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WorldSpace Digital Satellite Radio - India / Be careful while subscribing to such services!

1 India Review updated:

We got the WorldSpace Satellite radio installed in our house about 7-8 months back and in the 3rd month it stopped working due to some problem in the receiver they gave me.

After repeated complains, their engineer came home and took it away saying that they will need to repair it. After 3 weeks, and me calling them about 7-8 times, they returned the receiver, but the service was not working since the receiver id was changed during the repair.

They took more than 1 month to resume my service. When I asked that they extend my subscription for the time that I was not serviced, they said yes. This was way back in August. Till date I have called them more than 20 times, to the Pune and Bangalore office and the service is not working.

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Even today, the Pune office said to call Bangalore, and that office asked me to call the Pune office. The numbers they provide are generally wrong and I have to make customer service calls to get the right number.

Bottom line, I do not have service for something I paid for and that is annoying.

My advice to all would be, to be careful while subscribing to such services.

Aatish Shroff.

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  • Su
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    Just to add to the above, I had a damaged receiver couriered to me, I had bought it online. My email to them will probably explain what I am going through.

    I repeat, there is no customer service at Worldspace. The below email was written on Novemb er 2, 2007 and today when I am posting it the date is December 18, 2007. Not even a single response to the email.

    This email was after following up with them for two months after the purchase in August 2007. :(

    I still feel the consumer movement in India has a long way to go to understand customer requirements.


    Mr. Umendra,
    I am writing this email to you with great regret of opting to buy Worldspace Satellite Radio.

    I made this decision (would choose to call it my mistake) to buy Worldspace Satellite Radio during August 2007. And I opted to buy it online ( The service was activated on September 10. I received the receiver through courier. And in couple of days, I was called by the customer care to check if I had received the receiver and had activated it.

    When the receiver was installed by your representative, there were scratches and the panel (Inside) and I promptly notified it (Lokesh). He said he would have that replaced in a week's time. But till date this has not been replaced.

    I have made countless calls to your customer care and every sane executive takes the request and says will forward it to the concerned department and get it solved. Until to date, I have not received any call concerning this issue. Your, so called, corporate office at Kasturabha Road, Bangalore is non-existent. The phone never gets attended to! Isn't that Brilliant?

    I was thrilled to receive couple of your follow-up calls (or whatever you call it), and I had informed them too about this issue but the great Worldspace Customer Service had ensured that this feedback is probably junked and efforts to replace the receiver is not made.

    Last week I again called Lokesh, who was surprised that I still had the problem and he connected me to you and since you were busy, provided me your number and also informed me that you would be calling me on my contact number. Needless to say, you never called too keeping up the great tradition of Worldspace Customer Service. I am impressed.

    I being unrelenting called you number today and you were equally good to say that it was not your problem, but upon my persistence to forward my query to the relevant department, glad you requested me to write this email to be forwarded to the relevant department.

    Hope to see the problem resolved immediately.

    Just for your information, please pass this on to all the relevant people in your organization... and inform that there is nothing called as Customer Service in your Organization. I shall try and post this on the internet too for other to know what they are getting into if they opt to buy Worldspace.

    Unsatisfied, Disappointed & Disgusted Customer,

    Suresh R

  • Yo
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    After reading all the above comments, i would like to add one more feather to the worldspace crown (if they have one )

    I have had prompt service from world space initially when i purchased it, that is back in 2006 . After some days of making the purchase i had some problems with the receiver so they replaced it, after that i had the real problem kickin off -

    I renewed my subscription twice in this period before it got expired . We had a third party person come and collect the cash prior to the expiration of the subscription for one whole year .And after the the actual subscription got over the channels got locked i rather say the service was terminated due to passwords not being generated .

    I called customer service for one whole week continously everday for the issue to be resolved to the highest escalation i could take it to, to my disappointment there was no progress after several followup calls promised. And when once speaking to a supervisor i asked for a compensation she told me we donot provide any compensation to customers with subscription issues, only if they have receiver issue . I was furious to the resolution she was providing and when i asked if i could speak to her reporting boss, inturn i had a voice which said iam the last person with limited authority .

    This kind of customer service is nothing but being ignorant and asking for the word to be spread around as "bad customer service all the way "

    ANGRY CUSTOMER with no resolution .

  • Vi
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    If I could suggested: Never buy service from World Space Radio.

    I have bought the unit and one year subscription, but unfortunately I have not been able to get support from WorldSpace Radio to activate the service.

    To my surprise, I have spoken to various call centre reps & supervisors in Delhi, phone number - 11-60001234 but there has been no outcome.

    And to my surprise there are 2 supervisors, who seem to be so affectionate towards each other that they take the break together named Ranjeet and VidyaDhran.

    Be sensible, use FM radio or susbcribe to a better known company that World Space Radio.

  • Vi
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    Letter to the CEO of WorlSpace Radio:

    Respected sir,

    I understand the customer service lacks in your organization, I do realize your supervisors have to go on break at the same time and I am pretty much sure, I will never get a reply to this email.

    But when you put forward your head office numbers on the web, make a sincere attempt to assure that the phone numbers are active. Pls refer to the contact numbers of your head office in Banglore, India attached below and confirm for yourself on there status.

    91 802 212 1094
    91 802 212 1160/161
    91 802 229 6195/196
    Fax: 91 802 212 3483

    Anywyas, I would appreciate if you coult investigate in the complaint #

    Vishal Verma

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