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Trading under a number of different names this organisation treats its customers with utter contempt! Ordered a bed and mattress... only mattress was delivered... filthy and torn packaging, fabric heavily soiled. Upon enquiring was told that bedframe was not in stock (website said instock for immediate delivery) and was unlikely to be in-stock for 3months! It took almost a month to get the matress collected and just under three months to get the credit. They NEVER answer their Customer Service telephone line. Avoid at all costs (when ordering on-line make sure that the site is not operated by Worldstores!)

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  • Mi
      Nov 26, 2012

    Hi there, I work for WorldStores as a senior manager and was very disappointed to read that you had a bad experience with us. It looks like we've really messed up, but we do actual care about how we treat people so we're very sorry about this. I'd like to find out more about what went wrong. If you want you can drop me an email and I will look into the order for you - just mail me at michael.d at with your order number and I will investigate further. Once again, we apologise for your bad experience, but would very much like to see exactly what went wrong. Thank you.

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  • Fi
      Jan 27, 2017

    @Michael D1 go on sites such as sitejabber, trustpilot etc you could maybe answer thousands of other horror stories about your company

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  • Sh
      Apr 10, 2013

    ii made my order on 2 April and it is 10 April and I havnt recieved my order whats going on? When I rang worldstores customers service they said my order will be here on Wednesday but I didn't get any emails or phone call what and why it hasnt been delivered so I am very angry and disappointed with the service that I am getting nothing back.i had to pay the gas fitters for coming out but the fire surround that I ordered wasnt here its bad service to customers.i am still waiting for my order that I paid for?

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  • Ju
      Apr 20, 2013

    Worst experience of my life - Everybody should report this company & stop them doing this to us

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  • Sa
      Apr 24, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    The more I read of WorldStores and all it's trading names the more I am convinced that this rogue trader needs stopping. Why it still trades is a mystery. I plead to all, report to any media consumer watchdog you can... it seems the only way? What are Trading Standards doing?

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  • Co
      May 09, 2013

    Regal House
    70 London Road
    TW1 3QS

    CEOs emails:

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  • Ju
      May 20, 2013

    It's time everybody reported this appalling company to Watchdog, Trading Standards & Office of Fair Trading, it only takes one phone call or email to each legal organisation, enough complaints logged against them will open up an investigation to expose their fraudulent activities & stop future people falling prey to their massive scam.

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  • Ra
      Jun 07, 2013

    I completely agree with all the comments posted. I am extremely distressed by my experience with world stores and wish I had read the reviews prior to ordering. My order was due to be delivered today and after 3 emails, 2.5 hours on hold to the elusive customer service number I am no closer to a resolution. The most infuriating element is the complete disregard for the individuals loss of money due to taking a day off work to receive delivery. A days holiday = a days salary. I wonder if world store would reply to my message in a more speedier manner if I were to send an invoice for my days 'pay' waiting for them to fulfil their promise.

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  • Ju
      Jul 04, 2013

    Trustpilot score down to 5.8 & will continue to sink to zero which is all this company deserves totally disgusting illegal company

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  • Ju
      Jul 04, 2013

    Trustpilot score down to 5.8 & will continue to sink for this totally disgusting illegal scam company

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  • Ju
      Jul 20, 2013

    Looks like they are faking good reviews or maybe paying someone to do them, as there is sudden influxes of good reviews, which as anyone who has ever shopped with them knows only to well, they are incapable of any good review whatsoever.

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  • Rb
      Aug 16, 2013

    Wish i had read these reviews before i ordered with world stores
    Terrible company the customer service is non existent and the attitude of there staff really sucks.
    They lie repeatedly and give you so much BS to get you off the phone
    I needed some lights got the sales to verify they had the stock "they said they did" ordered with 48 hour delivery so expected on the 8th August chased on 9th then weekend chased on the 12th, 13th, all 3 times told items would be with me the following day on the 13th i was told that items were being collected from there warehouse that day and would be delivered the following day which i questioned because i was told previously that they were being shipped direct from there supplier?? no delivery on the 14th chased on the 15th only to be told that i had been given a full refund?? i asked why as i believed the items were out for delivery and was told the items had been returned?? BS they never arrived so how did they get returned? the person on the phone could not give me any info as to who signed to refuse them or send them back etc I was being lied to you know the feeling? im sure if you have dealings with this company you will know that feeling. I was told the refund had been processed on the 15th which was strange as earlier i had checked the tracking info and on the 15th it had changed from order pending to out for delivery?? to top it all off they said that the refund will take 5 to 7 days to reach my bank what do they send it by? carrier snail, ALL IN ALL A TOTALLY RUBBISH COMPANY AND I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE ANYONE CONSIDERING DEALINGS WITH THEM TO STAY WELL CLEAR. I will be taking this matter further via consumer services and trading standards.

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  • Ro
      Aug 30, 2013

    18 mintues on hold and counting to customer services. but if you want to make a purchase they pick up instantly.
    goods not supplied. Going to report to watchdog and police. Taking money and not supplying goods IS A CRIME.

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  • Ch
      Nov 05, 2013

    I ordered a bed and headboard last weekend. Informed that the delivery was today. I received an email yesterday afternoon informing me of a delay. Unfortunately I did not pick the email up until this morning, having a day off work waiting for delivery. The email asked me to phone customer services. Big mistake. I rang customer services twice. The first time the battery run out on my landline phone. I then waited 40 minutes. I then rang the ordering number (on my mobile) and was informed that they would not have given me false information like that and that the website states that delivery is two to three weeks. I was told when I ordered on Saturday I would be receiving it on Tuesday. Why did they send me an email telling me there was a delay?! Customer services is supposed to be ringing me back. By reading all the above reviews I doubt they will even bother. I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering off this company.

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  • Ju
      Dec 11, 2013

    joe.[protected] - richard.[protected]

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  • Ch
      Dec 20, 2013
    United Kingdom


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  • Zi
      Dec 29, 2013

    I have tried to upload all the photos but unable to for some reason?!?

    What an absolute joke this so called "company" is...if there was an award for the worst customer service and the worst quality products it would go to WORLDSTORES.

    So it started with us wanting to buy our little boy a new bed for his third birthday, he loves pirates and ships as most boys do so we got onto Google and found a pirate ship bed from NEXT which we intended to buy just before the day and have it delivered in time for me to build.

    My wife in the mean time found a similar bed online guessed it WORLDSTORES. We placed our order along with the mattress for the bed and I took the time off work to build the bed the day of his birthday so when he came home it would be all ready for him, I was so excited to see the expression on his little face, however I never got to see that!!!

    The bed turned up on the day it was supposed to but to our amazement no mattress?!? My wife spent a few hours trying to contact them by phone at PREMIUM rates whilst also trying to work but however had no joy. We sent them numerous emails but again had no response over the course of a few days. They eventually made contact with my wife and confirmed that the mattress was out of stock and they would be sending it out as soon as they had it in stock but couldn't say for definite when this would be.

    To cut a long story short we eventually got the mattress delivered about two weeks later, by this time our sons birthday had been and gone, I had lost a days wages as I am self employed and spent an absolute fortune on the phone trying to contact these useless excuses of people (I so badly want to say a lot worse).

    When I got round to building the bed after taking yet another half day off work and losing more money I noticed it was damaged in a lot of places and very VERY poor quality. We took photos and emailed them AGAIN only to hear nothing AGAIN, we emailed some more only to hear nothing again. We threatened to seek legal advice in our last email which prompted a swift response and they agreed to deliver a replacement and return a few days later to collect the damaged one so our son wasn't without a bed. They would not refund us because we had missed the 7 day return rule, IF we had have received the mattress on the agreed date with the bed we wouldn't have missed your 7 day rule!!!

    Anyhow we received the replacement and I took yet another half day off work and lost more money. I stripped the damaged one down and moved it all down stairs and opened the packaging of the new one only to find it is even worse than the first one...I was FUMING. We took pictures straight away and sent an email back to them and have heard nothing as yet which was now almost two weeks ago. Our three year old boy is now sleeping on the FLOOR in the middle of winter during Christmas and we are NOT happy.


    We have now had enough of being messed about and being ignored and will be seeking legal advice from CONSUMER RIGHTS on the 2nd of January and I am in the process of putting a very detailed report together for BBC WATCHDOG.

    For a £281.47 bed it has cost us approx £400 in lost time and money phone calls etc etc etc . So all in all in the region of £681 we have lost, HOWEVER I will do my damnedest to get every penny back.

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  • Ju
      Dec 31, 2013

    When isn't named day delivery named day - when it's from worldstores!

    ordered a mattress for named day delivery today. Tracker says it is at the Hull collection depot. Managed to find a contact number for trhe courier and called them. They say the mattress will not be delivered until after the new year.

    Have been on hold with the very difficult to find worldstores number for nearly 45 minutes now!

    Why bother letting me choose a named delivery day when you have no intention of keeping to it.

    Finally got through to a very uncaring person and have cancelled the order and requested a refund.

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  • Be
      Jan 11, 2014

    What an absolute joke! Order 2 beds only 1.5 delivered been on hold for 4 hours and still no answer sent 30 emails and no reply I am now going to the small claims court and I will get every penny back even if. I have to go down there and grab hold of one of the pr...ks

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  • Ju
      Jan 13, 2014

    Mattress and divan, office chair. Neither delivered completely. No answer when calling after sales support and charged for the privilege, no response to email via their web form. Are they are real company. Who can I complain to to get either my order completed or my money back?

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  • Gi
      May 06, 2014

    I wish I had read all these comments before purchase. Their own website gives an amazing satisfaction rating and I can't believe I fell for this. I ordered 2 bedside tables from them last Tuesday for next day delivery. Stayed in all day but the product did not arrive. Next day tried their Customer Services number numerous times. It is NEVER answered. Tried the courier company they use - XDP EXPRESS. They don't answer their phone either. Finally I tried to email them. Got a reply 4 days later saying product would be delivered today. Have taken another day off and have just found out that the product is still sitting in the depot. This company is disgraceful!

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  • Al
      Jun 18, 2014

    I had a bad experience with this company as well, reading the reviews I can see that I am not the only one.

    Be aware and follow this advices, it does not worth to get involve with these people.

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  • Wo
      Jul 31, 2014

    I am a supplier to this company and i am totally disgusted by the way they operate!! We have just decided to pull our product range from their offering because of the volume of inaccurate information they seem to provide to customers. ALL our products have 'NEXT DAY DELIVERY' attached to the listings even though they do not take stock from us and expect us to dispatch the order direct to the customer without them ever "touching" the goods. We have received a large number of calls from their customers saying that they can't get through to the customer services department once the goods are delivered so call us direct. Unfortunately we can't deal with the customers as the contract is between them and WorldStores. Anyway, my experience has been nothing but AWFUL and i would not recommend anyone to buy from them or sell to them. They are a SHAMBLES!!!

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  • Mr
      Aug 13, 2014

    I don't usually write reviews, but something must be done about Worldstores. There are so many reviews written by people with such similar experiences that it is unbelievable that this company is allowed to continue to be so dishonest! It is quite obvious that Wordlstores are managing to post positive reviews to counteract the negative comments posted; as soon as there are a couple of negative posts from people clearly in distress, a couple of positive comments are posted which are very pointed in attempting to negate the previous comments. SOMEBODY LOOK INTO THIS PROPERLY! I bought an item of furniture on the strength of the fact that it was available for delivery on a specific day. However, it never arrived: no email, no telephone call. Absolutely no communication whatsoever. I then attempted to chase this up, but there was no customer service available (the sales team were open though, surprise, surprise!). I sent emails to the company and to the courier - no response at all. After posting a negative comment on a review site, I did get a reply from one of their customer service people. She was very polite and apologized for the lack of delivery of my item. I was quite comforted by this and was fairly hopeful that the item would indeed arrive the following day (3 days later than the specific day I had purchased the item for). However, there was still no sign of any furniture. This is now the fifth day and I am still waiting! I wish I had read some reviews before I ordered from them, as this whole experience has been extremely frustrating and annoying. I cannot understand how, after all this time, Worldstores are still trading and managing to con people to purchase from such an unreliable and dishonest company.
    In summary, they have an excellent website and offer a very wide range of goods with attractive, fast delivery options.

    However, please avoid this company - what they offer does not actually happen in reality!

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  • La
      Jan 26, 2015

    Purchased a door which arrived badly damaged. I rejected the delivery as it was damaged and immediately contacted world stores. I have had no response despite numerous emails. I have failed to get through on the phone whereby I just get through to a never ending que where the phoneline just goes dead.

    These guys should be stopped from trading. Disgusting. I have no door and they have my money. I am sick of genuine people like myself from getting ripped off by pond life like these idiots.
    I have advised them that if I had not heard back from them by today 26th Jan, I will be contacting the trading standards. I haven't heard from them so my next step is the trading standards.
    AVOID at all costs.

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  • Ha
      Apr 14, 2015

    Just requested a refund from this company after waiting 4 MONTHS for an order to be delivered. For the past 2 months I have received promises from their customer services department liek 'the courier has picked it up today' and 'the item will be with you tomorrow'. I have now found out that the item has been discontinued and isn't available anyway so they have been lying through their teeth, presumably so they can hold on to my money for longer! I was promised a good will gesture to compensate for the 2 days I'd taken off work, and the 20 plus phonecalls I had to make - apparently this doesn't apply to refunds!! Slightly concerned as to whether I am going to receive my refund as it was alot of money so we'll wait and see. Really wished I'd looked at reviews first although it is very clear that Worldstores are faking good reviews to counteract bad ones. As many of the above reviewers have said, AVOID at all costs people!!

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  • Ki
      Aug 07, 2015

    I recently purchased 2 expensive light fittings f rom this company ( Order No.WS 0238354, cost £175.96).
    Delivery was promised in 3-5 days. After 2 unanswered emails and 2 telephone calls the items arrived after 13 days. After seeing them we decided we didn't want them after all.
    The Worldstores website promises "no quibble" returns, and that there may be a collection charge for unwanted items but "we will never charge you more than the cost to us".
    I was charged £40.00 for the return of a small package. The customer service rep could not explain the cost but implied it related to the cost of the items ordered!
    I emailed the owner (Joe Murray) on 3.8.15 but have received no response to my request : "Can you please give me a satisfactory explanation of how it is reasonable to charge £40 for collection. Most internet retailers do not charge anything at all for returns, and I can arrange my own carriage for a fraction of the amount you charge."

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  • Ka
      Oct 02, 2015

    Mattress ordered and paid for on Tuesday 29/09/15 with an agreed delivery on Thursday 01/10/15. Still waiting for delivery and unable to contact Worldstores on their number 0344 482 7500

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  • Xa
      Oct 14, 2015

    Very bad service ... No supplied my order and after 7 days I have called them again and cancel order but there is no refund. No one ever pick up call hold for over 30 min and still no response. Very disappointed. This is time to report this company just taking other people hard work money and no supplies and no refund.

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  • Tu
      Nov 16, 2015

    Continue to have a very bad experience with World Stores (Shedworld). After a shambles of an experience spending nearly £1000 on a summerhouse through them (supplied by Shire GB) we are still waiting for compensation. Initially they were responding to emails but now they have dropped off the radar and are not replying. I tried calling them a couple of times but after 45 minutes on hold I gave up! Really wish I had done some research on them before purchasing!

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  • To
      Feb 22, 2016

    Here's the email I've just sent to both CEO's. (Incidentally, as reported in The Telegraph, worldstores received a £25 million cash injection from US investment company Goldman Sachs to develop next day delivery!!!' Haha!!!)

    I'm not letting this one go...I will support anyone wanting to launch an official complaint to Watchdog...
    Is Worldstores in fact an online scam????

    Dear Mr Murray

    I am contacting you as CEO of an online company, Worldstores, which has treated me appallingly since I placed an order on Thursday. It appears I am not the only one; there are many hundreds more disgruntled customers. Having scratched the surface of a few review supermarket etc, I am left wondering whether I have been scammed by an unscrupulous online set-up???

    I ordered a sofa for next day delivery last Thursday that I was told, through a confirmation text that I have a copy of, that it would arrive on Saturday. I waited all day and received no text to tell me they would be with me in one hour as promised.

    Despite many hours waiting on the phone, with no success, I sent an email.

    On Sunday I received a reply to tell me the sofa hadn't arrived at the depot. This contradicted the information on the Worldstore's tracking service, which stated that the sofa had been dispatched and was indeed with the carrier. I have a copy of this too.

    On Monday morning I spoke to Lee at customer services who told me he would find out where the sofa was and contact me by email. No email... No great surprise there!! I sent another email. Nothing. ( apologies if this is getting boring but please find comfort in the fact that I am far more bored by writing it than you are reading it!!)

    After work, I phoned the sales sept and spoke to Tye... He said he couldn't help but he would ask someone to call. No call but an email telling me the sofa was lost in transit!! I was advised to confirm by email whether I would like to proceed with the order, which would be 'monitored to completion' or ask for a refund. I asked them to confirm when the sofa would be delivered if I proceeded. Still nothing. The rest of the evening was spent in the phone...waiting and waiting and waiting... I got through to a sales person who assured me he would put me through to customer services directly. No to be. I found myself waiting again.

    It was then I decided to find out about the company beyond reading reviews and that's when I found many articles outlining how yourself and your business partner had been invested in by Goldman Sachs to the tune of £25 million to develop next day delivery within the company after being let down by other delivery companies!!

    I hope you read this and see fit to respond to my ongoing saga, which I hope to resolve ASAP as I really don't have time to be sat with a phone stuck to my ear and writing lengthy emails to a company whose conduct beggars belief in the age of online shopping.

    Unfortunately, I will peruse this grievance to the bitter end because the bit's between my teeth and I'm not one for letting go easily.

    Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation.

    Victoria Pickles

    Sent from my iPhone

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  • Re
      Feb 26, 2016

    At my wits end with these jokers. I've been trying to get through to both the Sales dept. and "customer services" all day - no answer. Obviously they don't want my business - and I now certainly don't want to give it to them!

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  • Bo
      Mar 11, 2016

    15 emails, lost parcels, stuck in traffic, offered refunds, still no parcel, more emails, put on hold again and again and again need i say any more still no parcel no refund no money back what do i do well for peace of mind and avoiding insanity or a break down i have now decided to walk away and cut my losses, worldstores well done big applause YOU WIN everyone else please avoid

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  • Ov
      Mar 23, 2016

    Ordered bed, mattress and headboard on 18th March for delivery 22nd March. Didn't arrive, no notification or proactive contact from the company. Called customer services and despite the guy not being able to tell me why it wasn't delivered as confirmed, he assured me that all of the items were in the warehouse and ready for dispatch today (24 March) I live overseas and have a tenant arriving tomorrow so they need the bed. Received an email over night from another person at Worldstore saying that the mattress wasn't in stock and that one can only be delivered next week.
    Now passed the complaint to my credit card company here in Singapore who will review their terms of sale and decide whether to take action to pursue a refund.
    Emailed both Richard Tucker and Joe Murray keeping them updated but obviously had no response.
    Pleased to get involved in any group action that is taking place - my email richard at mills dot sg

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  • Mi
      Mar 28, 2016

    I have a similar experience to report. Had a desperate time with sofaworld, part of the worldstores complex. This is a copy and paste job of my review I have uploaded elsewhere, hope it's okay to replicate it here. I did a huge amount of reading up on consumer rights and so on, which I think at least helped in getting some vaguely reasonable compensation out of them. The summary of events was

    - Given delivery date for our sofas
    - hang around for twelve hours (they refuse at any point to use a courier that provides anything useful like half-day slots etc). About 11 hours in, try and phone, can't get through. Send email, and get a rapid reply back (only good thing about our experience). Yep, sofas definitely on their way, don't worry Sir.
    - sofas don't arrive. They haven't even been delivered to the warehouse yet...
    - rearrange delivery. Repeat as above, they don't arrive despite having hung around all day again. Still not actually in the warehouse.
    - When you do things like start quoting consumer rights at them (thanks other consumer websites that I am curiously not allowed to mention by name here, by the way, very helpful), they bully you and deny you have any right to claim compensation, they cannot be held liable etc etc (before then sending another email suggesting they'll "look at a goodwill gesture for you", but repeat the denials about rights to claim via clauses like loss of enjoyment, taking extra days off work to receive delivery etc.
    - Fortunately, having spent far too many hours looking this stuff up, I was able to put together some correspondence that was worded correctly, appropriate etc. So despite their pathetic denials, I suspect they knew I wasn't going to give in to their nonsense.
    - Then, I get a phone call in the middle of the day from the courier, saying "be with you in an hour Sir, with your sofa delivery".
    - Me : "It's Tuesday, fella, I agreed [in writing, with WorldStores] Friday"
    - Him: "Errr..." [not his fault of course; in fact, me speaking to him meant it was actually then arranged for Friday, and then delivered that day. The delivery guys were excellent, good-humoured Jamaican chap, proudly working with his nephew. Anyway, I digress]

    After delivery, having sent another email with a summary of exactly why I was dissatisfied with them, they came up with an offer of £75 refund. Best part of 20% back, not too bad. If I'd pursued it further, I imagine I could have got (my best guess) £120-150 or so. But frankly, there was some heavy-duty and exhausting dealings with this lot, it totally wears you down.

    So my advice would be to avoid anything related to Worldstores like the plague. Awful, incompetent, bullies.

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  • Lp
      Apr 18, 2016

    Never under any circumstances be tempted to buy something from this company. It is simply not worth the stress and upset.

    I ordered a Maya wooden bed. They unilaterally put the delivery date back by 3 weeks by a text message, without any explanation. I tried to call them to find out what was going on, the phone lines weren't working. Then when the phone lines did work, the queue was so long I gave up.

    Then the delivery company turned up on a different random day without warning and (surprise surprise) no-one was there to take delivery.
    Again I queued on the phone lines to try to speak to someone. I was then "promised" that a new delivery date had been fixed in the diary and I needn't worry any more.

    The next day I get a call from their delivery depot asking to book in a delivery date. I told them I'd done this the day before but apparently not - the customer service team I had spoken to at length can't book in delivery dates despite promising me it was all done! So I had to do it again with this delivery depot.

    Then, the bed turned up broken. It is a flimsy, poor poor quality bedframe in any event, but in particular both of the side bars of the frame were split as well as the long middle bar beneath the mattress. It's totally unusable. Have requested a refund so let's see how that goes...

    The experience has been a complete catastrophe from beginning to end. Don't put yourself through it, they are utter cowboys.

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  • Em
      Apr 21, 2016

    I ordered two bar tables in white. They delivered ones which had a wood finish.

    I called in the morning stating that I would need the white ones by the next day. after endless back and forth ALL DAY, via phone and email, I still won't have the tables I need in time for our event. Very disappointed. Furious!

    Also, they were unable to transfer me to a manager, and the manager they promised would call me did not.

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  • Jo
      May 04, 2016

    Ordered 2 bedside tables as part of a bedroom furniture set 6 MONTHS AGO!!! Keep being told that I'll be contacted with an update/ courier will contact me to arrange delivery / suppliers are having problems with their labelling system / they are out of stock/ they are back in stock/ etc etc. Since ordering I have managed to conceive a child which will probably arrive sooner than their furniture does!!! I have asked for a refund on the bedside tables as well as the rest of the furniture which has arrived but is no good to me as part of an incomplete set, so we'll see how that goes. Any advice gratefully received! NEVER ORDER FROM WORLDSTORES, SOFAWORLD, KIDDICARE OR ACHICA!!! They are all part of this awful excuse for a business.

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  • Se
      May 24, 2016

    I have never had an experience with any company as bad as this company, how they stay in business is beyond my comprehension.

    Failed deliveries, broken promises, no updates, no resetting of expectations, no proactive contact, no escalation process.

    All this is then compounded by agents how can hide behind process and policies to absolve themselves and business of any accountability. If you promise something to be delivered on a date and then advise that should not have been promised but no updates as to when you can expect (literally no one knows) then confirm a new delivery date and repeat the whole process you have to form the opinion nothing they can or will ever say can ever be trusted.

    I really wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered, I only went off the "Feefo" feedback displayed proudly on their website which is quite clearly not representative of customer experience.

    Please, please read all the reviews before you deal with this company as my opinion is not the only negative viewpoint on here so this must tell you something...don't buy from them unless you want to be disappointed and wasted weeks of your time.

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  • Ja
      Jun 15, 2016

    MY delivery arrived and once unpacked there is damage to a few prominent parts, I have emailed Worldstores twice but to date have not had a reply from them

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  • Le
      Aug 14, 2016

    I bought a mattress from Worldstores which was delivered to my house in early July. It soon became clear it was broken and very very uncomfortable. I then tried to contact the company by phone to report this over the next couple of weeks but on every occasion the queue was absurdly long so I never got through. Eventually, when I did get through, I was appalled that the advice given to me totally contradicted the advice I had received from Trading Standards. Two Worldstores employees claimed that there was no possible way the mattress could be replaced or refunded, despite it being broken and deeply unsatisfactory. This goes completely against the Consumer Rights Act, which means that Worldstores' terms and conditions are, well, illegal. I have 30 days within which to exercise my 'short-term right to reject'. Moreover, they banned me from both their Facebook and Twitter pages for simply pointing out the above truths. So censorship that wouldn't be out of place in a fascist regime is their preferred method of dealing with critical customers.

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