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WorldVentures / lack of information

1 Dolton, IL, United States

I am not going to say that world ventures is a scam! I can only state my experience as a wv rep and make my complaint. I do not look at wv as a pyramid. I look at my company the federal govenment as a pyramid. Do, I like the tatics that wv reps use. No. Some are to aggresive. The only way to make it in wv you have to have a passion for it. See, I am in for the travel part. If, I get people to sign up then ok. But, I want to enjoy traveling. Now getting people to join. I explain everything that I know other reps are hiding. When, I need to present wv to people, I don't tell them one thing and when we meet it is something totally different. I will not pressure them in joining. I would just continue to show them all the fun, I am having in traveling and showing the blue sign. This business is not for everyone. Just like college is not for every student leaving high school. Wv works for me and I will share it with others with no pressure. I lost two customers because of a aggresive rep. I was pissed because her tatics was out of line. She stated that is the way to do it. No it is not. My way is show and tell. If they not on boad. My response thank you for your time. Now, I can by pass anyone in the business if, I put my heart into it. I will never by pass my director with the federal government. The government is a prymid all day long. I will remain at the bottom until, I retire. So please people if your heart is not into it please don't join. For the agrressive reps for wv. Stop stop. Don't look nice.

May 5, 2015

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