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Worldwide Destinations Services / Fraudulent representation of services

1 206 S Hoover Blvd, Ste 120Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 813-282-7300

In September of 2009 I received a post card advertisement for a free cruise for 2 people if we were to attend a sales presentation for a vacation club called Worldwide Destination Services in Tampa FL. Remember people, if its to good to be true it usually is! So I convinced my wife to go and assured her that we were not going to buy a thing. And we wouldn't have if there wasn't some sort of guarantee that we could get our money back if we did not like the services. Well we were wrong, the sales pitch was okay, the prices and demonstration of what was available was pretty good, the rest of their performance and delivery on their commitments was horrific. The so called 365 Day Money Back Guarantee was nothing but a scam and fraud. WWD and its employees never intended to ever give anyone their money back if they were dissatisfied with their services There can't be many, if any, people satisfied with WWD's level of unprofessional and poor customer service not to mention the sub standard products they offered which were not even close to what they portrayed in their sales pitch and promotion. This company has done nothing but lie about its capabilities and services. I caution all to choose wisely if considering doing business with WWD.

The fraud only gets worse as you go down the rabbit hole with this group. They coerce you along to fulfill your contractual obligations by purchasing one vacation package through them. Then after you comply with all the requirements stipulated in the refund process WWD will approve your refund and then claim they went out of business. How convenient after 6 months of trying to get our money back they say they have fallen on tough times and can not refund our 100% guaranteed investment. Once again not taking responsibility for their actions and living up to their signed contractual commitments.

I am sure there are legitimate companies out there in this industry and people who actually do what they say they will do after taking your money. This company is not one of them and all they have done is give the vacation club industry a bad reputation. I for one will never trust one of these companies again and as more people get burned, and more good hard working people post their true stories on these sites, that industry will die along with the good and the bad involved. Sad story yes, maybe someone inside the industry should do something for all the folks who have been ripped off and assure us that this type of fraud and unethical business practices will be dealt with in a legal and appropriate manner.

Thank you to all who cared enough to read this complaint. I encourage all of you to stand up for your rights, get involved when a wrong is done and reward those who provide honest and value added services to your lives. These are the people you can trust, don't take them for granted or expect them to perform at the cheapest rate. You will get what you paid for, sometimes a lot less...

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  • Wi
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    Worldwide Destinations Services - Failure to refund as promised
    Worldwide Destinations Services
    206 S. Hoover Blvd., Suite 120
    United States
    Phone: (813)-282-7300 ▪ Fax (813) 282-4714

    After we booked and traveled and were dis satisfied with the service and the quality of the the service and lodging, we requested, several times for our money back. All of this was to be within one year of our original sign up date.
    All we were offered was a two week extension on our one year contract and we told Worldwide that this was not satisfactory.
    We want a refund as stated in their contract.
    After two months they continue to ignore their money back guarantee.
    I don't have photos to attach, but have several letters from us and Worldwide.

  • Be
      25th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Beware "Leisure Travel" is the new name for World Wide Destinations (WWD) and Scott Carey is running the company and brought many of his employees from WWD to Leisure Travel.

  • Jo
      9th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also have been rip off by this company and have just go a judgement against them now i have to get my money. Any knowlege of what then own would be of help.

  • Wi
      17th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hey, Betty Renne Stone and Johnbar. I am also a victim of WWD. Scott Carey stole a total of $4, 446 of my money in year 2009 and 2010. My husband and I are pursuing a lawsuit again them too. They are running a business scam and committing fraud. By only changing the name on paper, Scott Carey is able to run the same scam over and over again in the same building in Tampa, Florida, while victimizing many people! I recommend that we shall all report Scott Carey and his business to FBI. Also, there is a NBC program called called "Dateline NBC", which has investigated many criminal cases on national TV, including child pornography, money fraud, and famous people like Bernie Madoff. Since Scott Carey's business model looks sexy in a popular Florida; so maybe the company is qualified for some air times on NBC.

  • Ji
      1st of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    My wife and I are victims of Worldwide Destinations (WWD), who turned our contract over to Leisure Services (LC) and then apparently to Pacific Dreams. While with WWD we did get tremendous hotel/motel rates, not so with LC; however, Pacific Dreams will not honor our contract or allow us to be members, indicating WWD is still in business in Tampa (813-282-7300). Has anyone approached an attorney about a class action suit? We, as an individual, may file in Small Claims Court if we can get witnesses and successfully serve WWD & LC executives subpoenas for a PRE-TRIAL HEARING without the need for an attorney, who may require a ridiculous retainer for suing in amounts below $5, 000.00. ANY TAKERS? Contact me at

  • Ci
      23rd of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    Hi, we also were scammed. They took several thousands of our money and we got absolutely nothing! We tried right away to get a refund. But they said they were under tough times and could not give us our money. They said they would give us a weekend stay somewhere but never did. Then they became Pacific Dreams. I reached them once, but then the will not answer email or phone calls. And I do have a letter from this guy Scott Carey. This was also 2009. I do want to sue them. But the cost would be crazy and he knows it. Maybe a class action lawsuit ?

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