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World of Warcraft / can't play the game due to all the patches

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I tried the 10 day free trial and loved it, so I bought the full version. It is nothing like the trial. It takes forever to load, I haven't even played the game yet and it's been a day of downloading patches for this and that. It's very misleading! How can 10 million players be playing if they're always downloading patches, unless of course they are addicted to this game like a drug. I should just give up. By the way this is the second time I've downloaded the game. The first time I got fed up and called for a refund, which I did not get a full refund, only a cancellation. Holy Crap! Can't they come out with a 'lite' version like the trial? That's more fun than waiting for patches to download all the freakin time!

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  • Wo
      18th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well, if you knew anything about On Line gaming, in particular WOW, you would know that it is ONLINE only and has been out for a while now. If you don't have Broadband stay away from it and if your broadband is that slow you should get rid of it..LOL.
    This game does have a lot of patches, plus the expansion packs. I can't think of a single on line game including the free ones I play that don't have a bunch of patches to them and even expansion packs, So I recommend you come back later when you have gained some knowledge of computers and on-line games.

  • Ya
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    It does take a while to down load the first time, but after that, it is not so bad. This is because it is such a complicated game.

  • Ji
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you are just now starting World of Warcraft, then perhaps you should go buy the game itself, plus its additional expansions. This won't stop your patches, but it'll cut down the time by alot, as the patches for all of BC are included in the Wrath expansion installation CDs.

  • Zu
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    The first time I downloaded the game, I also had to wait for about half a day to get all the patches downloaded. But understand, it IS a multiplayer game with over 10 million people spanning dozens of servers. Every time additional content is needed or an error needs fixed, Blizzard can't send out software to each and every subscriber and let them fix the issues at their leisure. Most people would never update the information themselves, the problems would still persist, and the game would(ultimately) fall apart. When a person first installs world of warcraft(on any computer) you have to catch up w/ the rest of the players(patch wise) and download everything that the subscribers download AS they come out. I assure you, AFTER that initial download, its(more or less:) smooth sailing. Patches are weeks, if not months in between and is actual a great benefit because they are able to add more ingame content(without paying for more, unlike xbox live) and they're able to get all of their subscribers updates as soon as they log into the service. World of warcraft is such a large game, that any other method of updating the game for the players would be an IT nightmare... Not to mention a customer service nightmare, a sales and marketing nightmare, etc. Now, as far as the game being different from the free trial: It is, actually you're able to do so much more than what's allowed with the free trial, including chat, guild organization, trade, and a multitude of other cool little perks and benefits that just aren't available until the full version is purchased. Now, before you wonder if I'm a salesman, secret advocating for Blizzard, I'll admit I have my problems with the service from time to time myself. The game is beautifully rendered, but can eat a lot of your computers processing power if you're using an onboard graphics card(which some people have to. Not everyone can afford to have an Uber gaming computer... But that doesn't mean people don't enjoy gaming like we had one;). I HATE Tuesday 'Server Down' days. Every Tuesday, from around 6am(Pst) to 11am(Pst) World of Warcraft USUALLY shuts down for maintenence. My big complaint is why can't they do this once a month, or twice a month... But once a week?

    Other great boons t0 the service include being able to log into your account from anyone's computer that has world of warcraft installed(providing you don't have more expansions than they do), I've had to talk to customer service a small handful of times and have always had excellent, understandable customer service. My account was hacked and i was locked out for two days, but the folks at Blizzard helped me get back in the game, and even got me everything I had lost due to these "hacker/farmers" that steal your account for no other reason than to farm as much gold as possible to sell on the internet(pathetic in a whole new way).

    Over all, if you're a gamer and you want a game that's excellent for unlimited adventure and has a great interactive community, then give WOW another try. Just be patient through the downloading, make sure your computer has the requirements they need(on a side note, if you do experience lag issues, then go into your video menu ingame and lower your settings, even at lower settings, WOW is a beautiful game), and give it another shot. I think(hope) that you'll see why it is that 10 million+ people DO play the game.

    Zephrus on Demon Soul(World of Warcraft)

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