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World Financial Network National Bank Recovery / Uncooperative Agent

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I called this company to attempt to resolve my debt by making an arrangement. However, instead I received a very uncooperative attitude from the agent I spoke with. She never identified herself now that I think of it. She offered me ONE option only and even with that it was not feasible for me. She continuously kept saying that I should have been more responsible, etc. I am totally AWARE OF WHAT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR! Hence my calling to work something out with this institution where they will get their money and I can afford to do so! This is outrageous and rather deal with a law firm than them!

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      4th of Jun, 2010
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    I totally agree with you I had the exact same problem with WFNNB. I spoke to Agent Peebles EXT 7783 and boy was she rude and obnoxious! She didn't want to work with me either and she was very adamant of just giving 1 option to pay. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she refuse to do so and in fact said that no one was going to be able to assist me that I had to go through her!
    I had never been so disrespected in my entire life.
    I went ahead and told her she WAS NOT going to get anything from me and better yet I would take it upon my self to contact the Better Business Bureau.

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      9th of May, 2011
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    Same problem her name is Nicole, she hung on me when i ask her to wait til i got my card to make a payment. Harasses me at work, she was told by boss to stop calling. I lose my job they wont get paid. Simple as that.

  • An
      20th of Jun, 2011
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    I think they get paid to be as rude as they can be, I delt with an agent brown, she was a piece of work! I tried to be reasonable with her and tell her what could afford, she said it's not possible and that I should have been responsible enough to take care of this matter! Bullocks!! She then proceeded to harass me at work, I finally told her to feck off if she wanted it then take me to bloody court! I'm doing me damn best to keep my neck above water, I wonder if she even knows how to fight her way out a paper bag!!!

  • Je
      9th of Aug, 2011
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    I have the same situation. The agent's name is Michael Ramseyer ext 7735. He is a complete ###; very bad attitude, unprofessional, probably making 25K and looks like he is really unhappy with his personal life, very miserable person. I called someone else and let them know that I could speak with anyone else but this individual. Sometimes there are unexpected situations in life like the economic crisis and people get laid off. I hope he s gonna find himself in the excactly same situation one day

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      22nd of Aug, 2011
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    Spoke with "agent brown" as well, she us very rude and unprofessional! i told her there is only a certain amount we can pay a month! she continued bt telling me that wasnt good enough. i explained to her, we've just had two children and my husband is deployed to Afghanistan. we just couldnt pay it in full but she wouldnt make sense of that. very very rude!

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      6th of Mar, 2012
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    In my opinion, this is THE worst company for customer service I have EVER run across.I wish I had known this prior to opening an acct. with them and I informed them of this with my very 1st call to them when I asked them if my payment due date could be changed because their $25.00 late payment fee was canceling out the payment I was sending. I did every thing I could to get the rep. to understand but I may as well have been talking to the wall. I was met with the "standard-read from a script-don't deviate from " answer with a final, "Do what you have to do", when I explained to him that I would then be forced to stop paying altogether.(which I did) To date my amt owed is double my original debt to them. All could have been avoided had this company's cust. srv tried to work with me.

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