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Worldwide Travel Center / Free travel scam!

1 United States Review updated:

Worldwide Travel Center -

I won a free vacation from Zangara, Dodge in Albuquerque 3 Days and 2 Nights free vacation from Worldwide Travel. I called to activate the vacation within the 15 days as stated on the brochure, but the Customer Service Agent that didn't speak English told me that Zangara, Dodge hadn't registered my number, yet. I asked to speak to the Customer Service Agents Supervisor and/or a a co-worker, so that I could better understand. The Customer Service Agent refused to let me speak to a co-worker or Supervisor or to somebody that I could understand and put me on hold pretending to get somebody else for me to talk to. I researched this company on the internet and found that there have been several complaints. It appears that Worldwide Travel Center is telling consumers that dates for hotel room availability are not available, so the consumer sends their registration card again to Worldwide Travel Center. Worldwide Travel Center calls back and tells the consumer that their date selected is not available, but another hotel room is if the consumer agrees to participate in a free 90 minute timeshare presentation. It is really deceptive advertising. It is kinda like "Here is a free token, but all you have to do for it is run around the mountain 3 times." It really isn't worth the time that it takes to keep mailing, the postage and envelopes, the telephone calls for a savings of up to $175. If I go on vacation, then I like relaxing vacations and not that kind of annoyance. Consumers are better off just paying for the Hotel room directly to the Hotel, then waste that much time on a scam. I would also rethink buying products of any Vendor that purchases Worldwide Travel Center 2 Nights and 3 Days free vacation. I believe it might be an indication that the Vendor itself lacks the research ability, quality and care. What does the Vendor really expect in purchasing from 5 to 20 dollars per brochure for a 2 Nights and 3 Days free vacation? The Worldwide Travel Center 2 Nights and 3 Days vacation is just a link to a 90 minute timeshare presentation that because Worldwide Travel Center tries to hide this from the consumer, the consumer can spend too much time on postage, envelopes, telephone calls and rearranging their schedules.

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  • Ke
      26th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Same rip-off after tons of certified mail money, $100 registration fee and wasted time. I received this after attending a 90 minute time share presentation. Jerks!

  • Bo
      19th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    man, this just sucks! so sorry you had to go thru all that trouble... you are not alone - just Google this company...

    my wife WON a free trip from Gold's Gym! GREAT!

    until you read the fine print. No airfare??!! What, you're kidding... how is it 'free'?

    Then for all the hassle... I'm thinking about writing to Gold's Corporate with copies of the WTC brochure and all the complaints. We're not going... 8-]

  • Ke
      4th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    donated my junk car to cars4kids and got the travel voucher. had a feeling it was a scam as soon as i opened the envelope, googled the company, and found nothing but complaints. sorry people had to go through it before me to warn me, but thanks for saving me from a scam.

  • Lb
      8th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree this is a scam, I mailed my form off to Worldwide travel in Feb. and each time I mailed it off, they found a error and return my form. This last return was because they needed a major credit card. I had submitted a major credit with my form the first time. I thought American Express was a major credit card. I called them and they agreed it was a major credit card, but they need a major card from both husband and wife, front and back. Why would they need both. Its scary enough that your giving them your social security number, front and back of your credit card, copy of your license. This is personal information that anyone can use and commit forgery with.
    As mention by someone else each time you re-send you have have to do it certified mail money, which cost.
    What else is scary when they return your form because of a so call error, they send everything back to you in the mail, not certified as you sent it. What if the post man deliveries to the wrong mailbox, which does happen? Your personal information is in someone else hands.

    You get no help from customer service or call backs, which we did ask for a supervisor to call us back.. its been two weeks no call back yet.

  • Je
      15th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    We were (supposedly) given 2 free round trip airfares. The application has been returned now a total of 5 times for stupid changes (like telling us we have to write the word 'joint' next to the box we had checked indicating we file our taxes jointly) and each time we have to send it back certified mail. That gets very expensive! When I tried to call them, I can't get through to a person. A recorded message tells me to leave a message and my call will be returned within 24 hours... but that never happens. This is definitely a scam!

  • Di
      28th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am experiencing the exact same frustrations as the "Jewel". I think it's time that a class action law suit be filed against this company. I would be willing to join such an effort. Diane

  • Me
      28th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I think I am about to fall in the same boat except these people have gotten $665 out of me for an 8 day 7 night trip. I am supposedly book at a resort in Cancun but I have not been able to get a confirmation letter from these people as promised and it has been 3 weeks!!! My trip does not take place until next month. I am about to call the resort directly to see if I am listed. My plane tickets are purchased already but I swear on all I have in me if my trip falls through I will write everyone involved!!! I just tried to contact the sales rep and they are "closed" It isn't time for them to be closed yet unless there is a hurricane coming in Florida right about now. I'll keep you all posted on my results.

  • Ke
      20th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    the original copy disagree with that one), tick 'Other' on the W9, rejected again as now they want 2 W9's complete (Now they have 2 Social Security numbers). Each time i retern it certified mail, each time one error back of the probably millions they have listed in the fine print I do not seem to have access too. Wonder how Michael FriedBerg (Owner/CEO) sleeps at night... I am in for a class action suit! Use your voice, Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau etc.

  • Km
      25th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Subj: Fwd: Charity Scam


    Hey, everybody! Circulate this, to prevent such dubious "charities" from scamming honest people who want to help disadvantaged children and needy people -- but would NOT want to subsidize sneaky, cheating special-interest groups that only want to further their own agenda! ...and read on...


    Do you know that "charity" advertised on all the billboards, the one with the cute little girl holding her chubby cheeks...asking you to donate your used car to help children in need in the community?

    KARS-4-KIDS is a shady game!!!

    WELL-- It's a borderline scam, in that the organization..."so-called charity" expressly for raising money to send ONLY Orthodox Jewish kids to camp and private schools. That's the extent of the "Charity!"

    Check it out.

    Disgusting, a real abuse of the good-hearted people who have a misplaced trust in "Kars-4-Kids, " believing they are helping "disadvantaged" people...when, in reality, they are supporting greedy, self-serving and dishonest individuals who are scamming for money.

    Furthermore...if you follow the news and know of the "illegal petting zoo" operated (in Lakewood, NJ) by the "same" people, the horrible yard the neglected animals in question were locked in was also a storage yard for cars donated by people who were deceived by the Orthodox community, operating "KARS-4-KIDS!"

    Disgusting, isn't it? It just pisses off anyone with an ounce of integrity...

    There's a plethora of stuff about the scams operated under "Charity" by the Orthodox community. Just "Google" some knowledge, but be prepared to feel totally disgusted by the shameless duplicity and greed you will discover as you uncover the scams used to cheat good-hearted people out of money they donate, believing they are helping "all" disadvantaged people--especially needy children...when the truth is: the money is being used to pamper ONLY the children of a "particular group of people."



    ...the following is one writer's expose'...
    Covering Orthodox Judaism Since 2004

    © 2004 – 2008

    Rabbis & Ethiopian Jews
    Rabbis & Science

    8 posts categorized "Oorah Kars4Kids"
    May 19, 2008: UPDATE: Animals Neglected At Illegal Oorah Petting Zoo
    Comments: 31 | Categories: Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids, Outreach

    A rotting carcass was found Saturday, along with skeletal remains and live, neglected animals. Government officials had to bring in food and water for the animals. And what is located next to this illegal zoo of horrors?

    April 29, 2008: Oorah The Bad Neighbor
    Comments: 54 | Categories: Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids, Outreach

    You buy a retirement home across the street from a camp. For 10 years, everything is fine, no problems. Then the camp is sold to Orthodox Jews. Now even neighbors one mile away from the camp complain about noise and...

    January 21, 2008: Haredi Charity Fraud Targets New Yorkers
    Comments: 1 | Categories: Crime, etc., Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids

    The New York Post has a report on car donation charities active in New York City. Of those most active, only two met minimum standards set by the Better Business Bureau. Of those two, one deceives donors into believing their...

    April 27, 2007: The Bad and Good of Haredi Fundraising – Including ArtScroll
    Comments: 4 | Categories: Crime, etc., Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids

    Flatbush Life reports: A handful of Brooklyn-based charities are concerned more about their own bottom line than they are about those who may have hit rock bottom, according to an independent charity evaluating organization. The group, Charity Navigator, recently released...

    September 29, 2006: Rabbi Gil Student and the Atheist
    Comments: 10 | Categories: Blogs, Books, Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids, Outreach, Religion

    Rabbi Gil Student notes that he refused to run an ad for Sam Harris's new atheist book, and that refusal made yesterday's Wall Street Journal as part of an article on the book's promotion. Harris is a strong spokesman for...

    December 28, 2005: More Deceptive Advertising From Oorah & Kars4Kids
    Comments: 7 | Categories: Crime, etc., Haredim, Jewish Leadership, Oorah Kars4Kids

    [Please click on image to enlarge.] Oorah sent the above e-mail to its list today. Note what it says: Proceeds benefit Joy for Our Youth. J.O.Y. is an international organization providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of distressed...

    December 23, 2005: Oorah Gives Less Than 38% Of Income To Charity
    Comments: 19 | Categories: Creative PR, Crime, etc., Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids

    Oorah, the Lakewood-based haredi missionary organization whose deceptive advertising practices were exposed by the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, distributes less than 38%*** of its income to the childrens programs it champions. According to the most recent IRS 990 filing available...

    December 21, 2005: Lakewood-Based Haredi Charity Uses Deceptive Advertising, Bad Charity Practices, Apparent Trademark Infringement
    Comments: 13 | Categories: Creative PR, Haredim, Oorah Kars4Kids

    The Lakewood, NJ-based Kars4Kids is a front for Joy For Our Youth, which itself is a front for Oorah, a haredi missionary organization. The Saint Louis Post Dispatch reports on the deceptive advertising used by Kars-For-Kids, and the questionable business...

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  • Mo
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I know Worldwide very well and, the 3 day 2 nights are just timeshare schemes. If you do not agree to go on the timeshare tour you do not get the free vacation. I have had great experiences with their other vacations..the condos and, cruises. I have been using them for years for my vacations and, I always get a vacation with a retail value of $1, 500 to $2, 000 per week. The customer service sucks but, if your willing to put up with it for a awesome deal then I say go ahead but, steer clear of the 3 day 2 nights.

  • Ti
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I gave cars4kids my car, they came and towed my car, i supposed to receive me tax dedeuction receipt in the mail, and 3 days vacation voucher.. Its been over 4 month and nothing. I keep calling them and they tall me ther is nothing in their records..

    I'm so upset, but i am helpless as i have no prove i gave them the car...

    Anyone can assist here ?


  • Tr
      9th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I recently signed up with a new part of World Wide Travel Center called TRIPS to push thier new product and get commission. Don't be fooled it is the same company pushing the same product. Only now it is an MLM and a Pyramid scheme. The idea is to make it difficult to get the vacation so people don't end up using it and they rake in the millions. They are now a typical pyramid and pushing people to sign up friends for their $50 $250 and $500 package deals to join the business.
    I luckily got out a few days later.

  • Ca
      17th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was scammed also... Can't get my trip, can't get my money back, can't get calls returned. I would be interested i a class action lawsuit also. How do we do that?

  • Cl
      1st of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hey, I am realizing this scam. I was emailed a promise of a free vacation for 90 minutes of my time. After the 90 minutes plus, we explained that we had to go and could not give a company that we never heard of $10, 000 right now, the guy started yelling. He called us meatheads and said "we are done here". When we went to the front desk to check out, he came around the back and was swearing at us dropping the F bomb and calling us ###s. We waited patiently for him to finish and a girl came out and gave us our certificates. Well, I thought that was the end, but it was just the begining of a huge scam. Now I can't get a resevation without sitting through another torture session or I can pay $$. How is that free? They need my cc # and $50 just to make the reservation. They say it is refundable but when I asked, "when do I get it refunded, (during the trip), do I have to sit through another presentation to get the refund back", she could not confirm. These people are tricky. They know exactly what they are doing. Class action!!!YEAH, I'M IN.

  • Za
      18th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was also scammed by 'Worldwide Travel Center'. They took my $100 registration fee and didn't do anything to help me with getting a vacation except for asking for more money. I really hope the money they stole from consumers is taken away from them

  • No
      16th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have also been involved in one of these scams, but I figured a way out of the time share session.If you go to the presentation intoxicated then they aren't allowed to pitch the time share idea to you because your mental state isn't right to make the decision. I know it sounds crazy but my ex and I got suckered into a time share everywhere we went (Daytona, Orlando and keywest)by the time we got to our 3rd time share in key west we decided we needed to have a couple drinks before it so we could deal with it. Well when we got there they knew we were feeling good plus we had drinks in our hands. The girl at the front desk told us we couldn't do the time share presentation because of us drinking and just gave us our tickets for our sunset cruise! We were so happy and we told ourselves if we would have known that we would have started drinking at our first time share presentation (lol). So yes people there is a way around the boring miserable, stupid presentation!

  • Sa
      28th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have been awarded a holiday from worldwide vacations. They were saying on the phone that it is for 45 pounds for up to 6 people and a destination of your choice. I am really confused now looking at this page. I am dont know if it is a scam or not. I am really confused

  • An
      25th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    It is all scam. Stay away. Run as fast as you can. This company is bunch of fakers.
    They ripped me off with 308 dollars that they were suppose to refund me back but did not. It has been over 4 months.
    Addy Kides

  • Co
      20th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    Wow!! I donated a car and got the 7 night voucher which requires me to pay $200. The first caveat was that no where could I find an actual list of hotels that accepted this voucher. The list is forthcoming after receipt of the $200. Why hide it? I am not that picky but I do have some standards, like not wanting to stay in the local crack motel. Strike one. The red flag raised, I then surfed on over to the Better Business listing. After playing with the name a little, I found Worldwide Vacations, llc (now INC) with 7 complaints with in the last 12 months, closed because they have changed their name. Strike two. Further research led me here, where you fine folks have told your tales of woe. Strike three. I will will certainly not be giving my C.C number or my Social (yikes) to anyone over the phone. I did get a $500 tax credit for the car so I believe I will stop while I am ahead. Has anyone actually gone on these vacations?

  • Gl
      1st of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Thank you for all your posts regarding World Wide Travel. My husband and I attended a presentation on Sunday and after turning down the $10, 000 and the $7, 000 package we signed up for a $3500 one week vacation package with lots of perks and "hot weeks". When I got home I was disappointed to see that the cruise they offered could only be used from Sept to Feb. I'm a teacher so that knocked out all my available vacation time. The plane tickets had similar problems. I figured it was no big deal, I'd just book a cruise for my family using my membership discount rate. The next night I had a horrible dream regarding this decision and when I woke up I decided to google their company name. Holy cow, I couldn't believe all the negative posts and BBB score of "F". Luckily we are still in the 5 day cancellation period and didn't give them a dime of money. I cancelled this morning and changed my debit card number to ensure that they do not charge it ever. They opened a new CC for me and they don't have the number to it, so they can't charge it. I appreciate all the posts.

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