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Worldventures / pyramid scheme with a twist

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World Ventures
While not illegal, world ventures does work off the old "puramid scheme" setup. You pay cash to recruit people, and make it back from the cash of your recruits. Logically, someone has to lose money for you to get paid.

However, as they do offer actual vacations and travel services, this is not a crime. One could argue that your money also paid for your access to their exclusive vaccation deals, (Which are consistently higher than travelocity, expedia, or even face-value hotel expenses.) the packages are a rip off, as is the recruitment, but its legal. And realistically, if you can sucker in enough of your fellow saps, you actually can profit. So long as the there is a lower rung on the ladder to pay for your mistake.

They don't lie to you. The just hide the truth in pretty words and motivational hotel "pep rallies." most of the atendees are still buying into it themselves, so they come across as very sincere and enthused. But if you notice, none of them are really making money. Hmms.

Dont be fooled, most of these people are faking smiles to make their money back, even hoping your money will recoup their losses. My advice - dont get up in arms, this thing is huge and there's nothing you can do. Just look out for yourself and your loved ones and keep your wallet closed.


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N  28th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Its pretty clever. The monthly fee serves a dual purpose. IT DOESNT REALLY GET YOU EXCLUSIVE VACCATION DEALS! (these fees can actually be cheapened drastically by booking it yourself, there's really no deal in it).

The dual purpose fee is this:
1. It guarantees World Ventures will make at LEAST that profit off you every month, with in itself keeps the company afloat.
2.The only way out for you is to work your ### off to recruit others. So for every one person who gets OUT OF DEBT to World Ventures, another 4 are in the whole.

These things are disgustingly brilliant. And they're so common now its scary.
D  28th of Aug, 2009 by 
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What a joke... your post is not even close to the truth... you are the reason that network marketing companies get a bad Name... A Pyramid Scheme ( not puramid) is exchanging of money with no product whatsoever... Worldventures does not pay people to sign up or recruit people... They pay for the selling of a product ie: Dreamtrips membership or LTC package... ... Get your facts straight before posting such stupidy on the NET !!!

oh and Wventures is cheaper than travelocity and expedia 68% of the time. Just another internet expert it seems. Jeff
A  22nd of Sep, 2009 by 
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I agree World Ventures is a typical MLM marketing plan. I went to a meeting and it was so sad hearing the speaker tell us to call up our friends and family for money...how desperate!!! Let me tell you I found the same trips on funjet and worry free vacations a heck of lot cheaper than World Ventures. When they say the travel industry is the largest industry in the world at their "pep rallies" they are sorely mistaken...look at the diet market, makeup, oil, etc...these markets outweigh the travel industry 10 fold. Don't be fooled with World Ventures...spend your time on Church and a real job. God Bless.
N  24th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Now, while WV Reps claim they don't get paid to recruit, the fact is to be eligible to be a WV Rep does require the sale and/or purchase of a product by which commissions is paid to the recruiter. So in essence, the recruiter IS getting paid to recruit.

In addition, there is some very clear language in their Detailed Compensation Plan (DCP) that outlines the benefits of recruiting versus retail sales.

Which, by the way, WorldVentures does not pass this out at their initial presentation. They have you sign a contract stating you agree to the DCP, but they don't provide you a copy of of the DCP. You have to know where to find it.
N  26th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I actually worked for World Ventures for 8 solid months, and you DO in fact get paid to recruit. That's all you get paid for actually. As the previous posted stated, it's not in your initial introduction. So Catsalesman, if you are a recruit, (and I suspect you are) listen carefully.

In joining World Ventures, you will be required to pay $49-$99 a month for access to their programs. (the services in question Dreamtrips, etc) and no, they consistently cost more than the major booking sites, look it up on Consumerreports.org.

By RECRUITING enough people your fees will be waived.

If you recruit in EXCESS of that amount, you will accrue a commission, as well as travel miles, etc. (the pay off)

At my best point, mid-March, I was barely scraping by without paying the membership fees every month, my commission was a joke. I finally left the company two months ago, taking nothing with me for my time. but I made them a TON of money from other suckers like me, and what's worse is the people I recruited were all friends and family. Most of them are still buying in, and noone's making anything. Just enough to keep your hopes up.

So we have estavlished that there IS a payoff to sign-up and recruit. That's the primary basis of the business, so it really is a pyramid scheme. If you got a good deal, aweesome, but that's rarely the case.
My guess is that the angry above poster is one of their latest recruits. Good luck to you. I give you 8 months before you wise up and realize what I did.
A  26th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Your 68% statistic is wrong, that data came straight from the training vid. Don't believe everything they tell you Jeff.
N  27th of Sep, 2009 by 
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If you are looking for a true Marketing System you want a system that can overcome the 4 challenges faced by all network marketers.

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We'll have you essentially producing your leads for free, even if you are using paid methods to produce you leads like PPC.

And this system is completely duplicable and you can plug your downline in and they will then have the same system to get the same success you are having.

Check it out today


Bob Kozec, Founder

D  12th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Oh my goodness. Such ignorance, I have never seen! First of all, WorldVentures does NOT pay anyone for recruiting someone into the BUSINESS! You get paid for selling PRODUCT. To buy the product, you do not have to get into the business and to get into the business, you do not have to buy the product. I have a rep below me who hasn't purchased product at all yet, and I haven't been paid a cent for her joining. However, I am helping her all the way to the top because when she sells product, it will help me. If she gets the products, then I will get paid for her personal enrollments into the product line. Think of it this way. If you buy a McDonalds, does it not benefit you AND the company if the company puts millions into advertising on TV? Yes, the company makes money on YOUR sales. If you are in corporate America, a bunch of people above you are making money when you sell their products AND they are making money on the sale of products that anyone you hire makes. However, they don't make money because you hired that person.

Sorry, but if you think paying monthly dues or annual dues makes something illegal or wrong, cancel your membership at Sams Club or Costco and make sure you never buy a timeshare or get a Disney Vacation membership or join Thousand Trails or anything else that requires monthly dues.

As for not making money, well that's a joke. If you put out the effort and hearing someone say "no" once in a while doesn't give you a tummy ache and send you into a deep state of depression so you never tell anyone else about it, you WILL make money. WV pays exactly what they say they will pay exactly when they say they will pay. I have made far more money than I put in and I never have to pay them another dime for my product. Why don't you go ask Sams Club if they will waive your fees forever if you refer 4 people to them?! Everyone I know who is actually doing the work is making money! Those who aren't telling anyone, strangely, are not making any money. Imagine that!

I love this company. We have a single mother of 6 on our team who reached the Fast Start Bonus and received a large sum of money for doing so because she reached a significant number of customers within 60 days. The great thing is that she was 5 customers short with 2 hours remaining before her 60 days was up, so a whole bunch of people on our team got together and found her those 5 customers before the clock struck midnight. She really needed the money. She was teary-eyed as she stood in front of the team and received recognition for reaching that milestone. That's what WorldVentures is all about! It's a team effort. It's about caring for each other and helping those in need. We have a HUGE goal to help tens of thousands of people achieve financial freedom and to feed and clothe people around the world as well as spread the Gospel all over the world without ever having to soliicit even one dollar from anyone in order to do it. This company and this business and the strong, moral, ethical and spiritual leadership of our team and this company will allow us to do that.

You people are sad, maybe well-intentioned dream stealers, but you are soooooo wrong! This company is privately held and debt free and growing very fast. Selling products with word of mouth advertising does not make a pyramid scheme! It makes a dream making and dream achieving company when it has solid leadership and undeniably valuable products.

Some of you don't seem to get the concept. One of my friends has the same problem. Can you book vacations to certain places cheaper yourself? Yes. However, the concept of DREAMtrips is to get 4 and 5 star vacations at 1 and 2 star prices. Sure, you can stay at Motel 6 cheaper than the 4 Seasons, but how much pampering are you going to get. How much food and drinks and transportation and comfort does your Motel 6 and Chevy Sprint car rental get you on your VACATION. You are talking about a TRIP with a tiny room with one or two beds and a small bathroom. We are talking about a huge suite with 2 or 3 rooms, all you can eat buffets, all inclusives, free drinks, air conditioned buses at the airport to transport you to the resort where you don't even have to stand in line to check in. All this for the same and sometimes lower prices than your Motel 6 and McDonalds every meal. There are deals you can't book for yourself anywhere else. We have won awards from Carnival, Funjet, Disney. We are the #1 booker of travel to the country of Mexico. We have an alliance with Disney. We are the exclusive travel booking partner of the World Poker Tour. The Sports Legends Challenge is partnered exclusively with us. We have many travel agents, including a couple I personally know, who joined because they couldn't beat our deals. I could go on and on and on, but if you have your minds closed, you won't believe it anyway. It's just sad that so much misinformation and untruth is out there on the internet for anyone to find and people may never pursue their dreams thanks to people like you. I personally know several people in the business who are achieving GREAT things in the business and making TONS of money while helping others do the same thing. I will never listen to the dream stealing, misinformers like you. I am well on my way to having lifetime residual income which will pass to my children when I die and within a year, WorldVentures will be paying for my car and my house, and I will come right back here and post pictures of them for you all. I am not going to participate in this recession or in this assassination of a high character company. I will achieve my dreams because I have a purpose that I am pursuing. You can keep working for the company that doesn't care about you and will lay you off eventually and can dictate how much you make and what your measly retirement will be, but I am going to be retired by the time I am 45 with a 6 figure income monthly with which to finance my retirement and my missions work and assisstance to people everywhere.

Start telling the truth, people! PLEASE!!!

Happy WorldVentures Rep
N  3rd of Oct, 2017 by 
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@HappyWVRep High Five!!! Lots of love!!!
from a fellow Happy WorldVentures Rep
N  12th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Read this and learn a little something about how air fares work. This is why we are cheaper 68% of the time when you book a vacation. The flight prices change 10, 000 times per day. By the time you book that cheaper flight you found on Expedia or Travelocity, it has changed or is no longer available and your price has now increased significantly. Rovia, our booking engine does not change the price. By the way, our booking engine was built by the same man who built Orbitz and United's booking engine before that.

N  12th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Here is the independent study from Topaz International showing Rovia is lowest price 68% of the time.


Here is the link to the Topaz International website if you don't know who they are:

N  12th of Oct, 2009 by 
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If you are interested in the truth and the other side, check this out:

N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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HappyWVRep, your second link is the same as your first. Do you have the correct link for the Topaz study?
N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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WorldVentures profits off of their admitted 70% failure rate. Their high pressure sales tactics are used to intimidate people into making a rash decision.

Slides such as "Momentum" are displayed and verbal misrepresentations are made regarding the status of the company and the immediate potential earnings...

Other sales tactics such as the slide dipicting "YOU" out to the left and "BOB" in your place in the pyramid therefore, "BOB" is going to get all the profits "YOU" missed out on because you didn't sign right then and there- is another example of misleading the prospect...

Only handing the recruitee a 2 page contract (and in some cases only 1 of the 2 pages) and verbally telling the recruitees "It's just a standard contract". Yet, the 2 page contract contains stipulations that the recruitee agrees to abide by a Detailed Compensation Plan and Policies & Procedures, neither of which were provided to recruitee to read/review, nor were those agreements even verbally disclosed...

Utilizing misleading sales techniques from companies the FTC shut down for deceptive practices, i.e. "MOMENTUM"... (Trek Alliance used the same tactic)

Omitting and deceiving the public of the involvement WV executives truly had with "companies with less than stellar reputations"... Marc Accetta's true involvement with Equinox and Trek Alliance

Training new reps to use deceptive tactics when inviting prospects to meetings "Be in a hurry", "Keep from explaining"...

I personally witnessed a WV Representative state they are claiming certain tax deductions, in an attempt to lead prospective recruitees into believing they too could get said tax deductions by being a WV rep, when in fact those particular deductions he stated he was claiming are not allowable AT ALL per IRS regulations (confirmed by my attorney)...

I also personally received an email from a WorldVentures rep stating she had "gotten all her money back" that she originally invested in becoming a WV rep through WV profits. Further investigation revealed she actually had a several hundred dollar loss...

In my world, these tactics are unethical, and in some cases - even illegal. Preying on people's emotions, exploiting their trust, and sending them away with a financial loss and a sense of shame through a feeling of failure.

Couple that with the high unemployment rate right now, a perfect breeding ground for more victims, victims desperate and willing to accept just about anything they are told just so for a glimpse of hope that they can provide for their family.
N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Happy WVRep posts above "If you are interested in the truth and the other side, check this out: http://worldventures.biz/truthwv/#blank"

Might I recommend you do further research as WorldVentures' has omitted very important facts regarding Marc Accetta's true involvement with Equinox and they have totally omitted that he was involved with Trek Alliance. Both companies were shut down by the FTC because of illegal practices.

Marc Accetta, WorldVentures' Director of Training, has been named in SEVERAL lawsuits as a co-defendant with Equinox and Trek Alliance.

N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Happy WVRep posts "Here is the independent study from Topaz International showing Rovia is lowest price 68% of the time. "

Yet, according to Dallas Better Business Bureau, who gives WorldVentures a D- rating:

"Complaints are regarding misrepresentation of the promised savings on travel, slow or non delivery of promised refunds and dissatisfaction with customer service. Specifically, customers complain that paying the company fee and following the company business model does not provide promised savings as stated by company representatives. The company resolves complaints by offering refunds or refering to the agreement for explanation. However, customers complain that the refund was delayed or not received. Additionally, customers indicate that they have difficulty contacting the company."

N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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WorldVentures has been claiming they were "very very rapidly" going to hit "MOMENTUM" any day now, so hurry up and join right now so you don't miss out.
Yet, when you compare the slides they've used over the years, it actually appears they are going backwards.

N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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IN ADDITION to Marc Accetta. WorldVentures' Director of Training, being listed as a co-defendant with Equinox in a class action lawsuit filed in Lubbock, TX - he ALSO was listed as a co-defendent alongside Equinox in cause numbered DC-96-06905 in the 101st District Court of Dallas. Yet, according to "The Truth About WorldVentures" posted on their site at http://worldventures.biz/truthwv/#blank, WorldVentures leads people to believe Marc Accetta was simply an independent representative of Equinox. Then why is it he keeps getting named as a co-defendant right along with Equinox?
N  18th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Rick Frisk was named alongside Marc Accetta in the lawsuit I mentioned above.

Posted from http://www.rickross.com/reference/equinox/equinox2.html

Bob Hanneman in Savannah, Ga., contends that for his 51-year-old brother, Lyle Lee Claude, joining Equinox was "the last straw" that pushed his brother over the edge. After losing his job, Lee Claude--known as "Bud"--ran up $10, 000 in debts, borrowing from family to invest in Equinox and Advanced Marketing seminars at the encouragement of Rick Fritz, an Equinox "heavy-hitting distributor." At the end of 1994, facing jail time for missed child-support, Bud Hanneman shot himself in an apartment he was renting in Florida--for which he was months behind in rent. Although Bud had prior personal and legal problems, compounded by a failed relationship and a no-contest plea weeks earlier to a prostitution solicitation charge, Bob Hanneman says, "as far as I'm concerned, Equinox played a tremendous part in my brother taking his own life. They fed him all that bullcrap to rise him up and kick him in the butt again. He got flim-flammed and couldn't deal with it. And I would like the opportunity to sit down with Bill Gouldd eyeball to eyeball and give him my opinion on that."
N  30th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Brilliant post, Two by Two, er uh, Lisa...So a guy is a loser, can't keep a job, doesn't pay his child support, yet has money for prostitutes killed himself because the company told him to get training! Wow, what do you want to bet that suit gets thrown out? That's incredible. Not trying to defend Equinox here because I truly don't know enough about them to do so, but this is a desperate attempt at gaining financially from his brother's stupidity and death. Very nice!
N  30th of Oct, 2009 by 
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WorldVentures is a legitimate, lifestyle and travel product, network marketing business. There are any number of definitions as to what constitutes a pyramid scheme, but this helpful article by the FTC offers a very comprehensive explanation.

WorldVentures passes the “pyramid test” because the company does not pay commissions based on recruiting new Representatives. Rather, commissions are paid solely on the sale of DreamTrip Memberships and the LTC package. Significantly, these products are not sold at inflated prices and since they are not physically tangible items, Representatives do not carry any inventory.

We’ve also launched a new B2B division that markets the DreamTrip Membership as an employee benefit directly to companies with no mention of any Representative opportunity whatsoever. At the rate we are writing new B2B business, we will bring on thousands of new DreamTrip customers over the next 12 months.

WorldVentures is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a viable business opportunity akin to Mary Kay, Pre-Paid Legal, Shaklee, Tupperware, Avon, or any other legitimate company using a home-based business distribution model. In fact, noted industrialists and corporations utilize the network marketing model as well. For example, Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) owns The Pampered Chef, Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airways also owns Virgin Vie, which distributes cosmetics and skincare products in Europe; banking giant CitiGroup owns Primerica Insurance Company, Donald Trump has announced that he is launching the Trump Network in October 2009, and clothing giant Jockey owns and operates Jockey Person-to-Person, The point is that the direct selling, or “network marketing” model is a legitimate business method, but is often misunderstood by those who simply look at the compensation structure and improperly conclude that they are pyramid schemes.

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