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I was called by this company after I submitted an enquiry of moving companies for a move from New York to North Carolina. I was called by this woman Suzanne and she was oh so very nice and helpful from the start. I felt at the time that she was the right person to book my move with. Boy was I wrong. I sent her a deposit for $500.00 and she sent a confirmation for the move with the pickup dates etc. Well, my sister used them also. Her move was a complete nightmare but she will write her own review. My pickup date was for August 16, 2009. I was suppose to use the same person as my sister after her move but her move was so bad that I asked them to change me to another carrier. They did that but boy it was another disaster.

The company they told me that would pick me up after I found out that World Wide Van Lines were just a broker that found drivers to do the work, was AJ Movers who is just two guys with a rental truck that could barely hold my furniture. First of all they didn't arrive on the pickup date and they didn't call. I called World Wide Van Lines and they started to avoid my calls because they didn't want to deal with the problem that I was having. They had my money so their part was over so to speak. Now it was between me and the driver of the truck. I finally reached the driver after a day of calling all over the place and he told me that the truck had broken down and they would be at my place the next day. That didn't happen. I called the second day and they were still in West Virginia where they supposedly broke down. The driver didn't get to my house until August 20, 2009 and that was at 5:00pm. They started to load the truck and had my nine year old son to help them. I didn't complain because I wanted to get out of there. I was so upset that I couldn't even speak. We didn't get out of there until that night about 10:00pm. I followed the truck and finally they stopped to rest at hotel in Pennsylvania. They spent the night there and left there the next morning. We got into North Carolina the next night and they unloaded my furniture in the dark again with my son's help. When those two men finally left, I noticed that all of my beds were destroyed. They put up my kids twin beds with nails, not the screws that came out of them. The wood was broken so I had to throw it out. They put up my Queen size bed where the box spring and the mattress were not even aligned. My boxes had broken dishes and glass. It was a nightmare. The guys were not professionals and World Wide Van Lines had just contracted them out to help them find a job to do. I beg of you, PlEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The truck hadn't been weighed before they loaded my furniture but they told me that the truck weighed 19, 000 lbs. Therefore when they weighed my furniture after the pickup, they had enough weight to make it go over what it should have been. This company needs to be shut down. They are a total rip off. I have never had an experience like this before in my life. The sad part is, I read the reviews before using them and decided that no one could be this bad but believe you me, I was so wrong. After World Wide Van Lines get your deposit, it is on you. They are done and the burden is now between you and the truck driver. By the way, you pay the driver at the end in cash or money order, you don't pay World Wide Van Lines, they got their money from the beginning.

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