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World Wide Van Lines / Awful company

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First they were 5 days late picking up our furniture akthough they stated they had a strict two-day window for picking up, requiring us to stay at a hotel since our waterbed had been drained and taken apart for the pickup. Then we had no idea when it would arrive from SC to NH because neither Darrel Lawson nor Haley would return our calls and the foreigners they hired to deliver our furniture and all our household goods and clothing decided to travel to several other states and make other pickups and deliveries first, the 1.5 to 2 day delivery time we were told ended up just under two weeks ! Our lost rebate from moving out of our apartment late and hotel and meals cost due to WWVL's lack of follow-through came to $ 920.00 thus far and still no movers had showed up ! Then the movers called at 6pm and wanted to deliver at midnight that evening, but we said no, it would be too dark, so they said first thing in the morning. Fine, the next day they showed up at 3pm, very hungover and demanded an extra $300 cash before unloading anything. None of our furniture was wrapped or padded as should have been according to the contract - the movers refused to assemble the bed according to the contract. They just said that our contract was with WWVL and not with them. I had to call the Police in as they were going to leave with my furniture unless they had the $500 bal. due and an extra $300 all in cash. Police found driver with suspended license and noncomercial truck. Police convinced them to unload with a compromise of $160 extra and they quickly shoved all boxes in a pile, those marked 'fragile' on the bottom and damaged our bed while throwing the pieces to the floor. And that was with Police intervention ! WWVL are just scammers that hire the cheapest jobbers they can find and never return your calls after they have your upfront money. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

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  19th of May, 2010
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World Wide Van Lines - Horrible Horrible Company
World Wide Van Lines
New York
United States

This is a moving broker - they find movers for you who are completely unprofessional and unreliable. Avoid this company at all costs. My list of complaints is too long to list, just be warned.

  26th of May, 2010
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We had very much the same experience. Did you file a complaint and if so, with whom?

  12th of Nov, 2010
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World Wide Van Lines - Scammed
world wide van lines/A team trucking
660 Linton Blvd Suit 201 B
Delray Beach
United States
Phone: 1 866 539 9985

On 1/16/2010 I sceduled a move through World Wide Van Lines and they drew up a contract. The references no. is (1488718) they gave me a quote of 2500 lbs. They told me that the cast would be $1150. When I made the arrangements for the move Steve told me that they would be doing all the packing of my stuff. So on 2/14/2010 the movers came to my home in Mn. to pack up my House Hold Goods. When they arrived they didn't have any boxes or tape to pack up my HHG. So they went to the store and got the boxes and tape. When they left at 3:00am Desmond didn't call me for two days and told me that I was 100lbs over weight. I tried getting copies of the original weight reciets and they refuse to give them to me. I have called they repeaditly and they refuse to contact me.On May 1, 2010 they came to deliver my belongs and they refused the mony order I had for $799 and they took off with my Atlanta Ga. When I finally got hold of them they they told me that my weight was 4600 lbs. and that I owed them $2600. The contract said that I owed them $799 after I paid them $350 deposite. A team trucking and World Wide Van Lines are scamming my family and I want to put a stop to it.They have told me all different prices ranging from $1599 to $5666. I have filed crimial charges against these people and nothing is being done about this matter. I have filed complaints with the BBB and through the Department of Transpotation of Washington and they haven't done any thing either.These two Companies World Wide Van Lines and A Team Trucking are the biggest scam artists I have ever seen. They will not scam my family and I want something done about them and also I want my stuff back that is being held hostage. All these people have done is lied to me and my family for months and I wnat it to stop

  18th of Apr, 2011
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I want you to know that I am not prepared to tolerate ignorant nor degrading behavior. My husband called Kyle from Alamo moving and Storage tonight to find out where the key to our filing cabinet was because it was not where he said he put it. He was obviously intoxicated-why he was answering his work phone I am not sure. After stumbling around for 5 minutes trying to explain that he didn’t know my husband ended the conversation. Kyle then called back and said that we were “disconnected”, I explained to him that my husband was unable to understand what he was saying and that he ended the conversation and I asked him to not call again. He then called back a third time and I explained to him that I didn’t want him calling ever again. He THEN text message me with the message “White Trash”.

This is after he was a day late with my belongings bragging that he has been up for 48 hours breaking regulation rules, broke my 9 month old sons crib while denying it and then never sent me a claims email even after I followed up with him.

To say that this person is unprofessional is an understatement. What type of world do we live in where this is the service that we PAY for? After a couple text messages were exchanged, me explaining that I felt sorry for and him resorting to comments such as a “jailhouse” tattoo and “Kmart wedges” which I am not quite sure where those came. After the last couple of insulting text messages my husband choose to call Kyle to ask him to quit insulting me and to stop while he was ahead he then asked my husband to take down his address so he could come “kick his [censor]” quite obviously drunk. I have to tell you this service is impeccable. Maybe if Kyle would have taken more pride in his craft and not been concentrating so much on a small tattoo on my forearm or the type of shoes I was wearing we wouldn’t be in this situation.

I guess this is why we are asked to pay in cash, so when they break things and decide to harass you later, there is nothing that you can do.

This is unacceptable and unkind and if a drunken mover is not what my father paid for.

I want an apology and I STILL haven't heard from you about the claims from these people.

Are you still alive and breathing? Is this your job to ignore people once they have paid????

Brooke Cole

  6th of Mar, 2014
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I am currently using worldwide van lines and I am not happy. So far they placed my belongings in the truck and everything is in storage. However, upon their arrival, one of the guys straight up front says to me " we all usually get about 100 tip each after the move. I told him I have already talked to the company about the tip and he repeated " you talked tot he company already ? Well I decided to go a head and give them 100 each thinking a nice tip they will take care of my things. However, few days later I noticed my plasma tv and keyboard were not documented on the list that they placed those items in truck. Waiting on company to confirm my tv and keyboard will be delivered to me. However, I have fat feeling I just got robbed

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