 3 days, 2 nights hotel accommodations for 2 at a business class chain hotel. He said that all my wife and I needed to do to get this gift was to attend a 90-minute advertising presentation by Global Services Network in Columbia, MD. He said that I would have no obligation to use the company or to buy anything.

The address he gave for the presentation was:
Global Services Network
9710 Patuxent Woods Dr., Suite B
Columbia, MD 21046

I asked him what conditions or restrictions, if any, there were on the award travel. He replied, "You would be responsible for hotel and airline taxes."
I asked for any other travel restrictions that he hadn't mentioned. He replied, "You can not travel on holidays, and you must give at least 30 days notice prior to travel."
I asked whether we get to pick the travel dates, he said "Yeah, I think so. They are a travel company, and they want you to take the vacation so that you can see what they have to offer.".

I agreed to attend the presentation.

On August 12th, my wife and I fulfilled our end of the agreement by attending the Global Services presentation in Columbia, MD. After the presentation, Global Services tried to give us a "Vacation Extravaganza" certificate from "Worldwide Travel Center" in Deerfield Beach, FL. The certificate had many additional conditions not in the original agreement (made over the phone), such as:
- we had to put down a $100 deposit, to be returned if and after we completed the travel,
- we could only travel on a Tuesday,
- we had to submit 3 sets of possible travel dates separated by at least 30 days, from which they would select one set for our travel
- we could not travel within 7 days before or after a holiday
- they could change the terms and conditions at any time without notice
- accommodations were subject to their availability
- accommodations might be a "motel"

We refused to accept that certificate, pointing out that it did not meet the terms of our existing agreement. They noted our refusal, but didn't do anything about it. They informed us that the telephone call in which the existing agreement was formed had been recorded, and that we could complain to the Global Services headquarters if we wanted to.

On August 13th, I called the Global Services headquarters at [protected] to complain about the bait and switch. I spoke with a man who identified himself as "Ryan". He took full details of my complaint, and promised to have someone call me back.

On August 20th, I had received no return call from Global Services as promised, so I called Global back at the same number. I spoke with a female who identified herself as Brittney. She saw in her records that I had complained on August 13th, but said that she did not see why they should call me back because, in her words, "we don't owe you anything." She stated that since I don't have their alleged promise in writing, I don't have any grounds for complaint.

After months of complaining to Global by telephone and through the Better Business Bureau but getting nowhere, I finally sued Global Services in small claims court for fraud and easily won.

Here is Worldwide Travel's vacation certificate:

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Steer clear of Global Services and their partner, Worldwide Travel.

I can be reached at but change the nine to an n.

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      7th of Nov, 2008
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    You go Rembrandt !! I think that was VERY nice of you to tell of your experience with this awful company. I also read your filings on the /link removed/


    Now maybe consumers won't feel helpless when trying to recover money lost to these scammers.

    You should feel VERY good about what you did and you give everyone on here some hope!
    We can benefit signifigantly from all of your hard work as you tell of your experiences step by step.

    I personally thank you for all of the info. and like I stated above, it just gives hope to consumers who were sucked in and lied to -to know that yes, they don't have to accept that just because they are only one person.You can go up against big corporations and prevail!! We look at you and see that it's been done.

    The key here is preparation people. Have all of your i's dotted and your t's crossed. All your ducks in a row. Then go and file. Be accurate, be concise and don't confuse the judge with too many details, tell of your experience in a calm assertive manner without name calling or wild accusations. Be honest and sincere and you just may prevail.
    Believe me, Judges do converse among one another, so they do hear about fraudulent companies. Especially ones that have been brought before them or their collegues before. This also, may give you a better shot at victory. Keep the amt. you are asking to be awarded at a reasonable rate. Asking for thousands of dollars when you've only lost a couple hundred is USUALLY NOT considered reasonable.

    So, what are you waiting for??

    Get all of your info. together and GET STARTED! REFUSE TO BE HELD HOSTAGE TO the unreasonable fees charged to your acct.'s ETC..ETC... Not to mention all of your time lost to try and recover what was basically stolen from you.

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