Worldwide shipping contractors / Non-delivery of goods

1 IvanoFrankvisk, Ukraine

August 2012 I was given "You should have delivery to your new home in six to eight weeks" to my enquiry of AUSTRALIAN VANLINES (AVL) as to how long I should wait for delivery of a small amount of personal goods for my "door to door" contract from Australia to Ukraine. Almost FOUR MONTHS later the goods were finally shipped. SIXTEEN MONTHS after initial contact the goods arrived ONLY because I was forced to take control to effect delivery. A task AVL were completely unable to achieve.

Initial cost was $AUD4, 150 but it eventually cost well in excess of $13, 000 through the incompetence of this inept company. The extra I was forced to pay was for detection and eventual delivery. AVL couldn't complete the simple task given them so I require the initial outlay as well as all money paid by me to effect delivery. I will NOT give up!

With more than 350 Emails, more than 100 of which were direct with AVL, bank statements, invoices, a 9 page letter of complaint (which has basically been ignored) apart from a couple initial emails, hospitalisation through stress, almost a broken marriage, on-going medication for mental health issues, and a serious depletion of my meagre savings from a war disability and aged pension, I will NOT give up!

It's interesting to read complaints about this company...MOST are negative. Why-oh-why didn't I see them earlier. Their website is grand, chest-thumping claims of how good they are...IMHO are TOTALLY fraudulent and untruthful in the extreme.

So, what to do. It appears solicitors aren't interested after contacting a few. Australian consumers have the law on their side, so, I will NOT give up! That is a promise.

Mar 30, 2014

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