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World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc. / Extremely rude customer service/refusal to investigate lost item

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My parents ordered 12 cans of salmon from World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc., and the company sent it through UPS. UPS says they delivered it JAN 5, but no delivery was made. The company has offered to refund my parents and they have offered to send it to a different location. Sounds good, however...

I do not believe that UPS actually delivered the package at all, because UPS said the package was left in a "safe place". But my building does not have any such location for packages. UPS has the code for my bldg, and in the past, they have entered and left packages at my door. I have NEVER not received a package through UPS. I asked Glen German, the Marketing Manager for World Wide Gourmet Foods, to open an investigation through UPS. But he did not return my phone calls or emails. When I called UPS today, they told me that no such investigation had been opened, and we opened one together (I spoke with Enrique), and I was told to ask Glen to contact them to supply them with information so that they can complete the investigation. I explained to Glen German, many, many times, that I am self-employed, and do not have another address for him to deliver the package to. My parents are very old, and now are very upset about this whole situation, (this was supposed to be a post-Christmas present for me). So, they do not wish to do the paperwork necessary for a refund. They are embarrassed that I did receive the gift, and they are sick over the whole thing. I explained to him that I ALWAYS receive my packages, and obviously the package was not delivered, and that I need for him to call UPS to complete the information necessary for an investigation. He will not acknowledge the request. I have also requested the contact information for whomever is in charge of his department, and he will not release this information either.

If he is willing to re-send the salmon, why can't he just send it here? AND why can't he authorize UPS so that they can do their investigation? Furthermore, Glen and his co-worker Terri, were extremely rude to me on the phone and through emails. Glen will tell you that I used 'foul language' with him on the phone. I admit that I used one word, but by that point in the conversation, he deserved much more.

I am not sure what can be done at this point. I believe World Wide Gourmet Foods sent the package. However, they did not do the necessary follow-up through UPS to find out why the package was not delivered (even tho UPS shows that it was.) The proper procedure is to do an investigation, though UPS, which Glen German was not willing to do. I would have been happy for him to reship here, and settle with UPS on his own. I live alone, and do not have another location for him to ship it to. I always receive my packages, and would have accepted full responsibility had this new package not shown up.

The truth is, I really don't care about the salmon--but I do care about my parents, who are in their late 80's and very, very upset. I believe that a complaint should be registered for their customer service treatment. I would have been happy to take the situation to his manager, but he would not supply me with that information. Ideally, since he has offered to ship the package again (albeit to another address), the package should be shipped here. I do not expect an apology, but shipping the package would satisfy my parents and be a good will gesture to the customer. If that does not happen, I feel that some sort of note should go on this company's record, re: their rude treatment and lack of response. And I would still like the legitimate contact information of the person in charge of his department.

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  • El
      13th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for the info, I was going to order from them but rather did not. I went ahead and sent them an email informing them of my decision and why at

  • El
      15th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I email these people and they were rather helpful in their response, this is what they said, "I am sorry you feel that way. We are a very customer service oriented company, however in this instance there was no viable solution that we could agree on. Our company policy is that we do not send packages again to the same location that has had the product lost or stolen. We had to implement that policy because we have had customers take advantage of the situation claiming they had the package lost stolen multiple times. We did offer many viable solutions, but none were to the customer's satisfaction."
    This company s attitude and quick response is to me very good and is contrary to what I read in this complaint.
    So it is my opinion.

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