World Reserve Monetary ExchangeThe cannot do anything right

I had ordered two presidential coin sets from these fools like 5 years ago! I got about 4 coins with certificates to accompany them. When it came time to get the Rutherford B Hayes coin, I never received it!

I called to figure out what was taking so long to get my order. World Reserve Monetary Exchange just gave me the run around on excuses. A couple days later I get a letter stating that I have to pay for the certificates now. They were free before! I decided to cancel ONE of the sets.

I have to then call them again because I still hadn’t received anymore coins including the Hayes! They look up their information and the records say that I had cancelled both sets! I promised that one set to my son! I would never promise him something and then cancel! Their records are crap!

I was then transferred to another person to reinstate my order! Only this time the price has gone up. They want me to pay the increased price after it was their mistake! I don’t think so buddy! It wasn’t my fault they didn’t understand english! I only wanted to cancel the one set!

I unfortunately I paid for this outrageous company scam, I did promise it to my son. I asked for all the back certificates that I didn’t get as well. When they finally arrived not all of the certificates were in the envelope. I can’t believe this company can’t get anything right!


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