World Web PagesOvercharged

I just want others to be aware of this ILD Teleservices scam. I have charges on my phonebill that i never authorized. When i called ILD Teleservices to complain, they told me that they are just a 3rd party billing company and there is nothing they can do about it. So i called World Web - the original company who contacted me. Let me just say i already pay for web hosting so i do not need this service, nor would i ever sign up for it. So they played me the recording of my voice authorizing the charges, what they don't have saved on that recording is me saying 'NO, NO, Absolutely Not do I authorize this', when i heard that there would be a monthly fee. I remember the call and thought it was just a free online Yellow page listing service call. I get alot of those and i know they are usually legit. This one was different and they only mentioned the fees at the end of the call. I told them no and never to call again, but it was too late, they already had me saying 'yes'. Now i have 3 months of charges they i refuse to pay. So far i can't get anyone to take me off their database. I have filed an official compliant with the State of VT and plan to take more action.


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