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Worldwide Travel Center / Scam and cheating!

160 SW 12 Ave Suite 102Deerfield Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-571-7990

I'm glad I listened to my inner voice, didn't ignore the red flags, and checked with [redacted] before I mailed off my money and credit card information! I phoned the company to make my reservation. The agent (obviously from India, but falsely claimed she was located in 'Florida') told me her computer could only bring up available reservation dates in Nevada and Arizona due to a computer glitch. She said my only option was to mail my reservation form request in. In direct conflict with the instructions on the reservation form, she told me I had to include a $50 check, along with a handwritten statement as follows:

'I, ______(my name), the undersigned, authorize __________ (they fill in name) hotel to charge my credit card_____________(enter my credit card information) for the required security deposit.'

This reeks of FRAUD for customers to be forced to give an undisclosed hotel free reign to charge your credit card for unauthorized charges, just in order to have your vacation package honored!!! There are so many complaints on [redacted] against this obviously unscrupulous company, I have no intention of mailing my reservation form in. Instead, I plan to file a complaint with lawyers and settlements. I suggest all of you file a complaint with this website, as you may be contacted by an attorney. Cite the complaints on https://www.complaintsboard.com, and suggest a 'class action lawsuit.' Also, file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau, and contact your Attorney General and request that they file criminal charges against this company for fraud, theft, misrepresentation, and bad business practices.

Thanks to all the others who posted warnings about this company and saved us from becoming potential victims of this company.


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  11th of Apr, 2008
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Unfortunately I took the time to sit thru a 2 hr harassing sales presentation, in order to get a 'free' vacation. They sent a voucher form 2 months later, requesting a $50 per person upfront fee payable by money order only. That's a big red flag already, and you are only allowed to book a trip on Tuesdays, and not during any major holidays or spring break.
Fortunately I decided to Google WORLDWIDE TRAVEL CENTER, and saw all the negative feedback. They sucked me in initially thru GTG (Global Travel Group), located in Scottsdale. So if you see either of these companies, you know it's a SCAM!!!
  19th of May, 2008
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Worldwide Travel Center - Stalling on travel award!
Worldwide Travel Center
160SW 12th Avenue 102
Deerfield Beach
United States
Phone: 800 268 5856

Vacation award stalled with three returns of information mailed. Approaching deadline on offer. Asking for Social Security Numbers and copies of two credit cards, both sides with no explanation. I doubt the security of my personal information.
Per reader, I would gladly join in a class action lawsuit against this company and it's affiliates, The award was from Global Travel. I have received no help from these people.
  27th of Jun, 2008
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Worldwide Travel Center - Fraudulent practices
Worldwide Travel Center
160 SW 12th Ave., Suite 102
Deerfield Beach
United States
Phone: 954-571-7990

Company returned airline voucher application, claiming it was not mailed by USPS Certified Mail. It was, in fact, mailed correctly, using Certified Mail, thus making fraudulent claim and refusing to process legitimate application..
  10th of Jul, 2008
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Unfortunately I took the time to drive over 40 miles in to Bon Voyage Travel, 7000 MoPac, Suite 2000 (2nd Floor)Austin, TX 78731, tool free: 1-877-203-5249 To sit in the lobby on July 9th, 2008. And Witness only couples were called and then lead off to the back to some room. Then to be told that the marketing staff over booked. The front desk staff assured the remaining invdividual that we would still receive the the: Your gift .Two Round-Trip Airfares ( Retail value over $600.00) - Please arrive 15 minutes early and receive your choice of an Early Bird Bonus Gift! 7 day car retal or $200 Gas Voucher or $100 dining Certificate. Fortunately I decided to Google WORLDWIDE TRAVEL CENTER, and saw all the negative feedback. On July 10, 2008, in the early morning hours. I am so glad that I did. The voucher form requesting a $50 per person upfront fee payable by money order only. That's a big red flag already. I was also not sure about mailing out the FreeBeGas.com voucher.
So if you see these companies you know it's a SCAM!!!
  22nd of Jul, 2008
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I'm with you on the lawsuit. I have had my travel certificate returned to me six (6) times.
  13th of Sep, 2008
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This is unbelievable...I have had mine returned to me six times also. Every time they asked for something different...I sent everything requested the first time and they kept sending it back asking for more until finally my first requested date was less than 60 days away...I resubmitted again and now they tell me I'm in some holiday zone...which I am not!!! I am now 4-1/2 months away from my certificate expiring and absolutely have no more dates to pick without being 7 days before or after a holiday. I have now spent about $25 in certified mail. No one will help when you call...it is all in their hands and they don't intend on giving away any vacations!!! My vacation award was given by Global Travel also.
  13th of Sep, 2008
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WWT did the same thing to me. They mailed back my registration and told me to send it certified mail. I did send it certified mail the first time and wrote them a letter stating that and a copy of my first certified mail receipt. After I sent it for the secone time, they accepted it and sent me my reservation request form...to make a long story short...it was returned to me 5 times, each time telling me they needed something else or...after 3 times that my first date requested was now less then 60 days away. It was a total and complete joke!!! I am going to ask for my money back...I anticipate that being a problem also! TOTAL SCAMMMMM!!!
  24th of Sep, 2008
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We are experiencing the exact same thing with this outfit. We were asked to return this certificate 4 times as well for such minor things and never offering a phone number for questions and now told that the time has expired. I have no airline tickets as promised by Global Exchange Vacation Club and I now am awaiting the refund of $286. We'll see. This is outrageous and they should not only be put out of business but they should be arrested for their devious scam.
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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I too am with you on the law suit. So glad I happened onto this complain board before I sent them money. Wish we could get the word out about the scam. Woldwide Travel Center is a part of the Global
Travel scam.
  4th of Dec, 2008
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I am concerned now about the possibility of identity theft. I have had my request returned several times now, and I just realized I have already given them my ss#, as they requested it to file for a particular form with the IRS. And they also have my credit card#, signature, and drivers license.
Does anyone know the best way to go about preventing identity theft?
Does anyone know of someone who has received a refund, or completed their travel with Worldwide Travel Center?
  30th of Dec, 2008
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I am having the exact same experience. The request has been sent back five times, I was thinking it was just me! I have a new plan after reading all the info and complaints about WWT and Global, I am going to attempt to resolve this with the companies. If that does not work I plan on filing with the Attorney General in Ohio and Florida. I have already started BBB and made contacts with two local television stations. I also plan on filing in small claims court. There is nothing I hate more than scams. I was told that I only paid the 100.00 deposit and they would refund me that. I told them I also paid the 176.00, but was told they do not have a record of that, good thing I saved that receipt from the post office. I am curious if the people who bought had any trouble getting their free vacation. This has been unbelievable!
  5th of May, 2009
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I received a card in the mail some time ago promising 2 "roundtrip airfares to a major international airport of your choice within the Continental U.S." Red flag number one, why should it matter that I fly to an international airport in the United States. I guess that means I couldn't fly to Reagan National or LaGuardia since they aren't "international" airports. Anyway, the way the card is worded makes it sound as if it's from American Airlines when it actually says "featuring major American airlines". Since the trip I took was on AA last September this wording caught my eye. After carrying the card with me for a few months I finally called the 800 number from work to see what the deal was. The person answered the call as "promotions". My first question was what company am I speaking with. She answered that they handle promotions for several different companies and recited the number appearing on her caller ID and asked if that was my home or cell number. I told her I was calling from work and she asked for my home number. I told her I'd call another time and hung up. Finally I flipped the insert over and saw the travel provider listed as "World Wide Travel", googled the name and came up with this, and a slew of other complaint sites. From the looks of it I avoided a lot of headaches and wasted time. I hope this helps other people avoid contact with this company.
  13th of May, 2009
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I need someone's help!.. They con'd me into going to some timeshare thing and in return they gave me this "free trip"...all we had to pay for was a $100 deposit and $198 tax fee. Like a dumby, I sent in my cashier's check and havn't heard anything back. Everytime I call, they send me to voicemail or I would hear the dial tone!>. I hate this company and how do i get my money back! WTF?? please someone help!. I'm so in for a class action lawsuit!
  1st of Jun, 2009
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I was contacted on my cell phone by Worldwide Travelers. They told me that I won a FREE vacation (RED FLAG). All I needed to do was sign up for a 2 week trial of there services and I could cancel within this time without being charged any fees. Unfortunately I did give them my bank information. Once I recieved the package they sent me, I found it was actually another company that was giving the free vacation (freevacation.com). I called the number to cancel and they said it was canceled. The next day my account was charged $149. I tried calling the number back after being charged and the line was disconnected. It's now 2 weeks later and they just charged another $45. I would be more than happy to go in on a class action suit to shut this company down.
  5th of Jun, 2009
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I suggest for everyone to submit a formal complaint through the Better Business Bureau. Here is their website: http://www.bbb.org/
  8th of Jul, 2009
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Yes this company really sucks...
They promsied us hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton, Ramada and finally when we arrived we were offered a Motel 8. We had to pay extra $40 per night to get the Hilton.
I called this company today for my refund and they asked me to send out a letter for getting the refund.
But they took the initial reservation and refundable deposit by phone.
So for the refund why should I send a letter..
I hope I get my money back.
  29th of Jul, 2009
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We also got sucked into the scam. We sent our money credit card picture ID everytime we sent in the form there was something wrong till finally we just said we wanted out money back they said it would be 4 to 6 weeks it has been 7 weeks now. Does anyone know what we can do??? Please let us know if you do.
  29th of Jul, 2009
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Why has there not been a class action suit against these people???? They required us to send in a US Potsal money order and would not accept anything else. That is federal is not something we can do through that???
  26th of Aug, 2009
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I was contacted and like a dummy I confirmed my routing number and they put a check through on my account for over 140.00 I call and Call and they never have the manager call me back then they say the checks in the mail.. HELP!! My account is now in the neg. B1lessluv@yahoo.com or call me.. 248-895-2152
  20th of Oct, 2009
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Ditto all of the above. I submitted my application, check, and all of the information that the company asked for only to have it all returned without explanation along with a form letter asking for exactly what I had submitted plus a $3.00 fee for resubmission. I then Googled the company to find all these complaints about the same problem. I have submitted complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

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