World Financial Network BankUnauthorized charges then late fees--no billing


I opened an express card to make some purchases for Christmas of 2008. I never signed up for their "assure" credit protection, and I promptly paid off the balances from my purchases. In about March of 2008, we started to receive phone calls from "world financial network bank" regarding a balance owed on the account. The original "charges" were for around $20, but by the time we were receiving phone calls the balance was well over $50 due to late fees. We never received paper bills from this company saying we owed them money, and if we did we would have had them taken care of quickly. After multiple phone calls to this company, they agreed to remove all charges from the account and fix my credit report. Now (June 29 2009, ) we received a phone call from them again saying that I owe $100--it was for $23 + late fees. This company is deceptive and uses shady business practices. I think what they are doing is a scam, and I'm sure this affects lots of people. Not only that, I'm sure lots of people just pay the balances to get this bank off their back. I think the bank knows that they can hurt peoples credit report and are using this in their favor. I will not pay them for these unauthorized charges, and I am going to speak with a lawyer this week. If anyone has any suggestions please email me at [protected]

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