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World Retail Store / Poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

I would like to add to the other concerns I just wrote about this company. They e-mailed me a order confirmation on 9/7/07, with a lot of computer commands mixed in to tell how the e-mail page should appear. I gave sample in previous complaint/ concern that i wrote. I called the credit card company and was told that I was charged even more than the stated amount on 9/10/07. Even stranger, is that I was not charged by World Retail Store, but by another place called "open media party. I was charged over $1.50 more than the order total.

I noticed on the website, that World Retail Store indicates they will not be responsible for lost mail, and advise to insure items ordered for another 10% of order. I am now wondering how it works if you don't get your books, paid for shipping insurance, but never can contact the company.


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  • Je
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    World Retail Store - Scam and cheating!
    World Retail Store

    I ordered the book "Bradshaw Paintings of the Kimberley" online. They sent me confirmation of the purchase (paid by credit card). I have emailed them and telephoned them. The phone number given is 02 9475 0047 (Australia). They also have a number and address in Arizona USA. I left a message for them to ring me on the Sydney number, and there has been no response.

    Advise smb what can i do in this situation...

  • Al
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I purchased a book from World Retail Store on 25.12.2007- They charged my credit card 2 days later, and so far (March 2008) I have had no news about them. In the meantime, I sent many emails, left messages in the answering machine, sent faxes, etc... Be careful with this company.

  • Ca
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    I have unfortunately fallen victim to this scam as well.
    I am pursuing this with the credit card company and hopefully will get some relief.

  • Mi
      8th of May, 2008
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    I also ordered a book from this load company. They quickly took the money from my credit card and I have not heard a thing since. Can the website not be flagged to prevent this robbery continuing?

  • Je
      12th of May, 2008
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    World Retail Store - Charged for product, no delivery
    World Retail Store
    United States

    I was charged for my purchase, and got a garbled broken html letter saying I would get a status confirmation letter within 3 business days. No email. No response to email or phone calls. There is no way to track your order, there is no way to get anyone to return your calls or emails. I wish I had seen the list of complaints before I made my purchase. I want either the book or the funds credited back to my account.

  • To
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    This is a warning to others.
    Do not order any material from this outfit.
    I purchased a book and my credit card was debitted $83.00
    I am still waiting for the book to arrive and I believe I will never get it ever (3 months and counting).
    Then I e-mailed them 3 times but never receive a response.
    Please do NOT associate with website and save your money...

  • By
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I've also been hit by this fraud. Credit card debited but until today there has been no sign of the book I ordered. I've sent enquiries but there has been no reply. Note that the mails go to an internet PO Box... should try and get their account suspended.

  • Su
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    I ordered a book from World Retail Store on 7 July. A charge appeared on my credit card two days later from Open Media Pty Ltd Rushcutters. (Open Media is an associated company and Rushcutters Bay is in Sydney). I have received no notification of shipment and no replies to 3 subsequent emails. This company appears to accept money with no intention to supply. I have notified relevant state and federal authorities in Australia.

  • Br
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    I got ripped-off also. The ### has a number and voice mail in Phoenix, AZ. Please post any additional info. or leads. We are closing on the ###

  • Mw
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    No book but they got the money. Wow what a racket. What can be done to put them out of business

  • Mr
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    I have also ordered a book that is out of print, so was delighted to find it, (Praying the Bible by Brother Ramon). But alas has not turned up. Unfortunately I saw this web site after placing the order, otherwise I would not have gone ahead, I guess I will never see this book!!! How do they get away with it.?

  • Pe
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Same problems

    Can you inform me about my order july 29 2008 number 760040, the book "Agents by moonlight" code 0947554688.
    My creditcard is charged but I did not receive my book or an email confirming my order.
    This is the third request for an answer, could you please give me an answer.
    Peter Filius
    van de Reydtlaan 34
    2960 Brecht

  • Jo
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    I too have been duped by this company. My story is like many others here, I just cannot believe how a company like this can continue to trade?!! I wish I'd read these reviews before placing my order, but the site looked very professional and bona fide and as I was so delighted to find the book I had been sourcing for such a long time, I went ahead and placed my order. Only after 3 weeks of emails with no response did I start to question the legitimacy of the company. The money was promptly taken from my account and I have had to cancel my bank card and set up a claim with Visa who are looking into it for me. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER PLACING AN ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY!!

  • Li
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    RE: world retail store netstore USA
    These stores will scam you. You order something like a book, they tell you they won't charge your credit card until it is shipped, but then IMMEDIATELY charge it, never send you anything, and don't have a phone number or place to reach them. Their address listed is phoney and they will not respond to their emails.

    I, too, got strange email confirmation that seemed very unprofessional and filled with lots of computer commands.

    Also, I got my money back after they didn't return my emails and then I saw that they had no customer service number. They also indicated when I purchased the book and was about to pay for it, they they could not be responsible for books that don't arrive unless you pay an extra 10% insurance fee, which I paid since I was a little nervous about a company I had never heard of who would not back up delivery of your book, but since the book was out of print and hard to find, I went ahead with the purchase, only never got my books.

    After they didn't return reply to my emails and there was no phone number, and recalling the sort of phoney email confirmation sent IMMEDIATELY after they got my credit card, I then found some websites where people had been scammed, so I contacted the credit card company, only to find that the money had been sent to Australia and I was being charged another $8.00 or so for the Australian charge from USA company. I never receieved books, so the credit card company reversed those charges, eventually

    I reported them to MacAffee website advisor. Someone volunteering for Mac fee did their own investigation for MacAffee and confirmed that it was some sort of untrustworthy business with multiple names, and they had a red X next to their search site, but stangely, that red X is now a green checkmark and MacAfee will not change it after I requested them to. Very strange.

    According the the McAffee site and another website, this scam operation of the World Retail Store and NetStore has also been reported to the Better Business Bureau, but a lot of their investigations end up at a dead end when these phoney stores ignore almost all attempts at communication from the BBB.

    I believe that these "stores", operated by THE OPEN GROUP, Open Communications and (Open Communications is also listed as being linked or part of Siemens ) is using all this money that they get illegally for some secretive operation. All my warnings about this company on such websites as Craigslist and Yahoo immediated get deleted and will not repost, even when done in the legal way.

    I contacted the FBI about this, but these stores are still in business after over a year ago that I made contact.

    From what I have read, there is a guy in charge of the World Retail Store website it who is a Senior VP of a bank in charlotte, NC, with last name Bowen and first initial of M. He owns a new realty company called Open House. Lives in Matthews, NC. He also does business in Silicon Valley. He is in charge of the loan dept. at the bank. He has your credit card numbers, and this website is also owned and operated by Open Group which is also known as Open Communications and Open Media Pty.

    A lawyer in New Orleans contacted me about a class action law suit against them. He ordered a book from his wife, his credit card was charged, never got the book, so he decided to investigate and found other multiple complaints on the web. I haven't heard the last of what will happen, but I think he finally got his money back since he is a lawyer that they were dealing with.

    Open Group and Open Communications apparently developed or bought unix or linux and this group, part of Siemens, advertises on their site that they are contracted by the US government for their computer security. Also, they are contracted by the US Air Force, they say on their website. They also are contracted by the British Government for their security, but are also operating a HUGE operation of realty and media such as TV, computer operations, and newspapers in Russia. It looks as if they basically own the tourist industry in Russia and advertise that they want to buy and sell oil and copper. Some websites indicate that they are expanding into China.

    Open Group is contracted by hundreds of companies including IBM and Focus on the Family for the company internet security.

    If OPen Group charges people's credit cards, has their credit card numbers and their head is senior VP of loans who has access to all your personal and financial info, has a company involved with the internet security of multiple financial and other important businesses, and they cannot be trusted to send a simple book that someone pays for, what else would they be doing behind the back to gain control of people 's finances, and government security?

    This is not the only website that lists complaints about this company. Some websites where I have complained, my posting gets quickly deleted.

    It seems strange that people in the USA are having their credit cards charged to an Australian account. Also, they say that they will not charge your credit card until your books are shipped, which is also the rule they have to follow of the credit card company, but most people's credit cards get charged immediately.

    It's also strange that this website has some phoney thing telling Libraries and Government offices to contact them a different way. That way, I guess it makes "customers" think they are to be trusted.

    Contact the FBI and also 60 minutes and the BBB. Maybe if enough complaints are voiced, something can be done.

  • Je
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    World Retail Store - Bad service
    World Retail Store
    United States

    I ordered a book from WorldRetailStore and within 2 days my credit card was charged by Open Media Pty Ltd (though the website undertkaes not to charge until the goods are shipped). I have received no confirmation of shipment and no response to any emails. It seems clear they take payment with no intention to supply. Since they have a Sydney voicemail and alleged address I've reported this to relevant Australian authorities.

  • Ak
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    World Retail Store - Took the money, never delivered the book
    World Retail Store

    I ordered the book: The Oil Painter's Ultimate Flower and Portrait Companion, was charged on my credit card, and got nothing. They never responded to my e-mails and voice mails. This company probably is just a way of getting money for free. Is it routed through Australia from some other country?

    How can they be stopped? They are still up on the web! Watch out!

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