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World Market Systems / Fraud and cheating!

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-230-3370

This is ridiculous, and I feel silly that I fell for it!! I was told to buy the 'Starter package' and then I could upgrade, but when I tried to get a hold of my 'Coach' I got a new guy that told me I wouldn't get anywhere with the package I had and I would get a special offer just for that day if I bought the Platinum Package!! What pisses me off so bad is that this all happened right before Christmas!! When I told him that I couldn't cut it until after Christmas, he said that I wasn't going to go anywhere unless I upgraded!! So I did :(

Anyways I finally got a hold of my 'Coach' Fawn and she was pleasant, but didn't answer even half off my questions, but said that she would e-mail me all of the info. That never happened, so for over a month I didn't even know what to do!! When I finally got a hold of her the second time, she wasn't pleasant at all, and actually treated me like I was really stupid for not knowing anything!! Anyways, since that second conversation I had with her she won't return my phone calls, and she 'Mysteriously' isn't receiving any of my e-mails!! So even though it says on their website Money Back Guarantee in their privacy policy(the fine print) it says that you only get money back if you are putting effort into it! I have put A lot of effort into this, but since she isn't receiving any of my e-mails, it's doesn't count!! So hopefully even if one person reads this and decides NOT to call and listen to the nine minute audio, then I'll be happy! I sunk over $600.00 dollars into this and I will never see that money again!! But I have always been a firm believer in 'What Goes Around, Comes Around' so I really hope Fawn and everyone else at World Market Systems gets a healthy dose of that if not anything else!! :) I will stick to my HONEST living Thanks!


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  • Na
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    Yes I was foolish enough to get scammed myself by WMS .. I signed up for a gaurantied hit of 5000 over a 6 month period and sinse then I have had 29 hits per day each and every day sinse joining 23 days ago as shown on there real tracker. Multiply the 29 hits by the number of days sinse I joined until the 6 month period is up and it totals just over 5000.

    What are the odds of exactly 29 people visiting my site every day .. must be 100 trillion to one lol

    Naturally they use a daily proxy program list to post IP addies on the real tracker!

    To late for me but people just hang up if World marketing Systems phone you after you mistakenly sign up due to curiousity and not knowing it was directing you to them and the sign up details do not even mention WMS (World Marketing Systems) as most of there sites or the suckers sites like I got from them do not mention WMS!

    I was once told "If it sounds to good to be true - blah blah - yes I did not listen to that advice and learnt the hard way.

  • An
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    People, I just talked to one of them right now. He was so in hurry to get the money from me! but I told myself "you are not stupid" and I decided to do some research on them, and here it is... You guys complaining about them. You are not the only ones. There is other bunch of people who fall into the trap! I read about it. I am glad I did not fall for it right there. The guy got mad after I insisted I was going to do a research on it first and hung up on me. Told me to call him back when I am ready, which I am fixing to do and tell him everything I have found about them. They deserve to be suited. People get together and do something about. If you need me for it here is my e-mail. Good luck to you all!

    If you are someone doing research on it, I am telling you don't fall for it.

  • Ro
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    Today my wife and I spent $957 to get an online business with WMS. The salesman (David Gray) was very, very good, extremely smooth indeed. Then I checked the web and found these comments/complaints about WMS. It took about 20 minutes for the transaction to occur and we are now trying to recoup the lost money with our bank. We have a slim chance of doing so. Even after the transaction occurred we were trying to figure out how we should be paid and what part of the sales promotion we were involved in. We have never been scammed before and we are left wondering how this occurred??? Thanks for your story. Regards, Rob (Port Macquarie NSW Australia)

  • Je
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    I am so happy that I looked up the company before I invested in it. I am happy to see everyone taking action, as much as possible. This may save other people money just like it did for me. I just want to thank you all for posting your complaints for the general public.

  • Sa
      19th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just had a call from WMS (Nick Shepperd) and felt quite pressured by him to give my Credit Card details, I'm so glad that I had the guts to tell him that I wanted to do my own research first. And I'm even more glad that you guys share your bad experiences.

    Isn't there anything we can do about them?

  • An
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Well I agreed to purchase the gold package $477 which in Ozie dollars ended up being over $530...
    Then I heard nothing for 2 weeks..Cliff my coach rang me ready to show me the money.
    I decided to look them up on the web. Something I should have done before I agreed to the deal..
    I rang Cliff and said I wanted out..
    He said I had to contact management.. I wrote them an email telling them I have changed my mind and wanted a refund..
    Wally from management rang me leaving me a message saying how much he wanted to speak with me...
    The time zone makes it hard to talk directly to Arizona..
    I left Wally a message on his answering machine again stating I want out..and wanted my money back.. Thus far apart from a few emails and a couple of messages they haven't done much more.. I looked at a * sample my web site* through their backoffice link.. I have no clue what to name a domain..I realise I don't know enough about having an internet business. My computer skills are limited..
    I wonder what they will do next..
    What is my legal standing? They're in Arizona and I'm in Oz...I have learned though..Don't hand over any credit card details..
    I'll keep you posted, although I don't hold out much luck of ever seeing my money again..
    Thanx for your time.

  • Me
      21st of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yep another one sucked in.. :( I kept saying no i cant afford it then she kept dropping the price etc. I asked if i could discuss with my husband and they call back after we discuss it and she dropped the price and said a one of deal if do it now.. I got sucked in and gave my details. Then what do you know i get a call saying it wont go anywhere until i purchase an advertising package. I was once again dodging and he offered me a cheaper deal. I figured its no use having this business and not being able to earn from it so fell for it.

    I have numerous calls lately to talk to me about my business etc etc. i said i have been at work and to call back on our saturday (im in OZ) they never do., then they call again whilst im at work.

    I have earnt no money at all through it and i feel so scammed and sick to my tummy. they sound so real pleasant and willing to help. how do people like that live with ripping off innocent people alot of which is families etc.. :(
    PLEASE anyone who gets their call hang up..

    What happens if you call you credit card provider and say that you never signed for anything like that and you want to put a process in to have money refunded as someone has used your credit card? Wouldnt you be able to get you money back that way?

  • Li
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    If these creeps at world market systems talked you into giving your credit card information. Then you realized you were being scammed, simply call your credit card company and tell them your identity has been stolen. Tell them you never authorized any charges to this company and have no idea how they got your information. You will be asked to sign a form, and the CC company will go after them for the money, and you will not be liable at all. For those who think it is wrong to do a charge back, realize you did not sign up to get robbed, you wanted to start a legitimate business. Therefore you did not authorize these monsters to steal your money!!! Good Luck.

  • Me
      11th of Jul, 2008
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  • Sh
      8th of Sep, 2008
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    Thank you all for this information on this company. I was actually going to apply for a job there and was looking up their address to fill out an application. Immediately, I saw this site filled with complaints. So for all of you out there who feel that they have been screwed royally, please know that your comments will make a difference.

    There are a lot of these companies in Phoenix who sell web sites and all I have heard is bad. The ad in the paper said call Forest or Kim and those people used to head SMC which sold merchandise lower than wholesale for a biz 0p. It was at least legitimate. Sorry they have fallen so low.

  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    Wow...Am I ever glad I looked in to this company before I laid out any bucks.

    I had this saleswoman 'Summer' that called me after I had been directed to their site and filled out a form ... what a mistake that was.

    She of course put on the high pressure sales pitch to me and was trying to talk me in to signing up for the 'Platinum' package that would have cost me just under $600.00 Canadian.

    It sounded too much of a high pitch sales gimmick for me and I had little bells ringing in my head saying to stall...stall...stall.

    So I told her I was just on my way in to a meeting a got a phone number to call her back.

    She actually had me believing that they would be getting me advertising on E-Bay, Amazon, Sony and Travelocity as well as on their web site.
    It sounded too good to be true and I am sure glad that I did the research on here to find out more about it before I jumped in to it.

    Google actually gave a warning that this company also downloads software on to your computer if you are not careful and I actually had a warning pop up when I was on their site asking me if I was to allow a piece of software access to my cache.

    My hat is off to Microsoft on that one with their security updates ... they can be painful at times but this time it paid off.

    Thanks to all for the above postings.

    Anybody reading these posts, I hope you have read them well before falling for the pitch line.

  • Vi
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I can't believe that I've fallen for this scam! :-(

    I am on a Disability Pension and because I'm at home alot - I thought this would be a good way for me to earn some extra money to help me make ends meet.

    I was smooth talked over the phone by this guy Tim & then listened to the 9 minute audio.

    After listening to the audio I was dubious about going ahead with it & said that I was going away for 3 weeks to visit my sister & could he contact me again after my return.

    Tim then reduced the price for me (a one off occasion- so he said) & was very adamant about obtaining my credit card details which I unfortunately provided to him.

    I'll be phoning my bank to try & stop the transaction asap but fear it will be far too late. Money which is well needed for my medication seems to have been scammed away from me.

    Surely there must be some way that we can stop these predators.

    After reading all the comments about how alot of you have also been ripped off - the same has happened to me - when I can ill afford it. Excuse the pun there - but it is intended!

    I do believe in "what goes around - comes around" So may they get their just desserts one of these days!!


  • Li
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I am so tired of this!! None of these things actually work, luckily while listening to the audio I decided to quickly research the company.

    It took me two seconds to land on this complaints page thank you for this I probably would have have fallen for the same thing. PS Sorry to hear about all of you who got scamed.


  • Je
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    They nearly got me if i had my wallet. I was fishing and this guy named karl rings up same thing as what was said to you see i was asking him al these questions because i have been exposed to real opportunites online. All he wanted was my CC details i told him it was in the car he advised me to go and get it right then as a typical aussie i said [censored] that i'm fishing. I'm lucky unlike alot of you i feel for you cos i know what it feels like they didn't get me this time but others have. Now lets all get together create a website labelling companies like these get it recongnised world wide post youtube ads i'm good at that i'll rap and once we shown the world what scammers they are they won't stuff their pockets with all our hard earned money. We'll make money when you make money that stupid saying it's crap no one here is making money but these idiots at wms are. Cmon lets get them back we need to fight we need the world to know these criminals and others out there won't get a way with this. For all those people out there listen carefully there are no guarantees to making 20 or 30 thousand don't be fooled save your cash because that $80 would of bought my baby 4 tins of milk. All they do is sell you a recycled ebook and off you go sell the same ### too someone else how is that business. I've spent to much money on these scammers out there, look you can be successful online but you have to look out for the crooks and think who will give you thousands of dollars for $100 and they are going to do all the work for you sorry it doesn't happen but out of hope and desperation as humans we wish to believe and as they are humans they wish to decieve . I was weak and at low points and wanted to believe thank god i didn't i thought this could be the one but logically as if they are going to work hard fooling people by saying we make money when you do ### you make money by preying on the weak who all want the same thing. Anyways time to take them down blogg everywhere people it's free create reports of your experience write ezine artices post on youtube don't sit and be a victim take action, i want to build a site where people can list scammers and and together shut them down. Have hope their day will come

  • Jo
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    Thank you very much for this post. I had a call from them today and I knew from a prior experience with a worthless MLM company (starts with a Q, figure it out), that money never comes easy. The sales pitch was very good but I had my severe doubts all along and when she said, "Oh we can drop $50 from your start up fee and account for it later when you start making money" I asked her if I could get the ENTIRE amount compensated for so that I could get started first, since my credit card was maxed out, and she said no. I smiled when she said, please call me back when you have more funds. And of course first thing I did was go only to check them out, and it became clear how much garbage this all is.

    I am very thankful to everyone who shared his or her experiences with this scam as this helped me and many others avoid getting sucked in. I am deeply sorry that you had to get burnt in order for everyone else to learn, but I guess the only cure for naivety is getting burnt. Thank you again.

  • Mi
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    This is not the only company who scams people out of Arizona. WMS was operating exactly like another company who scammed me earlier. You first tell them how much you will invest to start & they tailor the 3 pkgs to that amount. If you say $100 to $500 the Platinum pkg will be $477. If you said $500 to $1000 the same pkg would be $877. You will get a "coach" who will tell you as a matter of fact that if you don't pay more you can't expect to get anywhere. The coaches job is to get more money out of you. When I started asking all the right questions this guy trying to get my CC card # got angry & hung up on me. He didn't like the fact that I had been scammed this way before. We need to let the Arizona Attorney Generals office know we don't appriciate letting these companies operate like this from thier own back yard.

  • Al
      30th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Oh the wonder’s of modern technology. To make a long story short, any unsolicited email is always suspicious. But with the second auto response I called their 800-230-7556 number EXPECTING to hear an automated 9 minute sales pitch. At least that was the impression I got from the email. I’ll give them credit for being slick but when the sales rep (1) got another call and had to ‘call this person back’ as he was already talking to a ‘client’ (don’t they have a hold button to patch you into background music?) and then (2) when I was asked if I had $200 to put down TODAY to get started … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this system just isn’t quite right. Fortunately, all I lost is a few minutes of my time but no actual cash. Suffice it to say, having found this site on Google, keep up the great work. While there’s no question that you can make money on the Internet, it’s definitely a buyer beware world and, sadly, I suspect the majority of the offers out there are not at all what’s promised. While the owners may have good intentions—the representatives come across as being honest and sincere, at least initially—it seems to me, from all the comments submitted here, that they can’t deliver.

  • Ro
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    i recieved a call from them yesterday...spoke to a woman called Eileen. she was really nice offering me all these packages, i must admit, i was sold and was planing on joining them next week! good thing i was broke and really wanted the platnium package, otherwise i would have been scammed too. i started giving my card details but then something told me to hold on and look them up first. i gave a false name on the form as i was skeptical from the start. i hope they wont take any money out though.

  • Ro
      19th of May, 2009
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    hey everyone, well i also received a phone call from wms, from a bloke called john jackson, almost straight away wanted me to put down for gold package & then upgrade, this was after he made me listen to a ### phone presentation about wms, really badly done,
    went on about packages and what not, every time i threw a question at him he would pause and then go on about something else,
    it was there i confirmed, YOU MOTHER ###ING SCAMMERS!!!.
    i went along with replying ye ye ye ye ye ye, in the end i said to him "give you a call back ', he wasn't happy about it and still tried to sell with discounted price, i just hung up.
    then i did some research, found that they are scammers.
    i did not let it rest there, i gave them a call back with his direct extension number & i just unleashed my fury.

  • Tf
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    I joined World Marketing Systems last week paying the $149 (which in actual fact after conversion to Aussie dollars, plus cc charges for international purchases, the amount ended up at$184). After getting a gut feel that this company was not 100% what they seemed, I jumped onto Google and typed in their name. Thank goodness I did!!!

    Unfortunately for me they had already taken the $184. So I rang my cc company to check if the "advertising" money had been taken out ($250 USD - which will actually cost me more after converting to AUD). Luckily nothing to that effect had happened. I immediately cancelled my credit card and asked them to re-issue a new one. I also wrote to WMS customer service centre requesting my money back and got a call from "Wally" indicating he was the Quality Manager. the same message about having to wait the 90 days and that my website had already been built ...blah blah blah... and the money I invested was used to pay for that. I am just curious to see if he realises my cc was cancelled and they can't get access to my money????

    I also indicated to him that I couldn't find my website on any of the search engines I looked at. He said it would take time for the engines to sort through and place my webiste accordingly. This to me indicates I would not be getting much traffic at all within the timeframe specified and would need to spend more and more on advertising as time goes by. SCAM...SCAM...SCAM!!! Need I say more.

    Cheers, Tamara

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