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So, I received a $500 shopping spree certificate to use on the World wide Shopping Network. I received the certificate after purchasing a time-share. I was actually excited to go online and do some Christmas shopping. I read the certificate prior to going to the site and it stated that you can only check out once and you must pay shipping and handling. I figured this wouldn't be a big deal because everything has to be purchased at one time and shipped at the same time, so you would only pay 1 shipping fee.


First, I must start out by saying that there are VERY few items to purchase on this website. I was appalled. Most of the items are dollar/discount store type items, like cheap sunglasses, cheap jewelry, and cheap tool sets. I went onto the site today, October 25, 2008, and was in awe. I clicked on their 'Tools & Electronics' section. Funny! There were only 6 items! Their ONE electronic listed was a cheap pocket radio, for $30.96 PLUS $12.14 for shipping. I couldn't believe it. You can get Sony and Panasonic pocket radios with more features and better quality for $9.99 on Amazon. It gets better. The jewelry section was ridiculous. My local Dollar Store carries better quality and more fashionable jewelry than WSN. So does Wal-Mart. They even have those cheap necklaces, like a thin cheap chain with a metal peace sign necklace, that you get out of the gumball machine for a quarter-selling for $17.99 PLUS $5.49 S&H. CRAZY. I actually feel sick to my stomach. Cushion Stadium seats for a whopping $25.95 Plus $8.23 s&h. These seats cost $5-10 at Wal-Mart. The shipping and handling price is actually the real price of their products with profit.

It is not one shipping fee for a whole order. They charge you the ridiculous fictitious s&h fees for EACH separate item. So you can spend your $500 so-called spree, but you pay anywhere from $100-400 in fees. Genius. WSN makes a profit from us and the business's that used them for promotional purposes. Your $500 spree is really on $100 worth of low quality ridiculous junk, plus they get their made up S&h fees. It's amazing. I have been bamboozled. These items get to your home in one shipment, which means that the items are stored in one place and then shipped. In real-life, this means that you only pay one fee. They are charging as if all this junk is coming from warehouse all over the US and being shipped to you separately, NOT THE CASE.

PLEASE, if you are considering purchasing an item, like a mag subscription, and they offer you a 'Shopping Spree' of sorts, don't do it. And don't do it if the certificate is with WSN. It is junk, a ripoff, a scam.


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